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When I read any C-H / Neil Finn articles, I'm fascinated by his relationship with his wife, Sharon. Sounds very romantic - she's clearly been an inspiration for many of those great, evocative songs.

I'm dying for some information on them - how they met, where they met, where was the wedding, etc. CD liner notes also indicate that she has sung backup on a few of their songs. Was she always a singer or in the music biz at one point?

Please, fans, tell me whatever you know.

Just sign me Romantic at Heart

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Further to my Post requesting info. on Sharon & Neil together.

This one is especially for the Moderators:

I did an Internet search for this topic and several links pointed me to the forum, particularly --

n e i l f i n n . d i s c u s s i o n: Sharon Finn. August 16, 1998
Summary: Posted by Kristen Filleman on August 16, 1998 at 09:30:00: Does anybody out there know of any sites, books, or magazines that have...
URL: thefrenzy forum: Re: Is Sharon Finn American and who is Marie Finn?�Oct. 14, 1999
URL: (plus several replies)
Summary: posted by Waikite on October 14, 1999

n e i l f i n n . d i s c u s s i o n: Re: Sharon/Xena. April 20, 1999
Summary: posted by Kristen on April 20, 1999

However, when I clicked on the links, the site informed me that those pages no longer existed.

Moderators - Please tell me that these pages are not gone forever. (That one from Aug/98 especially looks interesting.) Is there any way you can email their content to me, or is there some other location on the web on which they are stored?

Which leads me to my next question: Though the menu gives the option of viewing posts from the last year, only posts from a few months back are shown. Why is this?
To answer One Who Dream's question about Sharon & Neil-I know they met through a mutual friend when Neil was 19. They got married in 1982 and have 2 sons-Liam, 17 and Elroy, 11 on Wednesday.
Sharon is not a professional singer, but apparently can carry a tune well enough that Neil has used her several times as a back up singer on his songs.
If you want to know the whole scoop, I highly recommend you buy the bokk " Something So Strong " by Chris Bourke. I got my copy from
It's goes into more detail about how they met, their relationship, etc.
It also has a few pics of her too.
Hope this helps a little.
This is not a reply to the original post (I don't know!), but is Sharon Finn featured in the promo for Woodface? You can watch the promo for Wooodface and 4 other complete music videos over here. Do a search for Crowded House. You would need a fast connection though.

I believe she was featured in a video but don't know which one? I discovered CH late in life (I'm 20!). No music videos on MTV or Channel V back home. Didn't even know TWT had any videos until a few months ago..

As to why posts from only a few months ago are shown is because the forum was shifted to be powered by infopop I think.
Yes indeedy all the wives/girlfriends were in the "Weather With You" video clip. I could be wrong but I believe it was filmed in Southern Victoria along the coast somewhere. Neil, Sharon, Liam and Elroy are all in the funky car with the funky mini caravan (as well as the spotted one. ie: Lester) and Paul, Mardi, Nick and Brenda are all in Nicks car. I saw some extra bits that weren't in the video once, I think it was on Steve Vizards show, and they were very funny. And to second what someone said above, buy the "Something So Strong" book, well worth the read. Oh and incase you didn't know, Marie Finn is Tim's lovely wife.

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