For everyone who isn't aware of this website I'd like to point out


It's a wiki-like website where people can upload setlists of their favorite bands and artists. The website conatins software to generate all kinds of statistics.


So far not much work has been done on Split Enz and I am wondering if can mobilize a groep of Frenz to;


A. list all known shows from the "Letters to my Frenz"

B. add as much complete or incomplete set lists as you know from tapes or personel recollections. The aim is to have as muc complete set lists however.


To realise A perhaps people could leave a message here or send me a PM? I suggest we divide the known dates from LtmF amongst each other to spread the workload. The more people help the easier it is.


I'm quite experienced with, so if you have any questions;  feel free to ask.

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