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Well, I was shocked when I heard Weather With You at my local Shop-Rite while I was doing my grocery shopping on Sunday. I actually took out my cell phone in the middle of the frozen foods aisle and called a fellow Finn fan to tell her! *laughs* What a pleasant surprise - it certainly made grocery shopping less drudgery. Smiler
Sinner during Spinning? Isn't it a little slow for Spinning?

Not to get too off-topic, but Sinner works quite well when you're doing the slow speed/high tension spinning, and imagining yourself pedaling up the North Shore mountains...

I gave the instructor a thumbs-up for musical selection, which seemed to surprise her. It's too bad she's not teaching anymore so it's back to Kylie-dance dreck Frowner

All of the places you guys mentioned use MUZAK, which is the satelite music I am sure Neil makes a nice chunk of $$$$ off of the royalties. What I think is funny/ironic is that on this tour he seemed so anti-commercial, what with all the "sick cows" cracks at MCDonalds and the "they're evil" cracks at Disney, when he's making money by having his music played at Home Depot, Starbucks, JCPenney, Jewel/Safeway,, I love Neil, but let's not be hypocritical!
He gets my $22 a ticket plus the other $$$ I've spent on Finn-related stuff since 1982 due to my corporate/commercial paycheck!
Yikes...I sound like a Republican!!!!
Still, I smile while pushing my cart through Jewel and hearing "Weather with You"!
my mom and i were at Smart&Final the other day where i heard, for the first time in its entirety, Sixpence None the Richer's cover of DDIO.


i pretty much abhor them, so i'd been avoiding their cover with much success. but i was trapped then.

my patience was rewarded, though. i stuck it out long enough to come across a large cheesecake in the frozen foods section. think i'll go have some now.

Big Grin
Originally posted by boarderGurl:
[qb]I heard Neil and Tim sing Throw Your Arms Around Me on National Public Radio! They play short snippets of songs between news stories, and I flipped out when I heard it!! w00t!![/qb]
I heard this too Gen -- did a definite double-take! It intrigued me as to where they could have found the clip, till I remembered that KCRW is an NPR station, and has the song in their "Morning Becomes Eclectic" archive.

My other "double take" moment lately was hearing "Something so strong" play in the background as I filled my hair stylist in on the events of Neil's Feb 5th concert in Chicago. Spooky timing!!!
Albertsons' subscribes to a satellite muzak network that actually plays several Crowded House songs on an almost daily basis. I haven't heard any solo Neil stuff, though. I ripped into my packet of photos that had a few Neil in-store pictures from Music Millenium with great excitement the other day and showed the lobby checker who told me she didn't have a clue who Neil or Crowded House was. Sighing...just goes to show that you can be young and thin and cute but if ya don't know Neil...what's it worth???
Haven't posted in a lonnng time (around Neil's summer tour) but anyway, saw this topic and I thought I'd post as I heard "Last To Know" stepping out of the Monorail at Disneyland and into Disney Walks area this past Tuesday. I was very happy to hear it and wished Neil and band were playing up away at the OC HOB. Also saw Paul Hester making "Fruit Salad" on the Wiggles show while getting ready to head to the "Tragic Kingdom".

Cheers All.
Kroger and Publix has some good stuff in the evenings. I've heard DDIO, SSS, & WWY from CH, and a bunch of my favorite jazz from the Pat Metheny Group. BUT my favorite rare songs that I've heard there are from the Tim Finn album. Every now and then you get Not Even Close, How'm I Gonna Sleep, and I think I heard the tail end of Young Mountain once.
Yes Shelli, it certainly did hurt!!! And a Long
Island Iced Tea might've eased the misery somewhat but I had to get out of there in a hurry in case I inadvertently ended up having to listen to the whole thing. Luckily, once safely ensconsed in the vehicle, I was able to "cleanse my palate" with an emergency listening to the original classic Big Grin A major close call.
I was at an AUSTRALIAN grocery store (Safeway) the other day & to my complete & utter surprise, don't dream it's over came on their local radio thingy. Gee! I nearly fainted!

(I hope you all understood the "piss taking" of that little episode. Basically Crowded House are played to death here in Australia & I wouldn't blame anyone for getting sick of don't dream it's over).

And to make my story a little more credible, fall at your feet was also played within 30 minutes of DDIO which DID geniunely surprise me (not that fall at your feet was played - because it is all the time! - but because it was played so close to DDIO!).

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