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Why has nobody posted a set list? Please. Someone must have written it all down- I saw lots of little red lights from the balcony so I know there are multiple recordings of the show... and I would love to have one
; )

Ah well, I guess people are on their way to Philly and have not gotten to their computers. Meanwhile, I will share the biggest highlight of the night for me... a new song.

Neil paused in the middle of the set and it seemed like he would play a request if he heard one he liked. He gave up when so many people were yelling requests that one could not hear any one request clearly. So then to cut it out he started to announce that nobody was going to request the next song because it was a new song, at which time someone in the audience requested "NEW SONG" loudly and everybody laughed Neil congratulated the guy on his intelligence.

The song is a slow song, highly textured of the private universe variety (gorgeous).

Another highlight was Sinner. I love Sebastian Steinberg. Wow! Neil laid down on the floor of the stage playing guitar on his back or not playing at all during the AWESOME double bass solo.

There were two instances of crowd participation. Early on Neil handed a mike to a guy on the front row and asked him some questions about what he did- I think he was looking for material from which to improvise or whatever. Unfortunately, the guy did not give him any material that was inspirimg enuough so it kind of fizzled. The poor guy got hissed at because he worked for verizon, the local phone company, with which many New Yorkers have had some trouble at one point in their lives. They bantered about how much it costs per minute to call from NY to LA and how one time when Neil was trying to reach New Zealand from I don't know where, somewhere in Europe, he was assisted by an operator in Houston. Now you understand why it did not turn into a moment of hysterical brilliance and the mike never came back out.

The second instance was during an encore, when Neil invited somebody, one person, to come on stage to sing something with him- two guys came on stage and it was a mess because Neil did not want to decide which guy should sing, one guy was kind of patiently standing on the stage and the other guy was pissing Neil off. It seemed that he, guy #2, wanted to get some other girl on stage- Neil started to sing a little song... which one should sing la di da... he was mocking the guy (#2) it was a mess on stage and they finally started the song. Neil does not mess around. The song was great, everyone sang including the girl. Yay!

Another tidbit... when they came back on stage for the second encore, Neil went to the drums, leaving poor McPhearson standing in the wings shrugging his shoulders. Sebastian and Shon started playing the very recognizeable riff from Aerosmith's Walk this Way I think and Shon would play a funny keyboard melody that I did not recognize during the parts that would be the verses. The jam came to an end when Neil lost a drumstick. I loved it.

He ended the night with an acoustic DDIO and shook almost everyone in the front row's hand as he left the stage.

Ok gotta go-- I hope someone will be out there reading this on a Friday night.
just became a member (have no idea what these icons mean so will just ramble on briefly) i am an brit expat in NY so was blown away to find NF in NY. got tickets for the wed night show and had one of the best nights ever, reminds me of when I was a teen and bands walked on stage and i thought bloody hell ...they're real!

got in the 12th row at a great venue, crowd took their time to get up, but were always supportive

i justed loved it and sent 2 people to the 2nd night and they loved it too

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