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Crowded House played a great, albeit short (80 minutes) set due to festival limitations today at Bumbershoot in Seattle. My stab at a set list, with kudos to my son and daughter for helping. I think we got the songs all in there, but one or two may be out of order. Corrections are welcome.

It was a nice sunny afternoon under the Space Needle. Although there were the scattered few around us waiting for the Shins and talking and disinterested through parts of it, most of the crowd was really into it. Of course it helps to have your Frenz around you.

Eddie Vedder joined them for a couple at the end, with some nice vocal additions:

Distant Sun
Don’t Stop Now
Fall At Your Feet
Pour Le Monde
When You Come
Say That Again
Don’t Dream It’s Over
Silent House
Locked Out
Weather With You
World Where You Live (Eddie sang the first verse – very nice job!)
Something So Strong (Mr. Vedder picked up the guitar for this one)
Four Seasons In One Day, with a chorus of Better Be Home Soon at the very end.

Eddie with Neil singing World Where You Live:

and a few more:

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Thanks for the setlist and photos, Carl! It was a lovely, lovely show before a big juicy crowd. Neil was in beautiful voice, and announced that Matt's mother Helen was in the house - they dedicated the show to her, and Matt played a great set in his crisp blue shirt and red pants. Think I spotted the Shins watching it all from offstage. It was fun to see Vedder sort of come on incognito--most of the crowd around me didn't register who he was when Neil welcomed "our sister-city friend Eddie" onto the stage without using his last name. When after World Where You Live Nick piped in with "ladies and gentlemen, Eddie Vedder," some of the youngest around me really snapped to attention. Nick really looked tickled during the whole show, for some reason.

Early on, Neil joked about how, given the sunny day, their lighting crew was just sitting around backstage without much to do, so maybe they could add to the show by making a human pyramid onstage. About 45 minutes later a bunch of kids near me briefly accomplished a human pyramid, much to the band's vocal amusement and appreciation. Neil told the girl at the summit she had looked like an angel atop a christmas tree, and she just beamed.

Just found this nice photo on a blog post that shows the CH crowd and lovely setting for today's brief, spirited show.

Eddie Vedder Joins Crowded House

Looking forward to Portland tomorrow! Hope to make the function beforehand. Thanks again, Carl.
Bumbershoot has restored my faith in festivals! A nice crowd, wonderful performance. They seemed relaxed and really enjoying every note. As mentioned above, they dedicated their performance to Matt Sherrod's mom and he seemed in exceptionally fine form! Sharon was videotaping the crowd and the show. Neil's voice was awesome. Mark was smiling and cutting loose. Nick, well YOU know Nick! He had some awesome moves up there. And really encouraged the girls to do the human pyramid thing and then the lighting tech could be on top. Neil's comment, "I heard that's where you like to be."
What a treat to have Eddie Vedder add to the show! I thought Sunset Swimmer was going to swoon on the spot! Smiler Thank you Carl for your organization of the Frenz meet up! There were about 14 of us including Finn Girl and Justacat! I think we rocked the house ourselves with spirit and enthusiasm. Most fun concert I've ever been to! My love goes with you all to Portland tomorrow!
Thank you Carl, Ice Cream, DaFINNative Girl for the pics and reviews. I am a deep shade of envious green that you all got to see such an upbeat playful show along with Eddie. I love hearing that the guys are so relaxed, so in their groove and having such fun.

Did anybody stay for the Shins, and what did y'all think of their performance? There's no way they could have been, or had, as much fun as our CH boys...
Thanks for the pictures...they are great!!!

We have just reached the 24 hour mark for the Portland show. I feel like a kid at Christmas who just knows he is going to get a swell gift.

That, of course, is because I have been such a good boy all year. Or at least 98.36719% of it.

I was resistant to drive up to Seattle for a festival show {see Coachella} but now wish I would have made the trip. Eddie and Neil together again? Sheesh. Maybe I could have driven 2.5 hours and been there.

Live and learn.
what a great day! first of all, it was great to meet so many new frenz (and to see again a couple of frenz I'd met before!). we were a force to be reckoned with at the front and center of the stage. Crowded House looked and sounded fantastic and they seemed to enjoy very much the setting and the crowd. the absolute highlight for me was the appearance of Eddie Vedder...I think my head exploded when he appeared on the stage. I saw his wife and daughter at the side of stage before the concert started, and partway into the show I saw Matt Cameron (Pearl Jam's drummer) there too, so I had a strong suspicion that Eddie would be making a guest appearance. However, I didn't actually see him until a couple of minutes before he took the stage. DaFINNative girl was next to me and very kindly endured my hyperventilating and repeated babblings of "omigod it's Eddie, it's him...". um, I LOVE Eddie in case you couldn't tell! anyhow, it was a great day and I am so looking forward to the Portland show tomorrow! I will post my pictures (which are not nearly as good as Carl's) once I figure out how exactly to do that.
I was there, it was a great show. Friendly crowd. They were in top form but they didn't play She Called Up, that's the new single and it's a great song we we were little diappointed.

We saw Matt after the show walking aournd with his Mom.

Having Vedder come out and sing World Where you Live was magic. His voice is perfect for that song. Eddie looked a little lost in Something So Strong, he was staring at Neil to get the chords, still is was great to have him up there.

Matt's druming was amazing. Hessie would be proud.

Nick seemed extremely happy and was smiling and laughing and waving at people all through the show.
Oops, for the purists - my son would like to point out that the set list is missing People Are Like Suns (after Say That Again !?!).

I was thrilled they played Say That Again. Most people don't seem to like it much, but I love the guitar parts and what sounds like a New Zealand surf guitar groove.

Good to see you Bumbershooters Big Grin

Now, on to Portland early tomorrow - I'd better get some sleep....
Eddie Vedder is certainly showing good taste. Unfortunately, his vocals for me are about as pleasant as nails on a chalkboard. I skip the tracks that he sings on during Seven Worlds Collide. But I digress....

Hopefully CH will have a good festival experience in Austin. Perhaps one of the Dixie Chicks might make an appearance (I think that Natalie Maines was at the Austin Finn Brothers show a few years ago) ?

What a great day! I had a wonderful time meeting new and old Frenz alike. I know that several cameras were used to take pics of us at the stage.....can somebody post those or pm one to me?? I would love to get one!!

Someone already posted the link to the quick snippet of video I took of Eddie Vedder singing WWYL, but here's my favorite pic of Neil I snapped yesterday:

Originally posted by justacat:
Here are some of my photos from the day-love my new Sony DSC H2 Smiler (lucky we didn't get a digital SLR, which we were thinking of) I'm restraining myself mightily, so here are *only* three:

Those last two photos captured some fine moments in the show!
Thanks for all the photos and great reviews.

What is Nick doing in the middle photo, Justacat? A yoga move or imitating Eros in Piccadilly Circus? I must say he looks hotter now than when he was young and had hair. I am starting to understand some of the Nick worship.... Wink

Eddie Vedder is certainly showing good taste. Unfortunately, his vocals for me are about as pleasant as nails on a chalkboard. I skip the tracks that he sings on during Seven Worlds Collide.

Cant agree there Poptartjen. I LOVED him on Take a Walk with Neil.
Thanks, pinkie and Carl Smiler I'm actually going to send Nick the one of him...The first one, the one of Neil, I had *thought* was of him saying "I don't pretend to know what you want", but now that I think about it again, it can't be because they opened with that song, and he still had his coat on...--I love when he really gets intense and his mouth does that particular thing, kind of pulling back in that odd way...I kept trying to capture it and got pretty close...but this must have been from another song than that one.

And ascha, I can't remember what song that was--Nick was giving us little mime-instructions but I can't for the life of me remember what it was. I told myself I'd never forget it, of course! Folks, what was that song? The *moment* before, he'd been making that "little bit" sign with his thumb and other fingers, then did this. The next evening, I told him I'd gotten that shot and he said "yes, what *was* I doing? I had the instinct to do it, and then thought 'Is this a yoga pose? Or from a statue or something?'" Someone who was with us said she'd seen it too and thought of something in particular (can't remember what she said--are you here?) He really didn't know why he did it, but it was perfect for the moment...isn't that always the way Smiler
Isn't that true, Lester. Everyone looked great in that shot, I thought. It was a fabulous festival gig--the anti-Coachella, if you will Smiler I personally loved Matt's shirt flying open Smiler He was wearing sweats, like he'd just rolled out of bed and onto the platform Smiler.

And ascha, regarding Nick's hotness--I completely agree. He has aged SO well, and in fact I think Neil has too. Personally I think they look *better* than they did younger--I'm about their same age, and their looks didn't really speak to me back then (even though the music certainly did), but they do now. They both wear their age so --well, sexily (I'm a happily married woman, just speaking metaphorically--and unfortunately I have proof positive that Nick thinks of me as an irritating "mom", not a person in my own right, but that's what I get for taking my beautiful 10 y.o. daughter/another story--when I have energy I'll share it in the Portland show thread!) but in different ways.

One thing that struck me after the Portland show was just how TINY everyone is! I guess I'm used to my 6'4" DH, but wow, these guys are little mini-hunks Smiler, even Matt, kind of. He's no taller than 5'8", at most, I don't think. All so perfect in their own idioms. I guess Neil's the tallest, and of course standing next to him I felt like I was looking up at Denali, but that's entirely psychological, not physical Smiler

I can tell I'm surfacing and getting my energy back; will probably post in the PDX thread soon...(and I know what you're thinking: chick, will you STOP it with the emoticons! I've got to cut the smileys; but the screen is such a visual experience it's so tempting to use more than words...)
Well, this is a small thrill for me...

This evening Rolling Stone posted a gallery of shots from Bumbershoot on its website:

They used one of my photos of Eddie and Neil singing together. (With my permission, of course!) This afternoon I was contacted on Flickr by someone who works for Rolling Stone and a few hours after my "yes!" email...there it was! This is the first time any of my photos have been used like this and I am pretty happy about it.

I also feel a bit sheepish too, because I think better-quality photos exist of this subject matter, I just happened to have mine up on Flickr pretty quickly, and well-tagged, so I was in the right place at the right time I suppose.

Here's a link to the gallery itself:
Well done Jentwo for getting your photo on Rolling Stone - a new career awaits (unless you are already a rock photographer of course!) But interesting that they obviously didnt bother to have anybody there for CH, and then when they realised Eddie had been with them and found your photo.

And Justacat, interesting that they are so small. They look quite "petit" but it is hard to tell and I have never seen Neil's height mentioned. Eddie looks the same height. Mark said somewhere that when they toured before they were all the same size and all wore each others clothes. Liam looks even more pocket sized.

And do tell the irritating Mom story. And just vary the emoticons a bit Cool
jentwo, your photos are beautiful! Such a treat to see them today. Rolling Stone knows what they're doing, with one small exception -- they are an entire month off in their photo captions... not only yours, but a few others. Someone over there thinks Bumbershoot took place in early August. Other than that, they have marvelous taste to select your photo.

Your entire gallery is just massive and delightful. Thank you!!
Thank you, thank you, thank you, everyone! It's been a whole lot easier to recover from the post-show blues since this happened. (But I'd give it up for another show, seriously!)

I've never been published before, and this was shot with a two-year-old, 5 megapixel point-and-shoot camera. SO far from professional it's hilarious. It means the world to me that my first published photo is of two people I am a huge fan of, and that I shot this as just another member of the audience, enjoying every minute of the performance. Seeing Eddie and Neil sing together was something I will cherish for the rest of my life, and having one of MY photos of that published on is almost unbelievable.

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