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This song was among a few tracks on the album that I never warmed to but I must say, I've been listening to it a bit now and it's really grown on me. Sadly, it hasn't worked for the others, but there you go.
I'm really glad as I was abit miffed that there were more songs on TOE that I don't play or actually like much compared to other CH albums and now I've got one back! Yay! Smiler
Just goes to show how different everyones tastes can be. While I agree that Say That Again is catchy (I have often had the melody stuck in my head... frustratingly). I've actually always thought of it as the weakest track on the album. I've liked the album from the first listen, but every time "Say That Again" comes up, there's a bit of a cringe I have to resist. And I'm one who always listens to albums from start to finish, so I sit it through.

I think it's the chorus that irks me the most. It's a bit blunt and clumsy, I thought, and almost feels like recent McCartney lyrics (from his last couple of albums). Which is to say, not bad, but just not what Neil is capable of, IMHO.

But then, I think "You Are The One To Make Me Cry" is one of the strongest tracks on the album. Definitely one of Neil's best ever vocal takes on record IMO. And that was one of the first songs voted off in the "weakest link" thread! So clearly my tastes don't correspond much to the majority.
On my first listen of the album, this was the song that made me sit up and take notice. I agree that some of the lyrics are a bit naff, but musically, this was the true start of the album for me.

And I was shocked to hear it playing in the restaurant in the lobby of my office building a couple of weeks ago when I was down there getting toast for breakfast - as far as I could tell it was some local radio station, but I don't know which one. Nice to know there are still some DJ's who'll play a song 'cause they like it, since this is obviously not a single.
I've been listening to ToE again quite a bit, and I've decided - "Say That Again" is the worst track on the LP. And Hexed, whatever "naff" is, I agree that it applies to the lyrics - because a word like "naff" can't be referring to a good thing. Forget the nice bits about pirouettes and all that; the body of the tune is filled with cliches like "I know/You've got to fight the plan/You've got to bend the rules" and "Go on/Making moments last a lifetime". Sounds like a bloody camera commercial, or some lame motivational speech. Yetch.
I do think it is the second weakest song on the CD....although there are little aspects about it that I like.

For me the worst song is most definitely She Called Up. For me it is in fact downright embarassing! It may have even brought the CD to a complete halt on the charts....why oh why did they select that song for the second single is beyond me. I said it before, I think this was created by Neil for the explicite purpose to make an upbeat song with pop, radio appeal...and it sounds like that.

I don't think Neil played it live too much....or maybe I'm wrong, but if I am right then it would show his dislike for it too.

Beyond that, I think all the other tracks belong there.
I don't think this song is weak at all. I love it. Cliched lyrics and all.

I really really really....

love it.

Probably in my top 5 (as far as TOE songs go) case anyone cares... Roll Eyes Wink

and renzo--it was performed live quite a number of times. maybe not as often as BBHS or DDIO, but take it from me...they did perform it relatively frequently.
For adidasman: naff Wink

My issue with this song is totally with the lyrics, the melody and the production really work for me. The chorus has an amazing feel that makes me close my eyes and zone out for a few seconds.

Worst song on the album for me? Even a Child, hands down. I thought it might grow on me, but it hasn't. I skip it like it's the ex you want to avoid so you duck down an alley after seeing him walking towards you. And I wish I could articulate why that is, there's nothing truly bad about the song, and there's nothing I can really put my finger on as to why I don't like it, but it just gets on my last nerve. Maybe it's just that it bores me, and there are few Neil songs that bore me, even when I don't like them so much? Maybe that it's so jarring after the moodier numbers that come before? Whatever, I notice that the band has not been playing that one live, FWIW.
Thanks, Hexed - I think that word is about to enter my pathetically Brit-wannabe vocabulary. (I insist on saying raspberries "RAZZ-bries" instead of "razz-BERRIES", despite the fact that I'm born and raised in the States. It's a trifle naff, innit?) I think I'd agree that "Even a Child" is another weak track, for undefinable reasons; something about it doesn't seem emotionally genuine to me, which is not a quality I'd usually ascribe to a Neil Finn tune.
This song hooked me from the first listen and it's still one of my favorites. I just love the build up in the song and then it takes me to another place in the middle. Brilliant! When I first heard this, I thought it would be great in concert. Didn't get this one but hopefully next time. I like it so much that I just had to play it now and I see it's my most played track.
my respect and awe for neil's talent precludes me generally from saying (outloud) this is weak, that's not his strongest etc. As if I actually have any credentials to make such a determination.

i can have my private opinions and i can even say (outloud) "I don't like this song" or "this song doesn't touch me as much as the other song" etc..but saying something is weak...I couldn't do it.

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