No CDRs, DVD Rs, or copies of fan club releases or real record company releases may be advertised or requested in any forum.

No fan club photos or copies of them may be advertised or requested in any forum.

If you want to sell your club CDs, the following rules must apply:

1. They must be the originals you purchased and not backups or copies of any kind.
2. They must be sold for the price you originally paid and not even a penny more. This means that they cannot be auctioned where the price will be bid up above what you paid.
3. They must be sold to another Frenz of the Enz fan club member. Get proof that they are a club member!
4. Fan club CDs may be posted for sale here if the above rules are followed.
5. Posts may not include links to downloads or download sites. These links are only allowed if the download is paid with the money going to the proper person/entity (such as the artist, the publishing company). A download or file sharing website allowing or offering a file or a song does not mean that this offering is approved by the artist or fan club.
6. Offering or requesting items that breach copyrights or trademarks is not allowed. For example, please do not sell a photograph of a painting that someone else did. The painting is that person's copyright, and you should not financially benefit from the sale of someone else's work.

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Thanks for asking. You can offer things for sale in the Wanted/For Sale area. We typically ask that they be original and not ripping off something that was already sold (like your reproduction of a tour shirt).

If it has for example Tim's picture, we'd want you to be clear that money from the sale goes to you and not him. In a truly straightforward legal world, you wouldn't use pictures and things that you don't have written permission to use... But I know "fans make things."

You can private message me for more info or to show this item to me.


I have a question. A number of years ago (around the turn of the century?) the club offered a second run of a bunch of the live CH shows, including some by Tim and Neil. Annnd they were cd-r's. Annnnd I bought several.   Sooo now that I want to sell them, am I screwed?

Thanks for the prompt reply (sorry to be so slow in responding).

So, is there any interest out there? I  also have some more official club discs.  I'll work up a list of everything. Lots of other things need a new home, and I want them to go to someone who'll appreciate them

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