Looks like the video has since been deleted

As far as I know there was no fanclub CD released of any Chicago show from 1991.

The closest thing I've seen is the Performance: Live In L.A. bootleg (released by Sounds Alive in 1994), which featured 5 tracks from the September 15th 1991 show at the World Music Theatre near Chicago. (The other 15 tracks were obviously from a Los Angeles show).

So I'm guessing that video (which no one can view) is either the World Music Theatre performance or their concert at the Vic Theatre a couple of months later on November 20th. I have no idea what the source might have been, but I'd be keen to know. I don't suppose anyone happened to save a copy?

Just noticed that this has also appeared on Napster, although unfortunately Napster is unavailable to Aussies and Kiwis. Perhaps the YouTube link was also geo-restricted.

The cover art refers to it as "The Classic 1991 Chicago Broadcast," so perhaps this was originally broadcast on a US radio station back in the day?

Anyone know any more about this?

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