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It's hard to express the sadness I feel - thinking about how bad he must have felt to take such action - I feel for his partner and children.

Paul, to me you were funny, gorgeous, gregarious, intelligent, charming, witty, an incredibly talented showman and a consummate performer. My favourite memories are of watching you on the Molloy show and Hessie's Shed. No-one could make me laugh like you. And although today you made me cry, I'll raise a glass for you.

I hope wherever you are you have left your demons behind.

The world is a much better place for having had you in it.

I am completely dumbfounded at Paul's death, as many of us are. I'd like to share my memories which I hope will bring some peace and some sort of acceptance (although how that will be possible will take much time).
I'd first like to send my deepest condolences to his family, band mates, his other mates and to all of his fans.
I met Paul briefly at a concert Crowded House played in my city in the the late '80's. My friends and I were part of their fan club, and were reluctantly let in by security. Paul was most welcoming; posing for pictures with a bunch of silly teens (us). He made us feel special being in a place where we felt overwhelmed by our favorite band (and therefore must have looked ridiculous!)
I too, can credit starting my CD collection because of Crowded House and then just loving and wanting more I became a huge fan of Split Enz. I have some videos of concerts that Crowded House played, and Paul Hester just always seemed to be the fun, lively and "funny-man" of each show with (seemingly) a never ending amount of energy.
I'm not sure if this is appropriate at this point, but Paul himself sang his own song at the end of one of these concerts...perhaps we can learn or help ease our suffering from this tragedy by remembering his words:
"People don't die just cuz they're dead,
Listen UP! Take off your headsets!
*** skip to ***
I'm glad to say,
We're Still Emotional!"
And I am glad to say that we are Still Emotional. I am glad that Paul has touched our lives so significantly, in so many different ways. He'll never be forgotten by those who cared for him. His smile, his charm and his very essence is with all of us, and forever will be.
This is so sad. When I was learning to play the drums as a teenager I used to watch Crowded House videos over and over, copying everything Paul did, and I fell in love with his infectious energy and sense of fun. It seems so inexplicable that such a warm, funny, charming man and brilliant musician could feel so low that he had to take his own life.

Thanks for the music and the laughs Paul, we'll miss you xx
Though I have never visited this forum b4 I knew when I heard that I needed to find something OL attached to Frenz and Pete Green. After 10 yrs or so as a fan club member I remembered Pete's handwritten replies to questions or whatever, and knew I would find what I needed here. Sure enough he is still doing the job of a true gent. Thankyou Peter.

I loved growing up with CH, I loved living as an adult in Melbourne, and knowing Paul was there, right in my neighbourhood. I loved hearing you at the Espy again and drinking coffee in Elwood. God it was great to have you around.

I have never met you, dont know you at all so I dont quite understand why I have this knot in my stomach. Or why I have cried and cried. Like I'm doing something and I remember he's gone and I just have to look at the sky. Where are you Paul? We are all just so so sad. My heart aches for those girls.

I hope you were dreaming of glory, miles above, through the mountains and plains, free at last....
These messages from all you fans pretty much sum it up for me.

Interesting to note is that Channel 9's 'National Nine News' (6:00pm) item on Paul, like Channel 10, actually filmed this forum. The first shot was of the updated homepage with Deb's "confirmation" article, then we saw posts by vieoray, joeb2112 and jenn. Just for the record, Nine's 6:00pm News Bulletin is one of the most watched programs across Australia.

Frowner ...Still very much sad... Frowner
This is my 3rd post today. I've been trying to think of something to put my feelings into words that express my grief but instead just keep going back to the memories of gigs like the Myer roof top, Festival Hall, Dallas Brooks Hall, Capital car park, warm up before Sydney Myer Music Bowl in Richmond all just keep coming back .. I've just got "Nails in my feet".

Absolutely gutted. It's the Enz of an era.
So So So sad...

I remember being 16 or 17 and seeing Split Enz in Perth. My silly giggly girlfriends and I spent the whole evening with Neil Finn...such a gentlemen and we all felt so special. Paul was there..they all were.
Since then I have loved Crowded House. They created the soundtrack to my late teens and 20s. I remember being in London.. taking a sickie with my best mate Lee...homesick we drank wine and sang our hearts out to Crowded House all day...17 years ago.

Now I am a mum..and so is Lee..she has 2 little girls and I have one. All I can think of are his 2 little girls and his partner. It has been with me all day. The anguish and torment he must have been suffering to leave them must have been...well was...intolerable.

God Bless you Paul. I am so sorry my friend. So sorry for your pain. Fly free beautiful boy. I will pray for your loved ones left with so much grief and confusion.

As Bono wrote for his friend Michael got stuck in a moment and you can't get out of it.

To Mardi and your girls and Neil and Nick and all concerned - you will be in my prayers and I send you my love.

just a Crowded House girl for 20 odd years.
This news about Paul Hester has been really upsetting.
I well remember the farwell concert on the steps of the Opera House ... waiting all day for the show to start, the excitement growing as it grew darker and the city switched on her lights, the backdrop for an amazing show. Many of us cried a little as the Crowdies played Don't Dream it's Over before leaving the stage...
I loved Crowded House and Paul was my favourite Crowdie.
My first ever album purchase with my pocket money (as an 12 year old) was True Colours by the Enz, so this musical love affair has endured for me for almost 25 years.
Vale Paul. Your humour, rhythm and musicality will be remembered by many around the world. Your death made many international news networks today (India, Malaysia, Canada, Sth Africa, the USA and UK)... proof that you were loved by more people than you personally knew. You, Neil, Nick, Tim and the Enz members left a collective legacy of magical music, and we'll all remember you.
I'm going to miss him.

I have to deal with this sort of thing in my job, and every day I see the pain that bipolar people go through - I know it's unconfirmed that he had that, but knowing about the extreme highs and lows... Anyway, I am so sorry that it ended this way, and that he couldn't hold on any longer.

Love and support to his family, friends and all who cared.
I am so sad and devastated by the death of Paul Hester. I had a small crush on him when I was a teenager and Crowded House had started their ascent into worldwide stardom. At the time, an Australian teenager magazine voted him the 2nd most desirable popstar, so I know I wasn't the only one.
Such a lively, gregarious, charismatic guy with an off-the-cuff sense of humour. I remember when Australian MTV was running in '89, he co-hosted the show for one night with Richard Wilkins and practically stole the show. I would watch or read anything that would feature the Crowdies, and/or Paul.
Not many people could leave a highly regarded and successful band to lead a life of more quality. Instead of resting on the laurels of that bands success, he made the most of his wit and personality by hosting radio and creating the show "Hessie's Shed" that aired from the Esplanade in St Kilda.
He was such an infectious personality that he inspired the Sheryl Crow song "Everyday is a winding Road". For me, it's ironic and incredibly sad that I admire the way he was, and how he led his life, and that he should take his life. I still find it incredibly hard to believe that he is gone.
I hope you have found peace, Paul. My heart breaks for you.

My husband woke me from a wierd dream I was having this morning. I sat up in bed and looked at him. He was crying and all he could repeat was 'paul hester is dead' over and over. no other words could pass his lips. I thought I was still asleep and soon the harsh reality hit me. I ran out of bed to see the news. I just could not believe it. Pure devistation on the deepest level. I would never have imagined this day coming.

Crowded house goes back a long way for not just my husband and myself but for my three kids as well. Every night when they were younger I sang them each a gentle lullaby every night - Faster than Light. They still ask me to sing ot to them and ask about the finns and their magical band. My oldest daughter, now 10, has even made me promise to take her to a live concert one day. Paul helped to bring that magic to all of us. The music is real. His drumming proved that.

I am having a hard time coming to terms with Pauls decision. I ask the ultimate question -- WHY?? -- I understand that we are all living in our individual lives and coping the best we know how, with lifes difficulties, but something just does not seem right. Did he really do this to himself? Do we have that completely clear? My guts just tell me that it's just not right. Would Paul have wanted his girls to endure the repercussions of his actions. I somehow think not. I would like to know why news reports say there are no suspiscious circumstances when it seems so obvious it is to me. Does anyone else agree?

May we as bystanders send all the white light conjurable to Mardi and the girls, in this time of complete and utter shock. It has reached all of us so deeply I am sure - and them even deeper.

We Love you Paul and all you have given to the world. We are grateful to you for sharing of yourself for so long and will carry you in our hearts forever. May you rest in peace
USA Today Posted this article at 4:40 this morning

Crowded House drummer Hester found dead
SYDNEY, Australia (AP) � The drummer from popular 1980s Australian rock band Crowded House hanged himself in a park in southern Australia, an emergency services spokeswoman said Monday. Paul Hester, 46, failed to return home after taking his two dogs for a walk on Friday night.

The drummer's body was later found in a park near his home in the southern city of Melbourne.

Metropolitan Ambulance Service spokeswoman Liraje Memishi said ambulance officers arrived on the scene shortly after midday Saturday and reported that Hester had "attempted suicide" and suffered strangulation.

Officers declared Hester dead more than 20 minutes later, Memishi said.

"They attempted resuscitation but he was dead when they arrived. There was nothing they could do," she said.

Memishi said she could not confirm where Hester's body was found, but reports have suggested he was discovered hanging from a tree.

Hester played in several small bands before joining the New Zealand group Split Enz in 1983. He and Split Enz singer Neil Finn formed Crowded House in 1985 with bass player Nick Seymour.

Crowded House was one of Australia's most successful bands in the late 1980s and early 1990s, with international hits such as Don't Dream it's Over and Weather with You.

Currently touring in London, Finn mourned the loss of his one-time band member.

"I am deeply saddened by the loss of a close friend," Finn told The Daily Telegraph.

Hester is survived by his girlfriend Mardi Sommerfield and their two daughters aged 8 and 10.
After reading 250+ posts today I'm thinking about what a wonderful world-wide family we have here and how we all feel like we've lost a brother. Thank you to the member who posted the lyrics to The Parting Glass, I hope the Finn Bros play that one tonight in London. Won't be a dry eye in the house but sometimes that's a good thing right?

I too remember the 1989 MTV show that Paul co-hosted with 'Dickie Wilkins' as he used to call him. Paul dressed exactly like Dickie, jeans, yellow check shirt, black leather jacket. Paul kept looking down intently at the rear of the coffee table (or whatever it was) that was in front of them on the set, apparently trying to work out what all the control buttons on it did. Dickie kept on telling him to leave it alone, and of course near the end of the show Paul pushed a button and they had one of those mock explosions on the set, very funny at the time. Paul also hit the control room to pull a video half-way through, can't remember what it was, but he had one of those great Paul facial expressions and did that comical sticking-your-fingers-down-your-throat thing.

Anyway I wondered what everyone thought about having a WWW - World Wide Wake - for Paul eg next Sat night when fans could get together in their little part of the world and share stories/memories and drink tea with the telly on in the background. Maybe stop short of wearing our pyjamas or streaking ... or maybe not!!

It's getting late in Brisvegas so time for me to try to sleep also, now having visions of 13000 FRENZ streaking around the world next Sat.
Cheers to all, Steve.
I too remember the 1989 MTV show that Paul co-hosted with 'Dickie Wilkins' as he used to call him. Paul dressed exactly like Dickie, jeans, yellow check shirt, black leather jacket. Paul kept looking down intently at the rear of the coffee table (or whatever it was) that was in front of them on the set, apparently trying to work out what all the control buttons on it did. Dickie kept on telling him to leave it alone, and of course near the end of the show Paul pushed a button and they had one of those mock explosions on the set, very funny at the time. Paul also hit the control room to pull a video half-way through, can't remember what it was, but he had one of those great Paul facial expressions and did that comical sticking-your-fingers-down-your-throat thing.

Glad to hear that someone else has the same memory of Paul from Aus MTV '89 (though your recollection is much better than mine!).

I'd like to add that my thoughts and sympathy go out to Paul Hesters family, especially Mardi and his little girls.
Very sad news indeed. I'm sure a lot of 'Frenz' will be asking 'Why?', but I'm sure that will be a hard question to answer. I'm equally sure that Neil & Tim will have a hard time throughtout the Albert Hall run and this will also stir up memories of their aunt.

As for him being remembered fondly, the fact that his death was one of the headlines on this morning - nearly 10 years after the band broke up - reminds us how fondly the band are remembered.

See Ya, Paul and Thank You.
Couldn't believe it when I woke up today and heard this tragic news.
I met Paul a few times and as a drummer and a person he was an inspiration. He could make the whole room happy and went out of his way to make everyone comfy. A very generous chap.
The world is a sadder place without him.
All my condolences to his family and to all those close to him. Very sad news indeed.
Talk about Four Seasons In One Day...... I have spent the day oscilating between utter shock and sadness to actually laughing out loud remembering Paul. I first met Paul in the Do Re Mi days, when I guess he was only 'a bit' famous. He was funny and friendly. I was thrilled when he joined the Enz, he was Enz material, if he was going to be in the Enz he had to be special. Special is what we got with Paul Hester. A fantastic drummer, but always terrific fun on and off the stage. When the Enz broke up, and Neil, Nick and Paul became the Mullanes and then Crowded House I always felt that Paul's loose as a goose style and on stage style and gregarious sense of joyous fun was one of the things that made CH so very very special. As Neil got older I felt he became more serious about the music, (which is fine - I got more serious about his music too), but Paul was the balance with his often ridiculous antics cracking the others up whilst never letting whatever song they were doing crumble into a heap completely. Even when Crowded House were HUGE he was never too busy, or too much of a 'star' to stop and say hello, sign autographs and do photo's. He was a gentleman in the truest sense of the word. I can't pretend to understand why this has happened, but I think reading these posts (and writing them) is so very important for a couple of reasons. Being a 'fan' is a weird thing. You generally never get to meet the band you are a fan of, but their music touches you, moves you, links important events in your life, and music really becomes the soundtrack to your life. Generally you never get the chance to let 'them' know how important they have been to you. And if you do get lucky enough to meet 'them' and try to express the magnatude of their effect on your life, you just end up sounding like some loony psycho fan. But these posts are testament to the impact Paul and the bands he played in have had on people all over the world. My heart goes out to Pauls partener and girls, your loss is so much greater than ours, thank you so much for sharing your partner and your dad with the rest of us for so long, he was a very special guy.

The world is a sadder place tonight... sleep your peaceful sleep Paul, you made my life a happier one and we will miss you.

I just have to say Im really enjoying everyones imput, introspectives and words of means soo much to those of us who are trying to make sense of it REALLY does! I just wish he knew how much he was loved.
I dont think Ive been this sad since Michael Hutchence's death in '97 and the whole time youre just baffled, angry ect...when all along your just trying to heart is going out to you all.
How I wish I was across the world with the rest of you so as to see his impact he made.
I'm new to this forum, but a long-time fan of Crowded House from Canada. I got the sad news last night via email from an Australian friend of mine, and needless to say, I've been in shock ever since.

In a tribute to Paul, last night I dug out my Crowded House dvd and watched music videos - in a strange bit of irony, in the vido for "It's Only Natural", there's one clip where Paul Hester is seen coming out the sunroof of a car wearing the t-shirt of my favorite Canadian band, Blue Rodeo. To this day, I still don't know the connection between the two bands, or where Paul would have gotten the t-shirt - I know BR have toured Australia a few times, so it's possible they might have opened for Crowded House at some point - but that video in particular will now hold a special meaning to me.

In the days ahead, I'll be rummaging through my tape collection, trying to find my old Crowded House video tapes - "Farewell to the World" and a t.v. special they taped here in Canada on Much Music called "Intimate and Interactive" where they performed songs off of "Together Alone" and answered fans questions via phone or in the studio (if I still have it on tape - hopefully I do). Paul was really funny on that one - plus they played a fan request for "Italian Plastic" on that show, one of my favorite Paul songs.

Still can't believe it. Frowner My thoughts and prayers to Mardi and their two girls, the whole Hester family, and of course, the entire Crowded House/Split Enz family.
Neil Finn has just recently posted an update on the FinnBros.Com website:

MESSAGE FROM NEIL - Mon, 28 Mar 2005

"It was with deepest sadness and shock that I learned yesterday of the passing away of one of my closest friends, Paul Hester.

Nick Seymour will be joining Tim and me here in London today to share our grief. The Finn Brothers shows this week at the Royal Albert Hall will go ahead as we don't know what else to do at this time other than to be with those closest to us and Paul and to play music to remember him by.

Our hearts go out to Mardi, Sunday, Olive and all of Paul's family."

Does that mean Nick will be joining them on-stage? Only time will tell I guess.

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