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I'm sitting here working away on the computer listening to my Enz play list and I'm singing along to a song then I realized it was This Is Massive. All of a sudden I had tears in my eyes and started thinking about the times when I saw Paul playing the song live and how fantastic and fun it was.
Then I thought about where he is now and how it's nearly 1 year since he departed us.
It hit me of how joy much his music has brought me.

Now I've got Noel doing Ninnie Knees Up.
It's making me laugh. Hope he plays it when the Enz tour.
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I can't believe that in two weeks, it will be one year since Paul said 'Good-bye'. I've been fighting back tears today and the last couple of days before. For some reason, very early in the morning is the time I think about Hessie the most. Perhaps the long trip to work allows for that...

The only consolation is I know there are so many others who feel similar things, and are looking at that day that is approaching on the calendar with wariness and resignation. Miss You Man!!!
Originally posted by Anna 3000:
Frowner Smiler ConfusedIn 28 days (Canadian time), It'll be one year since Hessie stepped off... anyone thinking or hearing about any plans to mark that day?

It would be lovely to have something on to look at (pics, sound bites, posts ).

I think i'm just going to watch crowded house DVDs/live concerts/video clips all day and sleep. i'm bawling just thinking about him. Can't believe it's almost been a year. Rest in peace, Paulo.
Day 365....
Has anyone else really listened to the lyrics of LLT II 'Already been done"
It reiterates that our lives are 'Already been done' - things happen when they are destined to and for whatever reason...painful as it may be - we cannot stop fate - but we can attempt to accept it - Paulo could see that -
and this song has helped me to do the same.
Everyone who can, listen to this song it's a real gem...
Paulo's not really left us - I can feel him everywhere..

Well, I made it through the day alright. Actually I was a little non-plussed by my lack of emotion. Yes, it was still only March 25 here, but down under....

That is not to say that i didn't think about Paul, I must have at least several times. I felt rather emotionless about the whole deal. I just hope that it doesn't hit me like a ton of bricks, like it did last year (about 10 days after the fact).

My thoughts, the ones Paul related, were mostly of his friends & family, and of course all of you posties here.

Makes you think, one whole year! And if we're lucky, we only have perhaps 70 or 80 of those altogether. Wow.

Love, Peace, Happiness.... Wink Razzer
Hi everyone,
I've been down and out for a few months and have just been catching up on all the news.....

There is still not a day that goes by when I don't think about our Paulo..sometimes only fleetingly...other days, he seems to be everywhere in my mind.....
I still miss him and always will....
but we have his music and our memories.

RIP - we will always love you


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