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Poor Paul. I had no idea he wrestled with stuff like that.

He is the one memory I have from skipping school when I was 15 to go to a soundcheck on the 'Enz with a Bang' tour. The only thing I remember about that day is Paul, wearing pointy black suede boots, black jeans and a bright pink shirt, which he lifted to flash his stomach and chest at me. I took a photo at that exact moment. It turned out great. I wish I knew where it was.
Apparently Paul took his own life last night.

Peter Green posted this to the lists (Frenz, TiTM), but no details or anything, and asked that people not email them for a few days while they wrap their collective brains around it. He said they might have more information at some point, but for now that's all we know.

Me... my body is on autopilot, completely disconnected from my brain at the moment. I've spent the better part of the last hour or so just clicking on my usual links (ESPN, FARK, etc.) and not actually reading anything. It's like my body is going through the motions of trying to distract myself, but my brain is saying "no way".

How utterly sad.
I've been surfing for awhile without knowing, and came back to frenzforum for one last check before doing something else.

Feels like I lost a part of my family. I know the last few years of CH were hard on him, but I figured everything since was going alright.

This will be a LONG night of no sleep.

RIP Paul, we'll always have you by our side.

I was just thinking about 2 mins after typing this up ... the words we all know too well ...

"Love this life
Don't wait till the next one comes ...

And maybe the day will come
When you'll never have to feel no pain
After all my complaining
Gonna love this life
Gonna love this life ..."

I think this lyric will get us all through this, I hope.
Something else to add-already sent condolances to his family and friends, but I'd also like to send them to all the fans of Split Enz/Crowded House, too, as it sucks to lose someone from a band you love so much-like stated, they feel like family after a while and everything, so things like this are hard to take. So yeah, condolances to all of you guys as well.

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