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While I was being comforted by my mum last night, she mentioned how prophetic the Crowdies debut album cover is... The wings, what a beautiful man Smiler I do hope those wings will carry him safely to heaven, if there is such a place... or at the very least, a place where he can be at peace at last.

I hope he's up there drummin' away with all the great drummers who have gone before him: Dennis Wilson, Keith Moon, John Bonham, and all those wonderful guys! Bless you Paul Smiler
Came in to work this morning to find out about Paul - totally devastating for me, so I can only imagine how painful it is for his friends/family. Having experienced the pain of losing someone I know by suicide before, my heart aches for them.

Oddest thing is this morning I decided to listen to an old Crowded House live CD that I haven't listened to in ages. I was remembering how fun it was to see Paul on stage the few times I got to see Crowded House. Especially during Sister Madly.... Paul Hester, you made me laugh and your music made me happy - you really made the world a better place for me and many others.
saddest day ever, very surreal the circumstances. I was listening to Recurring Dream whilst the storms were going in Perth and woke up to this shocking news this morning. They are one of my favourite bands of all time(and still are) has lost a treasure and an integral part of the supergroup. I was like all of you a huge fan growing up in Darwin with the beautiful tunes of the crowdies. Pauls drumming was awesome. Especially live. He was an even likeable and funny, witty bloke both on and off stage. He is a huge loss to the music world. icons like him are hard to ignore. Miss him massively. I was so hoping for a Crowdies Concert reuniion in Perth. Sadly this has dashed those hopes i suppose. To Hessie's Family and Friends my sincere condolences for you. Also Give a big shout out to all you fans out there. This is so unbelievable to take. Frowner
This is a duplicate post, but I wanted to make sure it was posted in the proper place..


I've always remembered the day I met Paul. Crowded House was in Nashville touring for Woodface. I had gone back stage to meet them. At the time, I was working for a video distribution company. I always had stacks of movies, so I brought some for them to watch on the bus. I just remember Paul getting up in my face all excited, asking me what the movies were about. It seemed the more I answered his questions, the bigger his eyes got. He was just the coolest guy. He was really engaged in our conversation, and he made me feel like a friend, even though we had only just met, and would never cross paths again.

As a Split Enz / Crowded House fan, I'm am deeply sad today. As a human being, I'm devastated.
Originally posted by Welsh Dan:
[qb] I never though I'd I'd be so affected by the death of someone I didn't know. Woodface was the first album I loved passionately, whilst I was growing up, exploring my musical tastes. Italian Plastic is such a joyeous song. Now it sounds so sad [/qb]
Hmm, same for me. I've just been crying my eyes out listening to Love this Life and World Where You Live from the fanclub cd Paul Is Dead ... That title seems soo spooky now Frowner Paul 'requested' WWYL.... Neil ends with "Good call Paul!" ...

I've never met Paul in person and I've only been to one CH gig myself, but I've listened to so many fanclub cds and always loved his contribution to what was the Crowded House Live Experience. True Genius!

I hope you are in a safe place now, Paul.
I'm sure there are many folks already looking out for Paul's family, but as we fans across the world grieve for this loss (in our own way) maybe we can do something for the family, for his girls, to say thank you and to show our respect?

Maybe Peter can answer this at some point, are there plans to set up some sort of foundation, in Paul's name, or maybe a scholarship for the girls, or something? It's just a thought, but I'm sure a small gesture from fans across the globe would, in time, provide some comfort to the family.

What a sad event. I joined this forum just to pay my respects. I played kb/sax in the Motels, and Crowded House and us were both on Capitol Records. They were a great band, but I remember Split Enz even more, from our visits to Australia, ("Hard Act to Follow," "Choral Sea" et al) and we were all fans of the singing and playing and writing of the Finns and company. "Don't Dream It's Over" is one of the greatest pop songs ever recorded, what a classic. May PAUL's family get the support they need in this painful time. Frowner
Marty Jourard
We're all at a loss for words, and yet we're all on here talking, trying to have a communal experience through the internet. I'm walking around my office today in Atlanta and I can't really express to anyone just how sad & f@%ked up this all seems.

My wife wanted me to express to everyone of course our condolences to his family & loved ones, and that though he'll live on through his music, listing will now have a bittersweet edge that wasn't there before - still loved just as much though.

Is it strange for a 38 year old man to want to cry about a man I only met once, and saw live twice?

Right now I don't want to listen to CH or SE, don't want to watch Paul on any video, and I don't know when I'll ever want to listen to any of the fan club cd's, especially Paul is Dead, agin. I was there that night, and I don't want to think about it any more.

RIP Paul - you are still much loved around the world.
I can only think of Lullaby Requiem. With much grace and provenance, may love and comfort find their way to Paul's family and friends. God speed.

Goodnight, bless you
Let angels possess you
you'll make dreams of another life
don't think it's too much
to close your eyes and leave us
in strange places we come undone
and the building blocks
sometimes have to crash
not meant to last
like a mother's love
it's real life, it's all true
you know how i'll miss you
in quiet moments i'll come undone
and the building blocks
sometimes have to crash
not meant to last like a mothers love
sleep comes when all is laid to rest
that's when you'll find what your looking for
strange feelings you can't explain
wild forces you can't contain
and the building blocks
sometimes have to crash
not built to like a mother's love
peace comes to when fear is laid to rest
that's when you'll find what you're looking for
How surreal is this grief we are feeling for someone we loved so much, yet we didn�t even know him? I�ve been in complete shock since I found out, desperately wanting to share my feelings of despair and confusion and sorrow. My husband keeps looking at me like I�m crazy and can�t understand why I am so affected by this. My 8 year old daughter cried for Paul�s girls when I told her the news, so sad for them to lose their daddy. My 6 year old daughter cannot make sense of someone taking their own life and kept saying � �but why, Mum?�

The thing is, the compassion we feel for Paul�s family and friends and the sadness we feel for a man suffering such pain �these are emotions that such tragedy would evoke in all of us no matter who it was�.but for so many of us who have been touched by the music and the performances there is a whole other dimension to the grief. Crowded House are my all-time favourite band. The music is so tightly entwined around whole periods in time throughout my life and has continued to be. My kids know all the songs, even my 2 year old son sings along to Distant Sun! Paul�s death is a huge personal loss to so many of us and I am struggling with whether I even have a right to feel it as a personal loss. It has certainly helped to read this outpouring of love and mourning from other fans.

I will never ever forget the Concert for Life in Centennial Park as the rain poured down and we chanted Weather with You, or Paul bringing out his drum to the front of the stage at each gig for Sister Madly, or the hilarious banter between the 3 of them.

As Neil and Tim perform their gig tonight in Albert Hall, so many songs will take on new meaning�..look at the lyrics to Never be the Same � I don�t think I�ll ever hear that song again without thinking of Paul. And so many others�All I Ask, How Will You Go, Love the Life, Black and White Boy, even songs like Won�t Give In, will be so hard to perform�.�everyone I love is here, say it once then disappear�.
Dear Paul,
I'll never forget Easter monday 2005, the day I heard the sad news of your dead.

We all have our private universes with thougts hard to describe. Darker sides are continuously in battle with more positive sides. I'm very sad that the darker side of your universe overwhelmed the other, much happier one.

But I'm very glad that I've seen your much happier side. It meant a lot to quite a bunch of people.
I am shocked and saddened by this news. Having experienced it firsthand, I can say that depression is the nastiest of diseases. As someone in an earlier post mentioned, it can play tricks on the mind. Those who have never suffered it can never know how horrible it truly is. I hope Paul found whatever it was he was looking for. We will remember him fondly forever.
I am soo incredibly saddened by the news. I will never forget the 1st time I saw Crowded House play live when I was just 13 on their 1st tour. My friends & I were the only kids there and we were getting smashed in the front. Paul jumped off the stage & came up to us & gave us some Australian tea and asked if we were alright. Paul was special, indeed.

My heart goes out to his friends & family.
I came on here at about 1 am on Sunday and saw the first 2 posts in this thread, with no idea what had happened & a sick feeling in my stomach. Didn't want to add my voice at a time of confusion & still don't know what to say other than what everyone else has put already; I'll miss him, and my thoughts go out to his family & friends.

I never got to meet him, but I've still got one of his drumsticks sat on my desk at home, and memories of everything special that he brought to CH performances that I saw.
I just saw the news over here in the United States. I wish I could have met Paul and seen him perform at least once. It will be something I regret the rest of my days. Crowded House was and is still to this day one of my favorite bands to listen to and watch. I'll always remember seeing Paul smile and laugh in all those quirky videos. That's the image I'll always remember of him. He's music and performances have touched my life in so many ways, and I'll miss him. I can't begin to imagine what his personal life was like or why he would want to end his life so abruptly. But to his family and friends I offer you my deepest sympathy. Hopefully, you will all remember him as fondly as I do and take comfort in the fact that his life has touched so many others.

God bless you Paul.
Like many others here, I've registered on the forum so I could pay my respects. I have so many fond memories of Paul -- my first CH show, at Parker's in Seattle (a small nightclub! The show was booked before "DDIO" hit big, and they didn't move it elsewhere even though the song hit the charts before the gig), being about 5 feet away from the band... meeting them at a signing at Peaches, where they all drew pictures and jokes on my album and poster, with Paul (of course) being silliest... then Bumbershoot that autumn, with the great "Massive" encore...

It is so truly sad. I can't wrap my brain around this.
Just before I went to bed last night...I heard the news that Paul had taken his own life.

Although I never had the privilege of seeing Crowded House live (I was always hoping for a reunion tour), Crowded House were and still are a big part of my life. Growing up in Canada in the 80�s I couldn�t wait for the next time they visited Much Music...not only were they amazing musicians....but they were hilarious...and I always waited to see Paul�s next antics.

My brother, much like Paul, was someone who was full of energy...who loved life...who loved a good laugh......who loved music.....who loved his family and children more than anything in the world...and yet like Paul, he too ended his life a year and a half ago at the age of 47.

My heart goes out to Paul�s family, the members of Crowded House and in particular to his young children. My father passed away when I was only 4 years old so I know what it�s like to grow up without your father...and now I know what it is like to lose someone you love to suicide.

Every day I wonder why my brother did what he did...and we�ll never know the answer to why Paul did what he did either. I use to look at suicide as the most selfish act a person can commit.....but now I think it wasn�t really them who made the decision...they died of a disease...not a physical one but a mental one...depression. We can only hope and pray that Paul is at peace now.

My brother�s funeral had the largest turn-out of people that my town had seen in years. My family and I took comfort in the fact that my brother touched so many people�s lives....and we thought if only he knew how many people loved him...would he have ended his own life?

Reading the many posts and memories about Paul here make me ask the same question. I hope he knows now how much he has meant and will continue to mean to so many people around the world. I also hope that somehow these many posts can help bring the slightest bit of comfort to his family, friends and fans. will be missed and always remembered!

i won't forget this morning, i had forgotten to cancel my alarm that goes off at 7am monday to friday as it went off i could hear my radio in the back ground and at hearing the music industry is in mourning for split enz and crowded house drummer Paul Hester...
then shortly after my mother messaging me with the same news it still didn't really sink in until i was watching Music max and sessions came on with Neil and Tim,laughing out loud at Paul stealing Neils guitar 7 years ago, watching as he took the stage to play drums on weather with you. sigh.

my heartfelt sympathies to his family and all those who knew him.

may he rest in peace.
So sad! I read the news after getting home from sharing Easter Sunday with relatives, and read it on This morning, I get to work and tell my co-worker that the drummer from my favorite band ever has died. They say, "Who? That band with that one 80s ballad???" That is what makes forums like this so special, to find out that we can be together when we feel like we are alone.

I fondly rembember initially getting hooked on them when I was 17 (in 1987), when I had gone to Australia/NZ on a high school trip. When I got back, Crowded House was one of the headliners at Seattle's big summer music fest, Bumbershoot, and it was a dream come true. Every time CH or any Finn has come to town since, I've gone up and down the I-5 corridor (Vancouver, Seattle, Portland, and sometimes even San Francisco) with a select handful of equally appreciative pals, to catch as many shows as possible.

Paul, you will be greatly missed. I'm sorry you were so sad you had to leave this life.

It's a personally sad day for many of us, and undoubtedly worse for the immediate family. My prayers and thoughts go out to Paul's children and Mardi. Peter, if there's an appropriate way for fans to show their support to those he has left behind, please let us know.

For personal next steps, consider the H&C song they do on One Night Stand following Paul's play-by-play call of Neil running around the room: throw your arms around someone.
I am deeply saddened by this. I do not know what to say. I have always looked up to Paul as a drummer, a musician and for making me laugh in all the wrong places. Tonight I wrote a song for him and I offer my condolences to all.

You can hear/download the song here if want. There is no advertising or my name on this site, it's just a tribute for Paul.

Rest in Peace Paul and thanks.

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