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Hi all, I'm a journalist with Radio New Zealand in Auckland.

I'm keen to hear from fans (preferably within Australia/NZ because of the time zone differences) on the topic of Paul Hester's passing (for radio purposes, I'd need to record your comments via the phone)

If anyone's interested in making a comment, just post a reply with your phone number and name, and I'll give you call.

Many thanks,
Paul, may it always be sunny where you are now. May the rain be sweet, and the wind be fresh, may the dew always be cool on your feet.

I knew you in New Zealand, you and the Finns helped me to grow up, I sat with you all in Christchurch a couple of times at the same table.

I wish I could have spoken to you, to tell you the life is ****, the people are dumb, and that no one in Melbourne knows how to merge. If you heard it from someone else, maybe you would be with us today.

Good bye Paul, and the fondest of memories, your music lives on forever in my mind.

The Enz didnt, the house was never crowded and Paul was always welcome here.

My thoughts now go to the family. During this time I hope you can grow the courage to continue past the suffering. Niel, Tim, be Kiwis true. Be there for them as they are part of the family that makes us what we are.

Love always, a devoted fan.
Edward Hore
expat Kiwi now living in Preston, Melbourne.
This is my first post to this or any other fan site.

I didn't know Paul hester and I never met him. But I did see him play twice with split enz and four maybe five times with crowded house.

Most Crowded House (i.e Neil Finn) songs are introspective: They contemplate love that didn't work, pain, failing and insecurity (among, of course, other things). It was, then, a revelation that Crowded House gigs were usually so amusing and upbeat.

I can't recall a gig that didn't feature Paul Hester's chirpy, nasal twang (at least to a kiwi's ears) piping up between numbers to ask Neil an off-the-wall question, or to challenge a particular audience member to come up and sing or undress or dance or kiss Nick.

Without Paul Hester's input Crowded House would have been a very different band, and probably a lesser one -- I think it is as simple as that.

All i can hope is that Paul's need to be gone was greater than the need his two daughters will inevitably feel for their father.

Kia Kaha to all those suffering following Paul's suicide.
My heart is so heavy and my tears sting my cheeks in an endless river ever since reading this bitter news...
To Paul's family, love, peace and strength to cope through this painful time...
To are already deeply missed...don't dream it's's only a temporal gap in time.

A heartfelt hug from one grieving fan to every other grieving fan out there.
Originally posted by Jinglebelle:
[qb]tears sting my cheeks in an endless river[/qb]
You're not the only one now...I've been listening to Crowded House's music for the past few minutes, and "Don't Dream It's Over" just ended, and...yeah...there were tears. I don't mean to make anyone sadder than they already are by saying that-I'm sorry if I did Frowner .

The news has just spread like an infectious virus. I think the one good thing out of all this coverage that can come out of this is that it brings people together to discuss it and help alleviate the pain. It's been a pretty heavy day for me, so I think i'll finish up here. While i'll keep Paul in my thoughts, I need to begin to accept that these are the events that have taken place, like them or not.

However, I am proud to say that also as a fan of Shaun Micallef, the Micallef fan club has infact paid a tribute to Mr. Hester by expressing their condolences on the front page at This Link
Like everyone...I am so shocked and saddened by the news and just felt I had to post. I too am lucky to say that I met Paul during the Enz With a Bang tour. He just walked out into the foyer of the Entertainment Centre after the sound check and spoke to a handful of us girls, signing autographs and posing for photos. He's the only famous person I have met and I have been forever grateful for those 5 x minutes or so he spent with us.

Split Enz & CH have been my lifeline since 1979 -> I have been to many concerts and always came away from them on a natural high especially when Paul was on stage. He was such a character, so full of energy and humour, an absolutely amazing entertainer.

Just seeing how he touched all our hearts, I can't fathom the deep loss and void which must be felt amongst his family, friends and peers. My heart goes out to his 2 x little girls and his girlfriend -> It's truly a tradgedy.

Thankyou so much Paul for enriching our lives with your wonderful, kind hearted generous spirit. You will be truly missed but always remembered with a smile.
It's all over European media as well, radio and newspapers. Radio 1 in Belgium played Sister Madly because, presenter Nick Balthazar said, Paul's drumming is so good on it. "There's a bit more space in the Crowded House," he added, "but it's a bit more crowded in our heart." Nice.

My thoughts go out to all those close to Paul. These are tough times.
I am so sad that Paulo couldn't pop into the future before he made his decision, and seen the outpouring of grief and tributes both here and elsewhere online. I'd like to think that he would have changed his mind, but we could never be sure.

Just the other day I was discussing baby names with my other half (am due with a mini-Finn-Fan in August), I thought that "Bella" would be such a great name if its a girl, because of having Italian Plastic to listen to as they grew up.

"When you wake up with me
I'll be your glass of water
When you stick up for me
Then you're my Bella Bambina, uh-huh"

It totally spooked me out thinking back to this after yesterday's news.

I have made so many frenz because of Crowded House - a special group of people.
I've been with relatives for the easter break, and as such, between all the noise and excitement Easter (and chocolate) generates in my large extended family, I didn't hear about Paul.
I got home, turned on the news and was watching Dreaming: the Videos when Crowded House was mentioned (I had been half-listening) turned out just as Paul on the Something So Strong video did that cartwheel, I heard he'd died.
As Molly Meldrum said, he had a distinctive drumming style which gave the House some of that special sound. I've always thought of him as the joker of the House, and that moment of the cartwheel is now immortalised in my memory.
It's unbelievable, he was so alive, so happy, so silly in those vidoes and now he's dead of suspected suicide.
My heart goes out to everyone who knew him or of him in any way. The world has lost a wonderful person.
In particular, my condolences to his friends and family, particularly his daughters. Not being so long since I was in pre-teens, and as a teenager I cannot imagine how it would have been without a father.
Rest in peace, Paul Hester, you shall never be forgotten by friends and family and a world-wide database of Split Enz and Crowded House fans. Frowner
So very sad Frowner I have been a fan since Split Enz, then Crowded House (met him at the Thebarton Theatre in Adelaide) and was recently watching him on my eldest son's Wiggles DVD singing "Fruit Salad". He seemed so full of life, I guess you never really know the real person. His contribution has been great and he will be truly missed. Such a frustrating illness to suffer which often has such a tragic outcome.
"Feeling devastated, that's what I call.
Living in your memory, that's what I call.
Tired and deflated, that's what I call.

'That's What I Call Love' - Paul & Neil 1986

Paul, you were an inspiration.
Your humour, passion and unique style will forever live on.

My thoughts and best wishes go out to all your
family and friends and may you rest in peace.
"Of all the friends I've ever had, they're sorry for my going away,
and all the sweethearts that I could have had, they wish me one more day to stay,
but since it falls unto my lot that I should go and you should not,
I'll gently rise and softly call, goodnight and joy be with you all."
-- the parting glass (traditional)

seeya paulo. thanks for all the fish.
I awoke this morning to check my email and discover the tragic news about Paul.

I went to work and was very sad and distracted all day.

I came home and the nightly news confirmed the awful truth.

My sympathy to Paul's girls, Neil and Nick and Split Enz

As a wise man once said "Don't dream it's over."

You will be sadly missed Paul

Bel Confused Frowner
I have been a Crowded House fan and Split Enz fan throughout my adult life and Paul was always my fave band member. His love of life and sense of humour shone thru in all interviews, videos, and live performances. I always focused on Paul during the many concerts I attended, finding his particular love of the performance and the theatrical always added to my enjoyment, somehow you were sharing his infectious enthusiasm and it made the experience all the more personal. At the same time, I was vaguely aware that he was someone who suffered from some dark times, something I have sadly been too familiar with through my partner's family.

I was overcome this morning to hear that he had felt low enough to take his life. My heart goes out to his family and closest friends who will struggle to come to terms with his untimely passing. At the same time, Paul must have been at a very low ebb to feel this was his only recourse. Each person takes their own path and we must respect their choices.

A song that has always brought me to tears and now I cannot erase from my brain, sadly the dream is over but the many wonderful and funny memories remain.

Paul Hester RIP xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
I hadn't been online over the weekend and just logged onto the frenz forum this morning and was totally stunned to read the news about Paul. I'm sitting here in a state of shock, not quite believing what I'm reading.

My heart goes out to his partner and two young daughters, and to all his family and friends.

I got quite a shock when I looked on Ninemsn and saw a picture of Paul with the sub headding, "Paul Hester Mourned"
I had to look at the picture again, and look for more to tell me what they were talking about.
I can't believe how upset i am over this.
For me a Lover of Australian Music, Crowded House are like Australian Music Royalty, and to lose one of the members so suddenly, and shockingly just hurts so much.
I guess this is how some people felt when John Lennon was shot, or when Curt Cobain was found dead.

Rest In Peace Paul.
"I hope you were dreaming of glory miles above"

Nathan Ashe.
Am due to go see the Finns at the Royal Albert Hall tonight. Just called the venue, they're going ahead tonight "definitely", but other nights sound a bit more shakey.

Not looking forward to it at all at this point. Talk about an emotional evening. Would have crippled them financially I think to have pulled out at the last minute though.

Will post summary of evenings events tomorrow.

I am gutted and can't quite believe it. There are no words except "why?".

My thoughts are with Mardi and the girls. I hope you found what you were looking for Paul. Your music and your humour is what I will always remember.

Rest in peace.

"Maybe the day will come,
when you never have to feel no pain.
After all my complaining,
gonna love this life"

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