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We have just bought tickets for Tims shepherd bush empire gig with a face value of £25 each. Years ago you could ring the box office of a venue like this and pay that price. What has changed that much to allow them to hive off the ticket selling to agencies so they can lump their own charges on to us the punters? What should have cost us £75 has actually cost us £91 a big difference and a touch and go decision as to wether we went or not.Time this matter was raised i think and ticket prices advertised should include these rip off prices so we wouldnt go down the line of committing ourselves to phoning and giving credit card details as by the time you do this they know full well your going to say what the hell and buy them anyway.
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Perhaps next time ahwell, let them go down the line of providing your details, then when the bombshell is dropped, just say, oh I'm sorry, that's far too expensive, please cancel that transaction. And the more politely you do it, the more intensely the point hits home (usually).

Otherwise, maybe it would be wise to ascertain the price before you commit to buying them.

I do agree, I think ticket prices are astronomical, and everyone has their hand out for their cut, however when I want to see an act I like, I pay the price.

Not everyone can, or will, do that, and I understand that, but maybe if enough people comment on the price, someone will get the point. Smiler
Rose thats not my point. I saw them advertised in the London evening standard price £25. When you see them advertised at a certain price as with anything you should expect them to be sold at that price. The little old lady who you once rang at the box office has long been made redundant so they can shift her wage bill to an agency to pass not only her costs but the agencies cost on to us. We did have the choice to pay or not but we like you will pay the price but its still a rip off. Time some of the bands and their agents got involved on our behalf to protect us. After all we pay their wages.
Well then cut out the advertisement, and as soon as the price rises above the advertised price, pull them up. I've done that previously. You either offer to post the ad, or fax it, or drop it in, or whatever, but make your point clear that the article you have seen made you think that you would be getting the ticket for a particular price.

Your first post didn't actually say that you had seen a particular price advertised, and that being the case, I would have thought that was false advertising (unless there was small print or something similar).

Unless people kick up, they will keep getting away with it. Smiler
Kazzie as i was trying to buy Tim Finn tickets i thought it appt to post it under this thread.Had i been trying to buy Rolling stones tickets rest assured it would not be on here. I am fully aware it is not his fault but as i said earlier we pay their wages and they are to a great degree selling us their wares. I just feel their management and to a certain extent the artist should look after their customers a little bit better
I would imagine that the selling of tickets, and who gets commission, is something that Tim would not personally be involved in.

At the very least, his management would be handling all that side of things. Tim is only the artist. Then there is the whole business side of the thing.

I can understand that you're annoyed ahwell, however there's probably not a lot more to be discussed here. I'll close this topic, but suggest that maybe an email to Peter to be passed onto Tim's management may have the impact that you're looking for. Smiler
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