As I was waiting for my son to be dismissed from school today, I waded into the Get It Now tunes library offered by Verizon Wireless, hoping to find a She Called Up ringtone (no such luck). Stumbled upon Bic Runga's Sway, much to my amazement. my further amazement, nay shock, I found Couldn't Be Done and So Precious Big Grin.

I really hope Tim gets a cut everytime someone calls...
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I thought I'd have that option when I got my new phone in the Spring. However, Verizon seems to be a rather draconian carrier and will not permit one to download any tones other than what they offer Roll Eyes.

I was just happy at that point that they had Don't Stop Now available. Much happier now with Tim as my ringer Big Grin.
Langkawi13 wrote:
I have She Called Up as a ringtone on my phone! Its an awesome ringtone. My phone connects to the computer so I can just put the music from the CD onto the phone and use it as a ringtone.

Do you have special software Langkawi13? or a special phone connection?

And can I ask what brand of phone you have?

I'd love a decent ringtone - Six Months as I was discussing in a PM with Devil - but don't know how to go about it without getting ripped off. This sounds like a great option.

Hope its legal...???

I have an up-to-date Nokia.
Um, I have a Nokia 6280 and my sister has a 6233 and they both came with a Nokia PC Suite program thing on a CD that I installed onto the computer. The phone stores music files and so I put She Called Up (and a few other songs) on it through this program, took me a while to figure out because the instructions were not to clear, it came with a usb cable that connected the phone to the computer but it also has the option of using blue-tooth to connect the phone to the computer. All the stuff I needed to do this came with the phone with I got it. And when I figured it out I just dragged the songs from iTunes to the phone and they have been there ever since then. Smiler

I dont know if that helped at all, sorry. Confused
If your phone and computer have bluetooth, you can also transfer files that way. You can get a bluetooth dongle for your computer prety much anywhere, I mac has it inbuilt though so do check. I use songs as ringtones but chop them down to 30 seconds on garageband or Audacity before putting them on my phone as I have very little storage a few Finn related ones, Par of Me Part Of You for when my parents call, Message To My Girl when my boyfriend calls and Recurring Dream for most everyone else Smiler
melbournian wrote:
got a few Finn related ones, Par of Me Part Of You for when my parents call, Message To My Girl when my boyfriend calls and Recurring Dream for most everyone else

That's brilliant, having the different tunes for different people. Like I'd be able to work out how to do that Roll Eyes Big Grin

I've checked the box which my phone came in and I don't have any extra connections. I'll drop by the shop and ask them. Its probably worth a bit of extra expense.

If there are no ringtones available at the official sites (namely and, and given the "right to quote" from songs, as long as they are a very short length (usually 30 seconds), provided no commercial interests are involved -- isn't it tolerable to have Frenz share fan-made ringtones?


I have four I could share: "World where you live" (an edit from the 12"), "Saturday Sun" and "Archer's Arrows" (edited from the instrumental versions) as well as "Fish Hook" (a very short one edited from the start-stop intro of the song).

I think with the advent of ringtone recording apps available now for iPhones/Smartphones, some of the official ringtones websites seem to have lost a lot of decent content.

I know I've got an app on my mobile that lets me record pieces of music directly from the music file stored on my phone for use as ringtones... takes a snippet of anywhere in the song I chose and records it for as long as I want in length.


Nice way to spot fellow fans in public when it rings and plays the chorus or bridge of some of the lesser known tracks.  Like Tombstone & Master Plan for instance.

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