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Home is where the Finn Brothers are

Neil and Tim Finn, the on-again, off-again and now on-again sibling collaborators behind Split Enz, Crowded House and various tandem and solo projects, each has his own way of cutting loose.
Reunited as the Finn Brothers for a forthcoming album, Everyone Is Here, the New Zealanders delivered some great music during their set Monday night at Massey Hall, while also providing a study in contrasting emotional dispositions.
Neil, 46, the younger and (let's be honest) considerably more talented of the two, is also the most controlled. This isn't to say his stage work is as neatly shaped as his songwriting. You have to see him live to entirely appreciate how deftly he plays electric guitar, but even when he stretches out, as he did on a rousing rendition of the Crowded House song "It's Only Natural," the underlying discipline is always evident.
Tim, 52, is ruled by no such restraint. During the tandem's 19-song set, including five encore numbers, he seemed on the verge of becoming completely unhinged several times, which lent an added measure of primitive menace to "Dirty Creature" of Split Enz vintage.
For the most part, the brothers successfully fed off of each other's divergent energies. Demonstrative displays of affection, however, were infrequent. The attempts at banter generally fell flat. For the most part, they maintained a respectful distance. But if you've ever seen the Everly Brothers perform, you'll know there is a vast distinction between respectful and downright chilly.
In any case, there was enough geniality in the material.
The songs from Everyone Is Here, which served as the backbone of the set, were linked by a thematic interest in home, hearth, friendship, family and relationships. "Nothing Wrong With You," a track from the disc, held its own between the more familiar "There Goes God" and "I See Red" during the first encore.
The Finns, joined by their three accompanists, returned for a finale comprising two Crowded House favourites, "Better Be Home Soon" and "Four Seasons In One Day."
By then, the spotlight had settled on the undeniable star of the show, Neil Finn. All eyes, including those of his brother seated nearby on the piano, were upon him.
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Mad Thanks for posting the article about Tim and Neil's performance on Monday night.

I have to say that I really take exception to some of the comments in that article.

I'll state at the outset that I was not at that concert, and I admit that I am a completely devoted Tim fan from way back in '83 (how old does that make me Confused ) which means that I would probably bristle at any criticism aimed at him or his talent Wink but to state in a national newspaper (?) "Neil, 46 the younger (and lets be honest) considerably more talented of the two" really makes me see red Roll Eyes . This is nothing more than an opinion from the writer, and in my own opinion, is irrelevant. Surely this writer can critique the show based on something other than whether he liked it or not FrownerI would have thought that a professional opinion would be based on the merits and/or otherwise of a show.)

Further, to compare songwriting/singing talents is silly. We all know that each individual's talents are unique and should be beyond comparison to anyone else, even a sibling; in my humble opinion, we are each our own measuring stick.

Eeker I'm starting to feel like I'm riding my high horse here but I'll just make one more point! Apart from the fact that I also felt that the writer was having a very subtle dig at Tim, I would really like to know exactly what sort of interaction he was expecting between the brothers. They are human; they have feelings; they get tired; they are with each other a lot. My point: they are not robots who are programmed each night to behave like other brothers have previously behaved at concerts.

Again, I wasn't at the concert being reviewed, but I believe that Tim has an awesome talent and what has been and sounds as though it still is, a beautiful voice. Let him and Neil get on with it, each in their own unique way, and let us continue to be enchanted and charmed by the treasures they keep creating. Big Grin

Cool I'll slink back under my rock now but I really had to vent my spleen over that!
That writer just needs more cowbell, Geddy. Smiler

It's interesting to put this review alongside Jane Stevenson's (of the Toronto Sun). Jane is a huge fan of Neil herself (Tim not so much), yet she does not allow this to colour her professional assessment of the show.Vit strikes me as one of those paste-eating music snobs who would'nt know a good time if it crawled under his rock and chomped on his arse. Ta hell with him!
I don't see where this review was nearly as bad as is being portrayed here, and I also fail to see where the author had "made up his mind" before he entered the show. The author felt that Neil is the more talented of the brothers, but I fail to see where that coloured his thoughts on how this particular show went. Seeing as the Finns are indeed brothers, I do think it's interesting to see how they interact on stage as that interaction is a part of the show. You can tell that some bands are very tight as friends off the stage and that some are just together for the sake of the gigs, and that does affect how they come across to the audience. In the end, the author did indeed like the show.
Joe and Carissa NZ, I agree that it's interesting to watch the interaction between the Finns @ the show, and as fans we probably watch for that a little more closely...therein lies just one of the problems I have with Vit's review. Having been at both the Toronto show and the Detroit show, I can tell you that the Finns were pretty tight in T.O., there WAS good banter between them and they seemed much more in tune with one another than they were in Detroit. Heck, they ended the show with a big hug, and Neil twirled off the stage. No Gallagher-esque brawls out by the tour bus after, either, nothing but smiles.

I'm guilty of over-reacting to Vit's comments, sure, but I really don't appreciate his tone in regards to Tim...

"Neil, 46, the younger and (let's be honest) considerably more talented of the two"

...that sounds to me like an opinion that was formed long before Monday night. That's just my two cents, and I understand and respect your take on's more the WAY things were put than the actual content of the review itself.

*edited for my usual creative spelling/grammar, then I simply gave up* Roll Eyes
There's no way you could say which of the Finns is more talented! They're both so talented, it's just futile to argue which one has more talent than the other. It's not like "Talent" is something you can quantify is it?

No doubt the writer was just trying to say something original! (It is a very subjective comment though.)

I think Tim Finn is the ultimate performer and has bags of talent, but accept others may not agree with me. I hate to compare any two musicians because it's often not a question of the amount of talent they possess but my own musical preferences that leads to my opinion.
Good points Wuntie and Kidney. Too many people equate "talent" with commercial success as the author of that review did. If he had said that Neil has been the more successful of the two from a commercial standpoint, it would have raised less eyebrows and been more verifiable as well.

You would think that this author might try to make the point that "Brittney Spears is, let's face it, more talented than both Neil and Tim" would not shock me.
I totally agree with the criticisms of this review! Like someone else said, I saw red!
I also agree that Tim "on the verge of becoming completely unhinged" is one of the most enjoyable aspects of a Finn brothers show! I'm slightly more of a Tim fan but I also love Neil to pieces, and like them together the best. I think they balance each other beautifully, and the whole becomes more than the two halves. This review is just mean-spirited.... IMHO

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