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I have always wondered that as well. I think he played it alot in 2001. It was even the first single from the album (even though it only had an internet only video). For some reason, this song has been dropped completely. Too bad, it sounds like a good song to open a show with.

I thought whereever you are had the same fate until he started playing it on the recent North american tour.
He did a beautiful acoustic version of rest of the day off as part of his Live @ The Chapel television gig in 2001 & he obviously played it heaps around that time (being the opening Australian single & all), but with a back catalogue like Neil's, you just HAVE to cull some of the songs to fit the new ones & make way for other old classics - pity Frowner .

soctheo - What do you mean by "Internet Only Video"? The video to rest of the day off was played on Rage (Australian music video show) a few times about the time Triple J (Australian anti-commercial radio station) featured One Nil as the album they play all week (do they call it "feature album"?)... but unfortunetley the single didn't enjoy any chart success (I guess Parlaphone forgot to pay off ARIA Frowner ).
At first I thought maybe it's too personal of a song, but everyone here says they've heard it many times, so that shoots down my theory - lol!. My best friend's spouse is a celeb, and I had played this particular song for her one day not too long ago, after her having a rotten couple of days. Yearnings to be left alone and treated like normal people can be overwhelming. The lyrics hit very close to home for her, so much that she has the lyrics taped to her fridge! I am very much in love with this song, ahh heck, who am I kidding? I love this whole album!

It's really interesting how often this song comes up on the forum, under different topics! It is definitely one of those songs that you either love or you hate (I used to hate it--I thought there was too much of Wendy's touch to it, but it gradually grew on me and now I adore it).
I would LOVE to see it performed live--it's just a cool, feel good tune. Big Grin
I love this video. Smiler

I don't know if I'd say that Neil looks "pissy" at the start of it, although he does look rather intense and serious (like one would be if they're trying to concentrate on working?). That scene where he looks back at a film of himself on the beach and kind of shakes his head at himself - I always took that as him supposedly saying to himself, "Hey, will you look at that guy? What's he doing having fun like that when he should be working?! *shakes head*" And then at some point not too much further into the video, the light bulb goes on in his head that you can't be working all the time, there are more important things in life, and you've got to make the time to have fun. And then his whole face lightens up and he's smiling rather than glaring intensely.

Just curious though, why would watching this video make you feel guilty? Guilty about what?
Hey ya Everyone! Razzer

I love 'Rest Of The Day Off'! Big Grin
But I get the different interpretations that Brownie and awamutu are saying! I never really thought about it like that.
Well, that's the life of an international rock star - I suppose?! Confused

But maybe he'll see this and pop it back on the list to play, just for you guys! Smiler
Over and out...
Ayisha! Razzer
Originally posted by awamutu:
what he says, in distorted sound, right before "you find the answer, walking the dog" if anyone happens to know!! Big Grin [/qb]
in some of the live versions i can hear "something something to my vacant eyes are you"

i used to think it was "such a sight to my vacant eyes are you" but i dont think that fits.

but ive always wondered that too. hehe Big Grin
I remember Neil playing Rest of the Day Off at the Dunedin Town Hall concert in February of 2001. He did a good number of the One Nil songs solo on acoustic guitar, and then mentioned that the songs were from his new album, which would be out in a few weeks. The other interesting thing about this concert was that it is the only one of Neil show's I've been at with a video presentation going on in the background. In this case it had a travelling theme. Anyone else seen anything like this going on in a recent show?

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