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This may be Tim's last gig in the UK???

So I want it to be special

So the question is, what needs to be on the set list to make it extra special?

From individual songs to whole set lists what do you want to hear?

I will make. an opening bid for Young Mountain

we like it different passion & commitment
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I was all ready to shout out 'Stuff and Nonsense' when Tim sat down at the piano after a spell of playing the guitar. I wish I had done as he then played it. When standing up with the guitar one time I thought he'd quickly played the intro chords from 'Without a Doubt', so shouted that one out. Nothing doing however. 


Tim's last UK concert? Please say it isn't so. Didn't Tim once release his last ever album and then it wasn't?

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Did Tim actually say this was his last UK gig? From what I've heard him say re. albums, he likes the number 8 and he didn't think there'd be any more solo albums after The Conversation, but songs just kept on coming.
Sounds as though everyone had an awesome time, damn I'm hanging out again! Come on, September!

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    All times London, UK.

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