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Just got back from the DC show a couple of hours ago. I'm very glad to have Neil back in town for the third time in two years. This show was not as good as the last two solo-Neil shows at the 9:30 Club though, the first of which was transcendent, a show where he made average songs like Pineapple Head and When You Come sound absolutely brilliant.

I didn't chart the set list, but here are some that were played:

New album: Gentle Hum, Won't Give In, Luckiest Man Alive, Anything Can Happen, Edible Flowers, Nothing Wrong With You, at least a couple of others that I don't know the names of yet. Won't Give In was great, but I knew that from iTunes. Gentle Hum was one of the few songs to sound better live than on the recording tonight. Edible Flowers was good. Nothing Wrong With You was probably the low-point for me, veering into danger message-song territory (a la Phil Collins 'Another Day in Paradise').

Finn Bros 1: Suffer Never, Angel's Heap

Woodface: There Goes God, It's Only Natural, Weather With You, Four Seasons In One Day

Split Enz: I Got You, I See Red, Six Months in a Leaky Boat, others that I don't know.

Warning: Rant ahead. All of this in context of letting you know that CH & Neil Finn has been my favorite artist since Woodface, period.

The backing band was not nearly as good as the Lisa Germano / Sebastian et al. band of recent days. You could tell that Neil was getting pissed off with poor guitar tech work.

Tim was out of form tonight. A lot of energy, but the lower range of his voice is shot, and he was not very disciplined musically. Came in at the wrong time on the backing vocals at least once - Four Seasons in One Day if I recall correctly.

Overall, I think Tim detracts more than he adds to the pairing. Part of that is my anti-Split Enz bias, and part of it is agreement with the guy who wrote the review of the Toronto show that was posted today - he's just not as talented, and his harmonization muddies Neil's lead vocals. I know that I'm setting myself up for vigorous defense of Tim, but let's face it: he's not a tenth of the talent that Neil is. Neil is a nice enough guy to work with his brother every few years, but these efforts (with the exception of the Woodface tracks) have been below the mean.

Overall, good night with some high points (Edible Flowers, Won't Give In, There Goes God), and nice to hear tracks from the new album for the first time, but I want Neil solo next time!
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I was at the DC show as well..and I have to say I disagree with just about everything you said.I was at the previous 2 Neil solo shows too and tonight was MUCH BETTER in my opinion.The new songs were amazing...and Tim sounded angelic.Did you pay attention to Neil screwing up History Never Repeats?To me the mistakes are part of the charm.I love the chemistry between them...they seem to be closer as brothers than ever,and the new songs seem extremely personal.Tim's performance of I See Red was was like he was channeling himself from 20 years ago,and it was awesome! But of course,I happen to love Split Enz.They're what brought me to this site in the first place.

Smiler Benoit, thanks for posting your impressions of the show tonight. I really appreciate it when people take the time to jump on and actually think about what they've been feeling and share it with everyone else (especially when its probably pretty late over there Red Face )

I posted a reply to the article by "Vit" which strenuously supported Tim. "Vit" was formally writing an article for a paper and I presume that part of his job is to give people a non-biased impression about what shows are good and what aren't. In his professional capacity. You posted as a fan who would be expected to hightlight thoughts, likes, dislikes etc. (Heck - its those things that I hang out for after the shows - s'appreciated!)

Having said that, I guess that even though I am totally devoted to Tim Big Grin and will always love his musical ability, that doesn't mean that he doesn't have his off nights, or off times Frowner If he's anything like me, (and I can live in hope Wink ) I find that if I'm feeling particularly strongly about something (ie happy, sad, angry etc), it does reflect, to a certain degree, whatever I'm doing at that particular time. Maybe its the same sort of thing for him.

I don't want to interpret Tim's performance because I wasn't there and didn't see what was going on, but there have been such rave reviews about how he has been playing and singing, and how the brothers have been interacting, that it gives one pause for thought.

Tim is a different talent to what Neil is. And indeed a very different type of person. And much as I love Tim Eeker , Neil strikes me (from afar) as being less intense than Tim. And for me the intensity is part of what really does it for me Wink (my interpretation of Tim only).

I enjoyed your review, but feel concerned for the Brothers that the touring etc might be taking its toll. Hope not. Everyone's been so fired up about their performances that the expection I'm feeling is probably going to melt me!!
The other new songs we heard were "A Life Between Us," "All God's Children," and "All the Colours." Excellent stuff.

Terrific show overall. After reading all the comments you all have been posting about earlier shows, and about seeing Neil and Tim around the venues before the shows themselves, I made sure to keep an eye out as I was passing the tour bus . . . and sure enough, as I was passing it, Tim walked out and into the 9:30 Club. Nice way to begin.

Anyway, I had a great time. "Nothing Wrong With You" remains my favorite from the new album, and I was worried we would miss it until it showed up in the encore.

I wouldn't say Tim detracts from the whole, but he certainly provides a different mood. That he's not on Neil's level is a given (sorry, Texas Rose), but he puts on a hell of a show, and really gets into it. By the end it was tough to find areas on his shirt that weren't drenched with sweat.

I'm not sure why there's such a huge response to the Split Enz material, which to my ears is clearly inferior in music and lyrics to virtually everything that came after, but hey, maybe I have an anti-Enz bias, too. (-:

Thanks for posting and echoing the conversation that 3 other fans and I had in the car on the way home! I LOVED the Split Enz (sorry, Comp, but "inferior" is offensive to me) and CH, but really think Neil came into his own as a solo artist. That "transcendent" show you refer to in DC was my first Neil show and was to me exactly as you describe.

While Tim certainly had energy last night and the bros seemed to enjoy performing together again, I did feel there was sibling rivalry onstage which could begin to distract from the music as the tour goes on. With that said, show was almost as much fun as I wanted and I can't wait for their next trip through town which should be later this fall or early winter based on previous tour cycles!
I am going to back Benoit up on this one.

It's not an original idea, but I do believe that Tim and Neil have a yin and yang quality. When it works, it's amazing. And when it's off, it's OFF. And if you prefer the yin, the yang doesn't suit, or something like that...

I would be surprised if any Neil devotees (of which I count myself) would have preferred last night's shows to performances of the past two years. And yet, I could still appreciate what was going on.

But the band was seriously blah, sorry. And I definitely missed personalities like Sebastian, Lisa, and even Shawn/Sean. I suppose that when you get Tim and Neil on one stage, more "personality" might overload the circuits, you know?

Now that I think about it, this tour makes me long for the last Finn Brothers' set up. Basically, two guys, two guitars, a set of drums and a piano. I now realize what an amazing opportunity that was.

HOWEVER, that said, even when they're not great, they're still damn good.

just returned from dc with annie (age 9) and simon (age 7). EXTREMELY TIRED.

as many of you know, jay's grandma died tuesday night so we weren't sure we'd even get to go (so i e-mailed peter to give away our space at the soundcheck), but in the end, my father-in-law ordered us to go. my good friends bob and carol (the ones neil was talking to on the cellphone in boston back in winter of 2003...) ended up benefitting from the space we gave up and carol said they didn't even play anything during soundcheck, it was just neil twisting dials and arguing with soundmen for 20 minutes.

sime gets 50 points for referring to his earplugs as "the only native inhabitants of seti-alpha 5" when i was putting them in his ears.

anyway...the show. the kids and i went to the very front. during angela mccluskey, simon hid under the stage because he thought "she looked like a scary witch." when i finally coaxed him out, the two of them started dancing with each other and during the next song break, angela asked "who are these two little moonchkins up here in the froont? if they keep dancin' that well, i'll have to haul them up here with me!" at one point she made this really twisted-up face and simon asked me "is she wearing a thong?" (bob, carol and i were on the flippin FLOOR...)

even with earplugs held in by band-aids, things were just too loud, which we discovered when neil's guitar tech was testing out his guitar. they were sorry to do it but asked if we could move to the back. while it killed me to do it, this particular show wasn't about me, but about them. it was THEIR show, and it occurred to me that i was actually lucky to be there at all, so we went and stood at the top of the steps at the very top balcony for the finns' show.

at a few points i got stopped and told that this person or that person had been at the show two years ago where i sang with neil, and that was so great. it would've been cool enough to have that happen, but to have it happen in front of my kids was just wonderful.

the show: the exact setlist from chicago (exception: they added "all the colours" from the new album, dedicated to their mother, presumably because their uncle was in the house) executed with the precision and banter level of detroit, except in front of a chicago-esque crowd who appreciated the heck out of it. what we seemed to be missing during "gentle hum" with the whole crowd-humming-thing, was RIGHT ON in dc, with neil keeping the hum going after the music stopped and even after picking up an acoustic and strumming along for a few rounds. he said something about remembering that dc was the city with all the best singers. Wink

at one inexplicatble moment they broke into "a whole lotta love" by led zeppelin. not singing it, mind you, just playing it. that was crazy. others have reported neil's guitar problems...i was too far away to tell, but did notice the house lights going off between songs more than usual (which tricked my kids about 4 times into thinking the show was over...). from way back, the chandeliers with different colored lighting looked even more wonderful and gave us something else to watch, as though we didn't already have enough. those are gorgeous. tim of course was everywhere and sounded great, though his presence seemed superfluous at times when he had little to do onstage. neil's voice seemed to have recovered from a bout of caginess we noticed in detroit, but he didn't play as well (presumably, the reported guitar problems...).

i have been forgetting the stacey brothers' first names since chicago, and had started referring to the drummer as "cliff." somehow, now that i know they're identical twins (though they don't look it) they've BOTH become "cliff" for the sake of discussion. so. elroy stood behind cliff on a few songs and helped with percussion. and cliff really messed up the keyboards on a couple of the songs, and the guitar notes which were so solid on "i got you" the other night, cliff totally screwed up in dc. these guys have nothing on the likes of sebastian steinberg, though i'm sure they're pleasant enough folks.

at one point sime asked "what smells like burning chocolate?" and i was worried until i noticed an espresso-maker at the bar right next to us. i would have hated to move, twice, or to explain the smell. Wink

banter (not exact words, i'm sure, but...):

neil: i hear there's a group of people here from the australian embassy...(cheer)
tim: that'd be the ausTROYlian IMbassy, moyt! (laughter)
neil: well, what about the new zealand embassy? (crickets) oh. well. the new zealand embassy is actually just a tiny room in the very back of the australian embassy, connected by a single hallway. it gets mistaken for the australian embassy all the time.

tim: i remember the first time i was in washington dc. it was at the celedon in 1976. was anyone at that show? (one guy cheers loudly.)
tim: ****, man, you're as old as i am!

(someone yells "how will you go" very loudly between songs)
neil: what did you say?
(guy repeats "how will you go" very loudly)
neil: sorry mate, can't hear you, but i'm guessing the answer is...uh...the answer is yes.
tim: yes. the answer is yes.
neil: if you think about it, aren't all the answers actually yes?
tim: wow, that's deep...

tim: ever get the feeling you forgot to put someone's name on the guest list? i feel like that. i think i forgot to put someone on the guest list.
(one lady raises her hand and yells ME!!!!)
tim (laughing): no, not YOU. but that was a good try. i think this lady's name was valentina. i met her at the pool...

neil: this next song is about tim having fun with one of my babysitters in the back seat of a car. joanne, wasn't her name?
tim: hmmm...not sure, there were so MANY...who do you think it was?
neil: uhhhh, i dunno, i was just a baby, remember?
(then they made some sort of joke about tim and a lady and a vacuum cleaner incident, with tim saying hey, i was only 11...what could i do?)

some guy in the back mostly unfamiliar with the guys described them to a bouncer as "a beatles concert with vox amps" which i thought was both cool and fair to say.

the kids were great. annie danced her little butt off, nonstop, the entire time. sime started strong but got tired near the end...he was at least astute enough to notice that this or that song sounds better onstage than it does on the record. what i lost in proximity to the stage, i gained tenfold in other people's appreciation (both verbal and nonverbal) of how cool my kids were at this show. (chicago folks, think, 2 of cort, wearing glasses, and one of them wearing a skirt.) i was complimented for teaching them the lyrics (because mine were singing along better than many adults). when the guys first came out, both kids started laughing because they thought "tim's hair makes him look like somebody's grandma."

after the show the kids and i were out by the bus. so was their uncle (uncle artie, i believe...). there was this lady who seemed like a groupie, who was really interested in hooking up with tim because she thought he was cute and she'd hear only one of them was married. i informed her they were both married. she asked me if i was his wife. i said no, i'd just settle for being his towel. and THEN i noticed their uncle standing next to me....DOH!

then the groupie-type lady told the washington post reporter that neil was the older brother. i corrected this with the reporter, not to be obnoxious to the lady but because incorrect journalists are a pet peeve of mine. i explained that i'm a fountain of useless finn trivia and i guess if everyone has to know a lot about something, this is my something. their uncle thought that was cool.

turns out we were waiting at the wrong bus, so went around to the right one. there were only about a dozen of us. finally, tim's head popped out of the bus, preparing to tell the security guy no autographs, we're just really tired and getting ready to go. then he saw my kids, and changed his mind. so we all go over there. tim looks EXHAUSTED. he asks if anyone has a pen to sign things with, so i handed him my sharpie. the couple in front of us didn't even thank him but asked when neil was coming out and tim was like, i have no idea. anyhow. annie and sime were next and they asked him very sweetly to sign their shirts. he asked them if they're not up late, past their bedtime.

it was taking a few moments for him to get the shirts signed...i asked if he remembered us from pittsburgh and he was like, yeah. but then a second later the lightbulb went on and he was like, oh, wait...yeah! of course! which point i was like...hey man, no bad, you're tired. it's really sweet of you to do this for them, thanks. did you like the quilts? he said wow, those were yours? i said yup. he said well, yes, they're great and we're really enjoying them, thanks. so then our turn was done and we decided to walk away (instead of wait for neil...). the kids said thanks. and then this is classic annie...

she turns back around, looks tim square in the eye, and goes "um, EXCUSE ME, that's my PEN!" at which tim is like, oh, yeah, so it is. sorry. and gave it back. i explained to the kids later that if they're ever in that situation again, it's OK for tim to keep the pen! lololol!!! (hey, at least simon didn't say "your hair looks like someone's grandma," which is what i was truly afraid of...)

anyhow, they had a blast, and i had a blast sharing it with them. getting to meet tim was the icing on their cake. and the best part...we were at the very gracious carol and bob's house later, getting ready for bed, and when they took their shirts off, the autograph had gone through to their skin. so they both have tim finn's autograph across their chests and if it isn't difficult enough already to get sime to take a bath....

and ps....brandi, you were there? DOH! would have liked to meet you...
You walked right by me last night when you were leaving the front stage with your children. They were adorable! So was your "tale of the evening." And it was the Cellar Door that they played in '76. Actually, Simon might have made Tim's night. If it was me, I would have laughed my ass off at how perfectly children tell the friggin' truth! And I've got to say that I'm thinking about a shout-out tonight to Angela to see if she is wearing a thong! LOL...just kidding! Wicked funny, that Simon! I have a nephew that would have said the same type stuff!
Originally posted by Bsnifter:
[qb] Tim's performance of I See Red was was like he was channeling himself from 20 years ago,and it was awesome! [/qb]
Yeah, except 20 years ago Tim sang like he had �something to prove.� Now he seems so much more secure. Tim has always been a stunning man, both in terms of sheer handsomeness and �presence,� but the mature Tim is TRULY a sight to behold. And while his voice was delicious then, it seems to have evolved to a place where it�s also lost that �trying too hard� edge and is now simply PERFECT. Heaven�s handbell choir!

Although, I must admit I didn�t like the settings of his mike at last night�s show. Tim sounded way better at the other two shows I got to see (Avalon on the 15th the Grove on the 16th� where, yes, he did in fact grace us all with a rendition of Stuff and Nonsense that made me cry like Pikea form Whale Rider. Side note to all those Los Angelans who didn�t choose to brave the 405 for that one: Be jealous. Be VERY jealous!)

I�m sorry I missed you Brandi, I would have loved to meet ya. I guess I was looking for someone with lovely green eyes wearing a set of hamster�s ears. LOL. Maybe that was what threw me off track� Wink
Originally posted by posessed:
[qb] I did feel there was sibling rivalry onstage [/qb]
Yes! This is classic Tim and Neil, dating WAY back. But these days I don�t think it will detract from their performances, I feel that everything has come full circle by now. The rivalries which still may exist are now decidedly more fun and loving and just part and parcel of their current study of what brotherhood actually means. Neither Finn has anything to prove. Neither Finn has anything to lose. It�s exciting! They both seem truly happy and sincerely grateful to be in this �anything can happen� place. And so am I! The Finn Bros candor and sincerity are palpable. It�s like, for two hours at a time, we�ve been invited into their family, welcomed as kin. I�m not sure there is any other band out there who has done or even could do that.
I felt the banter and the interactions and the end-hug-thing at the end of the night were very sincere and that they did both have fun.

In Chicago (at least Chicago II anyway...) I can't say the same thing. The tension was palpable and the interactions seemed forced.

(That said, if you stuck me and my sister on a tour bus for three weeks straight, with her loud and obnoxious kids and with my grandma's dining room chandelier that had to be packed and unpacked at every stop...I'd be a lot pissier than they seemed to be...)

And 'Port, thanx for your kind words. Smiler
Originally posted by Comp:
I'm not sure why there's such a huge response to the Split Enz material, which to my ears is clearly inferior in music and lyrics to virtually everything that came after, but hey, maybe I have an anti-Enz bias, too. (-:

-Comp [/qb]
LOL! Well, you have to remember that during the Neil phase of Split Enz, they were pretty much a bubble-gum 80�s pop band from the �Duran Duran,� and �Flock Of Seagulls� age of highly made-up, poorly lip-sync�ed low tech video clips. Yet, then as now, they were pioneers.

Two factors are probably coloring your �anti-Enz� view: one, you probably don�t like that early 80s dancy-pop music as a genre (not that many straight men do...) and two, it�s really hard to get the true, original feel of these songs without the �way too much keyboards� factor that was omnipresent at the time.

For my part, and I think I can also safely speak for many of the other thirty-something women in the audience: I find it absolutely THRILLING to hear these old Split Enz songs performed live, and while they come across totally different in jangly guitar mode vs. the �quirky synth cathedral� that was Eddie Raynor�s (most delicious) contribution to that original stuff, they can still bring out the 15 year old �Beatlesesque Screaming Meamie Fan� in me and all those other nice ladies who were cut from the same cloth. It is sheer, pure, unadulterated JOY to hear these songs again. Live, no less!! Remember �the eighties dance?� I do!!!! TFF!!

So, my dear comp, and I say this with all due respect, if you don�t want a whole bunch of righteously indignant (borderline) middle aged ladies and even a few of their fully indoctrinated completely ENZified children very severely ON YOUR CASE, I suggest you will take that part about �clearly inferior� BACK!! Wink

Of COURSE I am kidding. We must have a sense of humor about ourselves� we know we are crazy, just bear with us during the songs you don�t remember ever liking, and while you�re waiting, why not try out �the eighties dance?� Go on, have a go! I promise it�ll be fun! Big Grin
One more side note re: sibling rivalry.

I remember how it used to get on Tim's nerves that people scream out Neil's name so much. I was present at at least one show where Tim got fed up and said, right there before God'n'everybody: "Neil, Neil, Neil! Everybody loves Neeee-ol!"

And there I was screaming out "Tim! Tim! Tim!" the whole time. Ladies and gentlemen, this was a long time ago... but during this tour it dawned on me:

Has anyone but me noticed that if you scream the name "Nee-ol!" it carries very well and that if you scream the name "Tim" it kind of get's lost in the air?

Maybe we could get our adulation for Tim across better if we said "TIM-MY" or something! LOL. Food for thought.

Tim, if you are reading this: we love you just as much as Neil!!! Always have.
Fellow dancing fool here, SSP. Big Grin In fact, during "I See Red," I was asked by someone nearby, "Is this a cover?" I said,'s an old Split Enz cover. The fact that this person was like oh, ok, thanks, and didn't get my joke was simply delicious. Yes I know that was evil, sorry.

Had there never been an 80's era of which you speak, I'd never have spent any time as a professional musician. In high school, I played piano, and that was it. But it was the synth-pop-stuff that got me interested in synthesizers, which led to actually being able to make money at it. I owe a lot to guys like Vince Clarke from Erasure, Tom Bailey from the Thompson Twins, Nick Rhodes from Duran Duran, and yes....Eddie Raynor.

(btw...the backs of our shirts said "DANGER...MIDDLE-AGED MUSIC GEEKS MISBEHAVING") Big Grin
I don't think the boys interaction seemed forced in Chicago, Heidi. Sometimes I think you ascribe a certain high-strung, control-freak tension to Neil's behavior that I don't think is necessarily there. But maybe I'm biased because I'm more of a Neil fan and you're biased because you're more of a Tim fan (at least looks-wise). Wink Anyway, I laughed out loud (very loud) at your description of being on a tour bus with your sister and grandma's chandeliers. Whoooo-dog that was some funny sh*t.

Sweet SP, when you were talking about saying "TIM-MY" instead of Tim I was reminded of a story that I think Jason told me. Jason, was it you? Anyway, Timmy appears to be Marie's pet name for him, so I don't know whether that would be good to yell out or just embarrassing for him.

Anyway, talking about the music from my standpoint... You won't find a bigger fan of cheesy 80's synth-new-wave-pop than me. Just ask my husband. And I am a Split Enz fan. BUT.. my personal preference is still Neil's music after Split Enz. It was fun to hear the SE tunes they did on the tour (and I would've LOVED hearing Message to My Girl like they played last time I saw them), but for me it's not until I hear Crowded House songs that I really get transported to musical nirvana. I can't explain it. It just is. And personally, while I love the antics between the brothers and their wonderful harmonies, I just generally enjoy seeing Neil solo a little bit more.

For me, it goes 1. Crowded House, 2. Neil Finn solo, 3. Finn Bros., 4. Split Enz. I'm not saying anything is inferior, that's just my preference.
As I suspected and wrote about in my thread, the Finn Brothers experience is VERY different than Neil solo. The show was great, though, and I had a fantastic time. I've never thought of Neil as subdued ... but compared to Tim on stage, Neil is very chill. Different as they may be, they're great showmen.

I think if I'd gone in expecting the same thing I've gotten out of a Neil Finn show, I'd be disappointed ... but I was expecting something entirely different, but equally great ... and that's what I got.
Originally posted by Heidi in Pittsburgh:
[qb] ~whew~

just returned from dc with annie (age 9) and simon (age 7). EXTREMELY TIRED.
I enjoyed hearing about your experience, Heidi. And I can testify to all of you others out there with kids the same age...the only thing better than dancing around your living room to Finn music with your kids is dancing with them at a live Finn concert! Hopefully Cort will meet Annie and Simon at an event in the future! (and Bean too, of course!)
WARNING: This is probably going to be long and rambling, as I have been pondering what to say all day long!

Hello to all from an occasional lurker and even more occasional post-er! Had a great time at the DC show last night - it was the first time I've ever had a girls' night out with a friend since getting married in 1991! D'oh! Have to get this business out of the way first: well before the very wonderful Angela McClusky took the stage, my girlfriend and I were standing at the bar on the far side of the room eating our vegan burritos. A very pretty redhead was next to us for a little while, and I kept thinking she looked familiar and that I had seen her picture here on this board. Felt *way* too goofy to go up to her and say, "'Scuse me, I lurk on this board and I thought I saw your picture on it... are you a Frenz?" Was she anyone on this board?

Okay, next business... Heidi, I saw you and your kids and heard the comments during the opening act... your kids *are* darling! I was just glad to be out without mine, for once, but you give me courage and hope that I can share such experiences with mine in the future!

Okay, so now here are a few caveats before I begin my post:

1. I've been a fan since the first time I saw Split Enz perform as musical guests on the late night show Fridays in 78 or 79, when I was about 12. Became a major Tim fan with the release of Time and Tide - think it had a lot to do with the Dirty Creature video that was playing in regular rotation on that newfangled MTV at the time!

2. Not a huge CH fan until Woodface.

3. BUT, despite my greater appreciation for Tim vocally and musically, I (grudgingly) admit that Neil has the stronger voice. Given that, what I appreciate about Tim is the ethereal nature of his voice and the fact that emotion lies so close to the surface in it. I enjoy the autobiographical nature of his songwriting and find his orchestrations to often be hauntingly moving. And I enjoy the quirkiness of his songwriting, too.

4. I love the brothers together because, and I think the 'yin/yan' description is appropriate, of the balance they reach together in their writing and execution.

5. Despite my major fandom all these years, almost ashamed to admit that this was the FIRST time I have seen a Finn in concert - even ditched my husband to do it when he ended up having to work that night!

Okay, enough of the caveats, but I thought you might need the underpinnings of my thoughts here since no one knows me!

I first want to say that my overal impression of the show was that the brothers seemed really rested and happy to be coming out on the stage. Things went up and down during the show, as is to be expected, but I had to really wonder if there were technical troubles at heart. I think these guys are too professional to throw hissy fits on stage, but there seemed to be signs. Did anyone else notice in the middle of the show that there was a loud "POP" and then both brothers looked at each other and took their hands off their guitars then stood there, palms up for a brief second? Seemed like Tim's mike then went off but they backed away, then both approached the mikes and sang and, wonder of wonder, sound came out. I have to say, I was disappointed from the moment even Angela McCluskey came out in the mix that 930 had dialed in last night. The vocals seemed a bit too buried and everything was a little muddy. Maybe the sound was better in the back, but on the floor it was disappointing and even difficult to follow the onstage banter. One of the great joys of hearing the Finns together is their amazing harmonies and I found it really hard to hear them at all. And I noticed at least halfway through the show that Tim's voice started breaking... my husband sings professionally in a band, and it sounded exactly like what happens to him when the monitors are not working well and he just blows his voice out. Not having excellent sound quality in a club with the, um, prestige (or at least the level of national acts) of 9:30 is really inexcusable. I've been there before and they have had the sound system cranked to a level my husband refers to as "irresponsibly loud", most notably a Rev. Horton Heat show, but I *really* thought they would change the mix for a group like the Finns. I was sorely disappointed that they did not, and it really seemed to me as if some of the problems on stage last night were the fault of the club. I would be very interested in hearing what observations, if any, others at the show might have had.

All that aside, though, after waiting more than 20 years to see a live Finn, I have been feeling euphoric ever since the show. I'm sure that's not just from having a night off of bath and bedtime duty! How fabulous, what a treat, to see them. I wish there were some way to express to these gentlemen what peace and joy their music gives to my life! I once wrote a very deep fan letter to Tim about it but opted not to send it. Having seen him in concert (what the heck WAS in that cup he was drinking from?) I'm glad I didn't - I'm sure it would have made him puke! ;>

It really seemed to me that they were enjoying the audience and were more interactive with us than a lot of bands. We are so fortunate to be able to see these guys in these intimate venues! There were so many highlights of the night for me and I enjoyed hearing the new stuff. Have to say that Tim's rendition of I See Red is one of the most memorable performances I have ever experienced in a life time of seeing live bands, large and small.

I guess that is all for now. Feels like I haven't said enough, but maybe I will post again later! Thanks for putting up with the ramble!


PS - My friend who came with me was not a fan but is now converted!
Originally posted by Homely:
[qb] A very pretty redhead was next to us for a little while, and I kept thinking she looked familiar and that I had seen her picture here on this board. Felt *way* too goofy to go up to her and say, "'Scuse me, I lurk on this board and I thought I saw your picture on it... are you a Frenz?" Was she anyone on this board?
Mary Ann, were you there???
Originally posted by Sweet Secret Peace:
[qb] [QUOTE]
I�m sorry I missed you Brandi, I would have loved to meet ya. I guess I was looking for someone with lovely green eyes wearing a set of hamster�s ears. LOL. Maybe that was what threw me off track� Wink [/qb]
Haha,well actually my eyes are blue and my ears those of a monkey..THAT'S why ya missed me Razzer

Actually I was second in line...shortish dark purple hair,black capris and a red low cut shirt.I was with my best friend..a red head in a pink sleeveless shirt.I did get to meet Pete L though,cos he ended up standing right behind me at the front of the stage..he asked if I was Brandi from the forum.I said yes,how did you know? He said he recognised my eyes and my teeth...yes,he said teeth.HAHAHA That's the first time anyone's ever told me that.He was really nice though...funny,and plus he put up with my not (at times) so subtle complaining about people that come to the show and think they can just waltz right in at the front of the line..right past the rest of of who've been standing in the hot sun for 4 hours.Thanks Pete for letting me vent..I'm all better now.Really Big Grin Razzer

The concert...
I forgot to mention before when I posted how good I thought Angela McKluskey was.Her voice and style were pretty unique...I was impressed enough that I'll probably be ordering her Cd.
I also agree with whoever said (someone did say so,right??) that the sound mix wasn't that great.I was dead center at the front of the stage...but I could hear Neil much more than I could there were a few times when the keyboard was mixed too high..just little things that really didn't detract from the fact that this was the best Finn show I've seen.I saw both Neil and Tim solo twice the last time they toured,and while those were good shows...together they are sooooo much better.


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