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I see that on ebay, someone has a copy of the Regents Park Fan club concert for sale. I know this must be an illegal copy, but if you were there, like I was, I guess its the only way to get a copy. If someone can knock out a copy like this so quickly (and presumably cheaply) it makes you wonder why the artists do not.

I know this is a hot topic which has been discussed before and you can make your own minds up about pirate copies etc. But if they are not available legally then this is the only way. I argue that the artist cannot claim he is losing out if he was never going to sell it in the first place! I buy most Finn related official stuff, but also collect lots from the web, especially live. You only have to follow this forum to see people are crying out for the chance to purchase copies of live concerts they have been to.

I would also argue that it can help artists. I was never much into Split Enz, however after the 2 concerts I have been to this year I started to download and listen to Split Enz, which has led me to buying the Split Enz DVD from EzyDVD in Austrialia. So I would also argue that the artist has gained by my ability to listen to Split Enz without buying and get converted. I would welcome others comments on this.

Anyway enough from me, over to you!
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The fan club absolutely does not promote CDs like this. In fact, they are STRONGLY against the sale of a CD like this. They wouldn't want anybody to purchase it.

You never know if the fan club is working on their own version. They put out CDs from time to time, and perhaps a live Finn Brothers is in the works. That would be better quality AND supported by the artists.
I agree 100% with Frenz.com webmistress, but what if the Fan club do not put out a CD? How else can fans who want to buy, buy?

You have to face facts that there people out there doing this, so the only way for artist to stop it is to supply the need themselves.
They shouldn't buy. The fan club and artists have been supportive of some trading. But they don't like when "fans" make money off of their work. So if you and your pal can swap without buying and without illegal downloads, you have a better chance of the fan club and artists being OK with that.
There are gigs where the band sell recordings at the venue, and I wish the Finns would do that. I believe they record everything for their own use anyway, and I remember Neil speaking about it positively in an interview once. And as mentioned in another thread, there has been precious little in the way of commercially available live shows, which is a real pity. We are lucky to have the fanclub stuff - special, exclusive things - but there are so many fans who don't belong to the club (and membership is after all limited) that there must be a market for at least one live CD from the tour.

Btw I have heard a Regent's Park recording, and if I had paid money for it I would have been disappointed. The sound at that show wasn't good (I was there), and if I didn't know better, the recording wouldn't have encouraged me to buy tickets for other shows - or the album. There are some fantastic Finn bootlegs around - Regent's Park isn't one of them, imho.

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