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Do you ever listen to an album that you haven�t heard in a while and then you appreciate the songs on a different level or for different reasons?

This happens to me quite often. My "album of the moment" is Big Canoe. I am listening to the lyrics more intently now and I am interpreting the songs in new ways.

Thanks to Jenn for suggesting I bring this topic to ALL I ASK! Big Grin
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All the time! I've always felt that music collections are like that...if you leave your albums alone for a months (or even years), when you pick them up again thay seem to have a different feel to the one they had when you first bought them, or even last played them.

Finn related, it would have to be 'Woodface' which I don't play much these days, but it sounds very commercial and light compared to say, Try Whistling This.

Non-Finn related, I'd say 'Dark Side Of The Moon' by Pink Floyd....heard it in it's entirety the other day and forgot how great I used to think it was Smiler
I'm w/you, Anselm...I pull something old off my shelf all the time...probably why I never throw ANY albums, cassettes, cds out...(never got into the short-lived 8-track phase, thank God! Wink )

"Escapade" has been getting lots of play lately...just love Tim's old work...

And cuz of Tim's BOARD-WORDS...I dug "Madman Across The Water" by Elton out...GREAT of his few albums I really loved! "Holiday Inn" makes me think about their days on the road...

RENAISSANCE--"Scheherazade And Other Stories"---lately w/the headphones...incredible!! Cool
You're welcome Joanna! Smiler

I can think of a couple albums really recently...
In the early 90's I bought Van Morrisson's greatest hits. I especially loved the song "Sweet Thing" which is still one of my absolute favorites so I decided to get his album Astral Weeks. At the time, I just didn't get into it and it languished on my shelf for several years.
Something recently made me think of it so I pulled it out again. Now it is one of my favorite albums!

I bought an Elvis Costello greatest hits album a few years ago. At the time the only song I really liked was Alison (I'm so embarrassed about this now ! Red Face )

I always loved the story of Elvis Costello on Saturday Night live and VH1 was showing it again last October and it made me think "Gee, I should pull out that Elvis Costello album"

Needless to say, this time it was like Ding, Ding, Ding, Ding Ding!!!!! I just got it, I couldn't understand why I never liked it before! And I listened to it all the time, I couldn't stop.
Now I am a huge fan and I have all his remastered albums so far....

I agree Sue Diego, it is wise to not throw anything away. All of a sudden you "get" something. Not sure if it is growing up, maturing, a different point of view...
Have to admit for the last ohh... 6 months or so I've listened to very little Finn/SE/CH related stuff, so recently I've been rediscovering them all. Mainly 'Together Alone' 'Big Canoe' 'Practical Jokers' and 'Private Lives'.

With TA I'd forgotton how easily my mood could be lifted by listening to something, and just how much I loved that album when I first got it back in 1996. Always a good feeling Big Grin

Sometime I'm gonna listen to his father's stuff too. How do you like it campared to Jeff's material?

Hallelujah, Last Goodbye, and Grace are just so moving on that cd. Lilac Wine really grew on me too.

It was great to see VH-1 put this album in it's best 100 of all time. Although it was a from a poll of artists, so there ya go.
I have more than a few CDs that seem to collect dust, and yet I find that it's so rewarding to dig up a CD from your collection, particularly one that's semi-forgotten or semi-ignored for months/years and put it on and think "wow! what a sound! that really knocks me out..." It's like listening all over again and it always seems to sound better.
Funny, I was just thinking along the lines of this topic earlier, when I pulled out Temple of Low Men - hadn't heard it for ages and now it's been on repeat for four times - really in the mood for it tonight!

Other albums had the dust blown off them recently:

Aimee Mann - Whatever
Traffic - Far From Home
Marc Cohn - The Rainy Season

And after reading the previous posts I have a hankering to listen to Grace again!
I have been in a bit of a 'rediscovering music' space these days.(a common topic these days in my non cyberworld, how funny to see it here too) I am now here, as a result of this phase i'm going through because i went a little crazy on the split enz/crowded house stuff. it has sooooo just blissed me out. now i'm slowly acquiring stuff. i go through elvis costello, rem, and indigo girls phases every so often, I rediscovered Phranc and my husband got me some cds for my birthday.(which translates:he likes her too) Phranc is just wonderful. I hadn't listened to her in forever, and I'm so glad I did . I have also been rediscovering ac/dc, black sabbath and other metal acts, but i think my new metal appreciation (I used to hate it)has more to do with having to listen to god-awful relaxing music all day because my job requires it. (thank god for jamie seiber and sarah brightman: does anyone else think sarah's cover of 'dust in the wind' hilarious?). balance is essential. i'm always forgetting stuff exists then i rediscover it somehow and say 'What am I thinking? Why don't I have this?' and then go overboard getting lots of stuff by that artist. and that's my ramble for the day.

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