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Hello all---
"Recurring Dream" is an all-time top-5 Crowdies song for me, and it has been ever since I first saw them play it on the Daytona Beach Spring Break concert that was televised on MTV.
It's really interesting to compare the earlier studio version of "Recurring Dream" with the later one.  It sounds as if they are pulled from the same basic tracks, but there are obvious differences, particularly when you listen on headphones.  Neil's vocal was clearly re-recorded for the Tequila Sunrise/Afterglow version, and it obviously has the second verse, which is missing from the earlier version.  On the other hand, the earlier version has a longer instrumental section and a more prominent organ part.  (I'm not even sure if the TS version has the keyboard in the mix...?)
If I'm not mistaken, the guitar solo section is mixed really well on the earlier version, with each of the three harmony parts panned to different spots in the stereo spectrum.
I wish I knew more about the story of this song.  Jaffaman...can you offer any details?
I mean, I know it dates back to The Mullanes years when Craig Hooper was in the band. But if I'm not mistaken (I don't have the deluxe edition booklets within reach), I think the earlier version was coproduced by Neil and Eddie Rayner, similarly to "Can't Carry On."  And the TS/AG version was produced by Mitchell Froom, which implies that at least some new recording was done.
I've always wondered why it was left off the first album, and, for that matter, why it wasn't included on Temple, since the second version was closer to that era.  Was the song ever considered for inclusion on those records?  Most days, Temple is probably my favorite CH record, but I still feel like it was maybe missing that first single it needed to continue their success on US radio.  I can't help thinking that the Froom version of "Recurring Dream" could have been that breakthrough single for Temple, with "Better Be Home Soon" or another track following it.  It is a GREAT pop song and definitely one of their many masterpieces.
Neil clearly likes the song.  They continued to play it live through the reunion years with Matt Sherrod, who played the groove quite differently than Hester did.
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