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Hello all---

We are several years removed from the 2016 CH resissues, and I've always wanted more information about the sessions for the newly-recorded Recurring Dream tracks.

Paul Hester returned to the drum throne for those tracks.  We know that he also played on the rough mix of "Loose Tongue" that ended up being released on the Afterglow deluxe version.

Did the band attempt any other songs with Paul?  Are there any other not-quite-finished tracks like "Loose Tongue?"  If so, what are the titles, and why didn't they make the deluxe edition track list when "Loose Tongue" did?


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As far as I know, only those four songs were recorded. I can only go by what was on the various DATs I came across, as I didn't have access to multi-tracks from this 10-day session.

Chris Bourke's book Something So Strong mentioned the sessions as including Instinct, Everything Is Good For You, Not The Girl You Think You Are and "a dark heavy song that wasn't working". My assumption is that was Loose Tongue. Neil and Nick probably would have told me if there were others...but there's always a possibility that something else was tried which they've forgotten.

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