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there are several different version of this song out there and i was wondering what order they were recorded in.

the afterglow version states 1985 as the recording date.

the tequila sunrise and rikky and pete soundtrack versions were released in 1988 and it was also a b-side to a woodface single (it's only natural?).

the afterglow recurring dream is a bit different than the soundtrack versions and i was curious which came first. the b-side version i've never heard (which one is it...the afterglow or soundtrack version or a different recording?).

any help would be great!
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Hi jimmyo,

the Rikky & Pete version came first. All the info you're interested in is in this previous thread. Since this forum has been online for quite a few years now, it helps to search the forum threads using the link in the forum header for the info you're interested in, espoecially if it relates to questions about the Crowded House back catalogue and trivia related to it. It's a huge treasure chest full! Smiler
I saw that thread and it did not answer the question at hand.

the afterglow version was recorded in 1985 and i was assuming the later soundtrack versions were recorded much later....maybe 1987/88?....but i'm not sure.

are you (and the peeps in the previous thread) saying the soundtrack version was recorded earlier than '85? i'm sure the liner notes to the afterglow recurring dream are correct in the dating of that particular version to a mullanes demo.
As far as I understand it, there are only two versions: the first version for the soundtrack was recorded in 1985. It was the remixed (by Michael Frondelli?) in 1988 and used on another soundtrack before appearing on the Four Seasons single (in the UK at any rate). The version on Afterglow is the 1988 remix but remastered (which accounts for it sounding slightly different).
At Matinee Idyll, it says that the R&P version of the song was one of the oldest recordings of the foursome that were the Mullanes (Hooper was gone before they started recording the debut in L.A.). This version also had made it onto the "Now We're Getting Somewhere" single that the Crowdies released in '86. The Tequila Sunrise version (which is the only one ever released since) was recorded in Melbourne as part of the sessions that would eventually add "Can't Carry On" to the 2nd edition of the debut album. So that was recorded with Eddie Rayner in late 1986.
Hey, I know the answer! The version of "Recurring Dream" on Afterglow was recorded in the late 80's as part of the Woodface sessions. I know the credits say it was from 1985 but I think that's just a reference to when it was written and originally recorded. I don't think it was remixed for Afterglow, just remastered.

The other version of the song was recorded in the mid-80's and I tend to think of it as part of the first album sessions although it might be from even before those sessions. This earlier version sounds quite different and has no second verse.

I've often been annoyed by the liner notes in Afterglow that lead you to believe the song was recorded in 1985 when it clearly isn't the 1985 version. In my opinion, someone didn't want it to look like the entire Afterglow album was recorded in 1989. They also wanted to note how much older "Recurring Dream" was even though the version on the album was also from 1989.

@Secret God (Stew) saw you just liked my comment and I can now add further clarification.

The Afterglow version of "Recurring Dream" includes the original music recorded in 1985, but they went back and looped the instrumental track to make room for a second verse. The vocals were then re-recorded at a later date, but I don't know when. Sometime prior to Woodface but not sure if it was part of the Woodface sessions.

Thanks, @Paināporo! (PS, check your PMs!)

Despite all the information provided by people (such as yourself) about the different versions, this is still confusing as hell for someone trying to catalogue everything!

I'd be surprised if Recurring Dream was recorded during the Woodface sessions. If it was, it would have been the original Woodface sessions, prior to Tim joining. But the idea that they would use an old song's instrumental backing track to form the basis of a new studio album doesn't sit right. Not saying it didn't happen, but it would have been odd, especially if it included the lead guitar of someone no longer in the band (Craig Hooper).

Here is what I have in my notes. Is what I have accurate? I'm still yet to confirm which version was used for the Tequila Sunrise soundtrack and don't have a copy of that. I also know there are technically three versions, even if two are very similar.

Seems like this graph formatting is all over the place, but I hope it gets the point across.

Recurring Dream
Original 1985 Version
Source: Rikky and Pete (Soundtrack) (1988)
Source: It’s Only Natural (AU CD Single) (1991)
Source: Weather With You (NL CD Single) (1992)
Source: Crowded House (Deluxe Edition) (2016)
Recurring Dream
1988 Remix
Source: Now We’re Getting Somewhere (AU 7”) (1986)
Source: Instinct (UK CD Single 1) (1996)
Source: Afterglow (1999)


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There's definitely only one recording of the "Recurring Dream" instrumental parts. Every version is some variation of the original recording. Either an edit to add in the second verse, new vocals, or different mixes. The band went into the studio one time (I assume in 1985) to lay down the track. Everything afterwards has been Neil or maybe Mitchell messing with it? Here are the liner notes from the versions I have seen:

Rikky and Pete (Original Soundtrack)
Recurring Dream (Finn - Hester - Seymour - Hooper) 2:52
Produced by Eddie Rayner and Neil Finn
Courtesy of Capitol Records Inc. Special Markets

Tequila Sunrise (Original Soundtrack)
Recurring Dream (Neil Finn) 
Produced by Mitchell Froom
Mixed by Michael Fronelli

Four Seasons In One Day (UK single)
Recurring Dream (Finn/Seymour/Hester/Hooper) 3:25
Produced by Mitchell Froom
(c) 1988 Capitol Records Inc.

Recurring Dream (Neil Finn / Paul Hester / Nick Seymour / Craig Hooper) 3:25
Produced by Crowded House
Recorded at Platinum Studios 1985
Mixed by Michael Fronelli

Crowded House (deluxe version)
Recurring Dream (original version) 2:52
-no song writing credits-
Produced by Eddie Rayner at Platinum Studios, Melbourne 1986
Originally released in 1986 as the B-side to "Now We're Getting Somewhere" in Australia and then on the "Rikki and Pete" soundtrack in 1988. Later overdubbed for the "Tequila Sunrise" soundtrack and included on Afterglow.

--So, it was either produced by Eddie Rayner, Eddie and Neil, Mitchell Froom or Crowded House in 1985 or 1986 and then overdubbed "later" presumably in 1988 for inclusion on the Tequila Sunrise soundtrack, which I do not have but I found a photo of the liner notes on Amazon.

 I think there are only two versions: the original short version, the second longer overdubbed version (with the same instrumental track) and then potentially new mixes of those two versions for inclusion on Afterglow and the deluxe version of Crowded House.

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I just watched the Chicago 2007 one too. I agree, very good. Neil showed how good he is with a guitar solo.

I also watched the 1986 Rock Arena one. It was also very good and Neil's voice sounded great but IMO the song sounds better with two electric guitars.

Was the St Georges Hall 1992 version only with one electric guitar? Or did they ask Mark by then if he could play guitar too lol!!

What makes the 1992 St. George's Hall performance so good?

Great thumping bass line played by Nick well upfront in the mix. Paul Hester singing out the harmonies on every single note. The whole audience clapping along during an extended break down section. Bright piano and soulful organ in the mix courtesy of Mark Hart. 

Honestly, the whole gig is one of the best unreleased shows I've heard. Great energy and the band is even joined by Tim for the encore. Wish I had the whole set too, not just an 11-track edit. I know the live version of "Pieces of Change" also comes from this show.

The Bradford 92 gig was not just recorded, but aired on UK radio (may even have been radio 1) - Frustratingly, I have this on a CD that someone burned for me, but won't play in my CD player, I think it was a PC disc and my laptops have no drive to play, so it sits gathering dust. - Anyway, revisit Jane, its there, just search Bradford (then send me a CD copy that works pls ;-) ) 

Huge fan of the original, after acquiring it via the B side of the Now We're Getting Somewhere 45". A newspaper review of the Rikki and Pete movie said it was worth seeing the film just for the song. I also have both CD soundtracks, R&P and Tequilla Sunrise. Always bermused a song with enough kudos to make two soundtracks wasn't readily available until Afterglow.

Lost my s4it when it was played at Festival Hall in an early gig. 

Tequilla Sunrise has the additional verse. I have always suspected it may have been written in for the purpose of the movie? 

Huge fan of the more basic original version and the riffs and instrumental refrain within. By a nose over Private Universe as my all time fave. They could release it as a single tomorrow and it would chart IMO.

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