I haven’t been on here in quite a while, so maybe someone has already answered this. I recently purchased mp3s of many of the Deluxe Edition bonus tracks and I am trying to organize these within a custom iTunes playlist of all their songs in order of recording date. For instance, I am assuming that many of the bonus tracks on the debut album were recorded before the album tracks. And I think many of the Afterglow tracks were recorded at various times prior to 1999. I would like to be able to listen to all my CH songs in order as they were recorded to be able to listen to the complete evolution of their sound. I believe that within the Deluxe Edition CD booklets there are original recording dates listed for each song, but I am not sure about that as I bought these tracks digitally and don’t have access to the booklets. Perhaps someone has already put together a list of all their tracks and when they were recorded, but to date I haven’t been able to find such a list. Or maybe someone has scanned those booklet pages. I am hoping someone on here can help me out either by providing those dates or maybe providing a link to a list. Thanks.

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I don’t have a list or link, but I can help with most individual tracks if you provide me with song titles.

Here is my hastily-compiled (well, it took about an hour) list.

Exact dates are rarely given in the liners. Note: though you did not ask for it, I also included tracks from Recurring Dream and Other Enz. I have separate chronological lists for live B-sides but I did not include them.

Crowded House deluxe I think that that is pretty much in order. The first three songs are from 1984, the last two are from 1986. I would put them all before the album proper, though "Recurring Dream"  may have been recorded afterwards -- it is unclear to me.


  • Throw Your Arms Around Me (from other Enz)
  • One Step Ahead (from Other Enz)

Temple of Low Men: first 9 songs precede Temple of Low Men; are already in order, it seems.

  • 25th-26th August 1988: Mansion in the Slums (TOLM deluxe)
                                                This is Massive (TOLM deluxe)

    Neil Home Demos
  • Lester from Afterglow
  • Burnt Out Tree [home demo] from Woodface deluxe
  • I May Be Late [home demo] from Woodface Deluxe
  • She Goes On [home demo] from Woodface Deluxe
  • As Sure As I Am [home demo] from Woodface Deluxe]

Temple Of Low Men Tour

  • April 6th 1989: Love this Life (TOLM Deluxe)
                                In the Lowlands  (TOLM Deluxe)
                                I Feel Possessed  (TOLM Deluxe)
                                Burnt Out Tree  (TOLM Deluxe)
  • April 7th 1989: three Byrdhouse Tracks  (TOLM Deluxe)

Nickless sessions from August 1989:

  • My Legs Are Gone (Woodface Deluxe)
  • I Love You Dawn (Afterglow)
  • Dr. Livingstone  (Afterglow)
  • Time Immemorial (Afterglow)
  • My Telly's Gone Bung (Afterglow)

Murchison Street Demos, spring 1989

  • You Got Me Going [home demo] (Woodface Deluxe)
  • Italian Plastic [home demo] (Woodface Deluxe)
  • Be My Guest [home demo] (Woodface Deluxe)
  • Weather With You [home demo] (Woodface Deluxe)
  • Chocolate Cake [home demo] (Woodface Deluxe)
  • How Will You Go [home demo] (Woodface Deluxe)
  • It's Only Natural [home demo] (Woodface Deluxe)
  • Four Seasons in One Day [home demo] (Woodface Deluxe)
  • There Goes God [home demo] (Woodface Deluxe)
  • Catherine Wheels [home demo] (Woodface Deluxe)
  • All I Ask [home demo] (Woodface Deluxe)

Woodface 1.0 sessions and rehearsals 1990:

  • She's Not There (from Other Enz) -- somewhat speculative
  • Recurring Dream (from Afterglow -- somewhat speculative
  • Fields Are Full of Your Kind (Woodface Deluxe)
  • Creek Song-Left Hand  (Woodface Deluxe)
  • Anyone Can Tell (from Afterglow)
  • Sacred Cow (from Afterglow) 
  • Left Hand (from Afterglow)
  • I'm Still Here (Woodface deluxe) (these last two seem to have been recorded in Melbourne with Neil producing, not Mitchell)

(Finn Brothers First album work, originally merged with Woodface album)

Live 1991:

  • Sept. 7 When You Come (TOLM deluxe)
  • Oct 3: Whispers and Moans (from Recurring Dream)
    Kill Eye (from Recurring Dream)
  • Oct 18th: Left Hand (from Recurring Dream)
  • Oct. 28 Same Language As Me (TA deluxe)

Home/writing demos 1991:

  • Blue Smoke (TA deluxe)
  • Private Universe [home demo] TA deluxe
  • I Am In Love (Afterglow deluxe)
  • Fingers of Love [writing demo] TA deluxe
  • Distant Sun [writing demo] TA deluxe

Band demos Jan 1992

  • I Am In Love [band demo from TA deluxe]
  • Fingers of Love [band demo from TA deluxe]

Woodface Tour 1992

  • Feb. 28: Tail of a Comet (TA deluxe)
  • March 2: Sistr Madly (TOLM deluxe)
  • March 6th Don't Dream It's Over (Recurring Dream)
  • March 20th: There Goes God (Recurring Dream)
                          Newcastle Jam (Recurring Dream}
                          Love You Till the Day I Die (Recurring Dream)
                          Hole In the River (Recurring Dream}
                           When You Come (Recurring Dream)
  • March 26th: Better be Home Soon (TOLM deluxe)
  • July 12th: How Will You Go (Recurring Dream)

Together Alone sessions December 1992

  • Fingers of Love [alternitive studio take] TA deluxe
  • Black and White Boy [early monitor mix] TA deluxe
  • Locked Out [Zen Mix] TA deluxe
  • Newcastle Jam [studio version] TA deluxe
  • Convent Girls TA deluxe
  • Zen Roxy TA deluxe
  • I Am In Love Afterglow (may have overdubs from 1993)
  • You Can Touch (may have overdubs from 1993)

Tour 1993

  • Nov 18: Private Universe (Recurring Dream)
  • Nov 22nd: Pineapple Head (Recurring Dream)
  • Nov 23rd Sister Madly (Recurring Dream)
  • Dec 12th In My Command (Recurring Dream)

Tour 1994: 

April 14th: Fingers of Love

"Unfinished Fifth Album"  1995

  • Help Is Coming (from Afterglow -- says 1994)
  • I Don't Know You (Afterglow deluxe)
  • Taste of Something Divine (Afterglow deluxe)
  • Anthem (note: vocal overdubs in 2015) (Afterglow deluxe)
  • Spirit of the Stairs [home demo] (Afterglow deluxe)

Home demos 1995-1996

  • Instinct [home demo] (Afterglow deluxe)
  • I'm So Scared of Losing I Can't Compete (Afterglow deluxe)
  • Everything Is Good For You [home demo] (Afterglow deluxe)
  • Not the Girl You Think You Are [home demo] (Afterglow deluxe)

Spirit of the Stairs [studio demos] (Afterglow deluxe)

Recurring Dream Sessions March 1996

  • Loose Tongue [studio demo] (Afterglow deluxe)
  • Instinct (Afterglow deluxe)
  • Everything Is Good For You (Afterglow deluxe)
  • Not the Girl You Think You Are (Afterglow deluxe)

Home demos 2005

  • She Called Up [home demo] (TOE deluxe)
  • A Sigh [Home demo] (TOE deluxe)

Studio recording Dec. 2005-Feb 2006

  • Here's a Note [studio demo] (TOE deluxe)
  • Purple Light [studio demo}(TOE deluxe)
  • So Dramatic (TOE deluxe)
  • Stare Me Out (Alterntive Version) (TOE deluxe)

Home Demos 2006

  • Bound To Rescue (TOE deluxe)
  • Don't Stop Now (TOE deluxe)
  • Won't Be Silent [Nick home demo) (TOE deluxe)

Time On EArth Sessions with Ethan Johns

  • Distance Across (August 2006) (TOE deluxe)
  • Lost Island (TOE deluxe)
  • Stare Me Out (TOE deluxe)
  • People Are LIke Sons [Piano version] (TOE deluxe)

Live Songs Feb 22-24 2008:

  • Only Way to Go is Forwards (Intriguer deluxe)
  • Beautiful Life (Intriguer deluxe)
  • Either Side of the World (Intriguer deluxe)
  • Twice If You're Lucky (Intriguer deluxe)
  • Bound To Rescue (Intriguer deluxe)

Studio Demos Feb 2008

  • God Lives Over the Road [studio demo](Intriguer deluxe)
  • Isolation [studio demo]
  • Better things [studio demo]

Intriguer Sessions

  • May 5th 2009: Even If [Take 1] (Intriguer deluxe)
  • May 9th 2009: Acher's Arrows [alternative version] (Intriguer deluxe)
  • May-June: Saturday Sun [alternative version] (Intriguer deluxe)
                      Turn It Around (Intriguer deluxe)
                      Eyes Grow Heavy (Intriguer deluxe)
  • May-October: The Intriguer (Intriguer deluxe)

(1995-2015): Anthem ((Intriguer deluxe)


  • Two Minutes of Silence
  • Nonsense of Course
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Holy hell, this is brilliant and EXACTLY what I was looking for. I will be forever grateful for your efforts. Before I comment further I need to print out your list and start working on re-organizing the tracks. Thank you again. Damn, this made my day.

Yeah only swap the Spirit of the Stairs studio and home demos: obviously the home demos should go with the other home demo and the Studio demo should go with the “Unfinished 5th Album.”

Im working on a chronological list for all things Finn including bootlegs so this thing was a breeze.

for Lance

Something I just spotted on the weekend was English Trees Live 22-24 2008 at Leigh Saw Mill. It was uploaded to neilfinn.com

your chronology sounds fantastic - will you include website uploads like this? It would’ve very handy. So much material to keep track of across deluxe, CD singles, compilations, and unique stuff released on neilfinn website. 

Lance LaSalle posted:
  • Anthem (note: vocal overdubs in 2015) (Afterglow deluxe)

(1995-2015): Anthem ((Intriguer deluxe)

Can you elaborate a bit more on what parts of Anthem come from 2015? Is it all the vocals or just some?

Also, do you know exactly when Two Minutes and Nonsense are from (in terms of year)?

No pineapple head.. I’m afraid I know only what I’ve written.; and I  actually stated that exact dates are usually not given. Nearly all information here is just from the CD booklets, with a bit from the Bourke biography. I’m afraid I don’t have more specific info and I suspect it doesn’t exist or it would have been noted because I think that Jaffaman know we nerds like that kind of thing.

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sinner62 posted:

for Lance

Something I just spotted on the weekend was English Trees Live 22-24 2008 at Leigh Saw Mill. It was uploaded to neilfinn.com

your chronology sounds fantastic - will you include website uploads like this? It would’ve very handy. So much material to keep track of across deluxe, CD singles, compilations, and unique stuff released on neilfinn website. 

Thanks for the info. Yes I plan to include everything though there are some things that are really hard to date with exactitude.

Lance, thank you again. I put together a spreadsheet with all the songs in order, or in as good of an order as I could figure based on your info. I didn't include the Other Enz or Recurring Dream tracks but I may add later if I get those. For now I am more interested in getting the deluxe tracks in order from the 2016 sets. I wasn't really sure where best to fit in the proper album tracks as it seems that many of those tracks were recorded over periods of time that likely overlap the bonus tracks. I got those album recording dates from the Wikipedia page. Curious if you would have some of those moved elsewhere.

I did make a recording order playlist in iTunes and am listening to it as I type this. Ahhhh.

Also, when I showed my wife your detailed list, she replied "oh god, there is someone else just as insane as you".  Indeed.

I also didn't buy all of the bonus tracks from the deluxe sets. I tried to get only unique songs vs. live or alternate versions of songs I already love. There are exceptions like Left Hand as I like the live version better. That ended up being 35 tracks so far. As noted elsewhere on here, I can't find Intriguer digitally, so I don't have those yet. May have to buy the physical CD set. And heck, I will likely eventually get everything, all the other deluxe bonus tracks and the RD and Other Enz tracks.

Anyway, thank you again and let me know if things seem amiss in my list. 

Something So Strong (Home Demo)CH-D1984
Hole In The River (Studio Demo)CH-D1984
Love You "Til The Day I Die (Home Demo)CH-D1984
That's What I Call Love (Studio Demo)CH-D1985?
Can't Carry On (Studio Demo)CH-D1985?
Walking On The Pier (Studio Demo)CH-D1985?
Does Anyone Here Understand My Girlfriend (Studio Demo)CH-D1985?
Oblivion (Studio Demo)CH-D1985?
Walking On The Spot (Studio Demo)CH-D1985?
Something So Strong (Studio Demo)CH-D1985?
Now We're Getting Somewhere (Studio Demo)CH-D1985?
Stranger Underneath Your Skin (Home Demo)CH-D1985?
Don't Dream It's Over (Home Demo)CH-D1985?
Left Hand (Live)CH-D1985?
Grabbing By The Handful (Live)CH-D1985?
World Where You Live (Writing Demo)CH-D1986
Recurring Dream (Original Version)CH-D1986
Mean To MeCHlate 1985/early 1986
World Where You LiveCHlate 1985/early 1986
Now We're Getting SomewhereCHlate 1985/early 1986
Don't Dream It's OverCHlate 1985/early 1986
Love You 'Til The Day I DieCHlate 1985/early 1986
Something So StrongCHlate 1985/early 1986
Hole In The RiverCHlate 1985/early 1986
Can't Carry OnCHlate 1985/early 1986
I Walk AwayCHlate 1985/early 1986
TombstoneCHlate 1985/early 1986
That's What I Call LoveCHlate 1985/early 1986
Whispers And Moans (Home Demo)TOLM-D1987/1988?
Never Be The Same (Home Demo)TOLM-D1987/1988?
Dream On (Home Demo)TOLM-D1987/1988?
Never Been Born (Rehearsal Excerpt)TOLM-D1987/1988?
Recorded By – Crowded HouseTOLM-D1987/1988?
Think I'm Gonna Change (Home Demo)TOLM-D1987/1988?
Into Temptation (Home Demo)TOLM-D1987/1988?
Fire Will Keep Me Warm (In The Lowlands Home Demo)TOLM-D1987/1988?
Love This Life (Home Demo)TOLM-D1987/1988?
Sister Madly (Studio Out-Takes)TOLM-D1987/1988?
I Feel PossessedTOLM1987/1988
Kill EyeTOLM1987/1988
Into TemptationTOLM1987/1988
Mansion In The SlumsTOLM1987/1988
When You ComeTOLM1987/1988
Never Be The SameTOLM1987/1988
Love This LifeTOLM1987/1988
Sister MadlyTOLM1987/1988
In The LowlandsTOLM1987/1988
Better Be Home SoonTOLM1987/1988
Mansion In The Slums (Live)TOLM-DAug 25-26, 1988
This Is Massive (Live)TOLM-DAug 25-26, 1988
Lester (Home Demo)AG1988
Burnt Out Tree (Home Demo)WF-D1988/1989?
I May Be Late (Home Demo)WF-D1988/1989?
She Goes On (Home Demo)WF-D1988/1989?
As Sure As I Am (Home Demo)WF-D1988/1989?
Love This Life (Live)TOLM-DApr 6, 1989
In The Lowlands (Live)TOLM-DApr 6, 1989
I Feel Possessed (Live)TOLM-DApr 6, 1989
Burnt Out Tree (Live)TOLM-DApr 6, 1989
Mr Tambourine Man (Live)TOLM-DApr 7, 1989
Eight Miles High (Live)TOLM-DApr 7, 1989
So You Want To Be A Rock 'N' Roll Star (Live)TOLM-DApr 7, 1989
You Got Me Going (Home Demo)WF-DSpring 1989
Italian Plastic (Home Demo)WF-DSpring 1989
Be My Guest (Home Demo)WF-DSpring 1989
Weather With You (Home Demo)WF-DSpring 1989
Chocolate Cake (Home Demo)WF-DSpring 1989
How Will You Go (Home Demo)WF-DSpring 1989
It's Only Natural (Home Demo)WF-DSpring 1989
Four Seasons in One Day (Home Demo)WF-DSpring 1989
There Goes God (Home Demo)WF-DSpring 1989
Catherine Wheel (Home Demo)WF-DSpring 1989
All I Ask (Home Demo)WF-DSpring 1989
My Legs Are GoneWF-DAug 1989
I Love You DawnAGAug 1989
Dr. LivingstoneAGAug 1989
Time ImmemorialAGAug 1989
My Telly's Gone BungAGAug 1989
Recurring DreamAG1990?
Fields Are Full of Your KindWF-D1990
Creek Song / Left HandWF-D1990
Anyone Can TellAG1990
Sacred CowAG1990
Left HandAG1990
I'm Still Here (Full Version)WF-D1990
Fall at Your Feet (Rehearsal Early Version)WF-D1990
Chocolate CakeWF1990
It's Only NaturalWF1990
Fall at Your FeetWF1990
Tall TreesWF1990
Weather with YouWF1990
Whispers and MoansWF1990
Four Seasons in One DayWF1990
There Goes GodWF1990
Fame IsWF1990
All I AskWF1990
As Sure as I AmWF1990
Italian PlasticWF1990
She Goes OnWF1990
How Will You GoWF1990
I'm Still HereWF1990
When You Come (Live)TOLM-DSep 7, 1991
The Burglar's Song (Medley) - Around the UK in 7 Minutes (Live)WF-D1991?
The Same Language As Me (Live)TA-DOct. 28, 1991
Blue Smoke (Home Demo)TA-D1991
Private Universe (Home Demo)TA-D1991
I Am in Love (Home Demo)AG-D1991
Fingers Of Love (Writing Demo)TA-D1991
Distant Sun (Writing Demo)TA-D1991
I Am In Love (Band Demo)TA-DJan 1992
Fingers Of Love (Band Demo)TA-DJan 1992
Tail Of A Comet (Live)TA-DFeb 28, 1992
Sister Madly (Live)TOLM-DMar 2, 1992
Better Be Home Soon (Live)TOLM-DMar 26, 1992
Kare KareTADec 1992?
In My CommandTADec 1992?
Nails In My FeetTADec 1992?
Black & White BoyTADec 1992?
Fingers Of LoveTADec 1992?
Pineapple HeadTADec 1992?
Locked OutTADec 1992?
Private UniverseTADec 1992?
Walking On The SpotTADec 1992?
Distant SunTADec 1992?
Catherine WheelsTADec 1992?
Skin FeelingTADec 1992?
Together AloneTADec 1992?
Fingers Of Love (Alternative Studio Take)TA-DDec 1992
Black And White Boy (Early Rough Mix)TA-DDec 1992
Locked Out (Zen Mix)TA-DDec 1992
Newcastle Jam (Studio Version)TA-DDec 1992
Convent Girls (Studio Version)TA-DDec 1992
Zen RoxyTA-DDec 1992
Private Universe (Acoustic Mix)?AGDec 1992?
I Am in LoveAGDec 1992
You Can TouchAGDec 1992
Help Is ComingAG1994
I Don't Know You (Studio Demo)AG-D1995
Taste of Something Divine (Studio Demo)AG-D1995
Anthem (with 2015 overdubs on Intriguer Deluxe?)AG-D1995
Spirit Of The Stairs (Studio Demo)AG-D1995
Instinct (Home Demo)AG-D1995/1996
I'm So Scared of Losing I Can't Compete (Home Demo)AG-D1995/1996
Everything Is Good For You (Home Demo)AG-D1995/1996
Not The Girl You Think You Are (Home Demo)AG-D1995/1996
Spirit of the Stairs (Home Demo)AG-D1995/1996
Loose Tongue (Rough Mix)AG-DMar 1996
InstinctAG-DMar 1996
Everything Is Good For YouAG-DMar 1996
Not The Girl You Think You AreAG-DMar 1996
She Called Up (Home Demo)TOE-D2005
A Sigh (Home Demo)TOE-D2005
Here's A Note (Studio Demo)TOE-DDec 2005-Feb 2006
Purple Light (Home Demo)TOE-DDec 2005-Feb 2006
So DramaticTOE-DDec 2005-Feb 2006
Stare Me Out (Alternate Studio Version)TOE-DDec 2005-Feb 2006
Bound to Rescue (Home Demo)TOE-D2006
Don't Stop Now (Home Demo)TOE-D2006
Won't Be Silent (Home Demo)TOE-D2006
Nobody Wants ToTOE2006
Don't Stop NowTOE2006
She Called UpTOE2006
Say That AgainTOE2006
Pour le mondeTOE2006
Even a ChildTOE2006
Heaven That I'm MakingTOE2006
A SighTOE2006
Silent HouseTOE2006
English TreesTOE2006
Walked Her Way DownTOE2006
Transit LoungeTOE2006
You Are the One to Make Me CryTOE2006
People Are Like SunsTOE2006
Distance Across (Studio Demo)TOE-DAug 2006
Lost Island (Alternate Mix)TOE-D2006
Stare Me OutTOE-D2006
People Are Like Suns (Piano Version)TOE-D2006
Only Way to Go Is Forwards (Live)INT-DFeb 22-24, 2008
Beautiful Life (Live)INT-DFeb 22-24, 2008
Either Side of The World (Live)INT-DFeb 22-24, 2008
Twice If You're Lucky (Live)INT-DFeb 22-24, 2008
Bound To Rescue (Live)INT-DFeb 22-24, 2008
God Lives Over The Road (Studio Demo)INT-DFeb 2008
Isolation (Studio Demo; Alternate Version)INT-DFeb 2008
Better Things (Studio Demo)INT-DFeb 2008
Saturday SunINT2009
Archer's ArrowsINT2009
Either Side of the WorldINT2009
Falling DoveINT2009
Twice if You're LuckyINT2009
Inside OutINT2009
Even IfINT2009
Even If (Take 1)INT-DMay 5, 2009
Archer's Arrows (Alternate Version)INT-DMay 9, 2009
Saturday Sun (Alternate Version)INT-DMay-June, 2009
Turn It AroundINT-DMay-June, 2009
Eyes Grow HeavyINT-DMay-June, 2009
The IntriguerINT-DMay-Oct, 2009
Two Minutes of SilenceINT-D2011-2016
Nonsense of CourseINT-D2011-2016

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