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Ok....I FINALLY got the cd's back in the mail that I'd recorded for my reception over 2 months ago!!! Sheesh.....I am the youngest in a family of procrastinators!! lol Anyway, I thought I'd share the playlist....keep in mind, that not all are love songs per se: some just make me happy! Big Grin

CD #1
Message to My Girl � Split Enz
The Stroke � Billy Squire
Head Over Feet � Alanis Morissette
Come Around � Rhett Miller
Copa Cabana � Barry Manilow
Lookin� Back to See � Buck Owens and Susan Rey
I Am In Love � Crowded House
Upside Down � Diana Ross
I Love You Dawn � Crowded House
Everlong � Foo Fighters
Time Immemorial � Crowded House
Walking After You � Foo Fighters
Southern Nights � Glen Campbell
Head Over Heels � Go-Go�s
Turbo Lover � Judas Priest

CD #2
Misled � Kool & the Gang
Into the Sunset � Neil Finn
Something About You � Level 42
Sugar & Spice � Split Enz
That Certain Smile � Midge Ure
Last One Standing � Neil Finn
Message to My Girl � Neil Finn (live)
Four-Eyed Girl � Rhett Miller
Everyday is a Winding Road � Sheryl Crow
Top of the World � Shonen Knife
I Got You � Split Enz
Hyacinth � Tim Finn
Lemon Parade � Tonic
All I Want is You - U2
***Grand Finale***
Jungle Love � Morris Day & the Time (live - Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back sndtrk)

And YES....we DID the Jungle Love dance from the dress, tux and all!!! Along with various supporting dancers!

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Wow...what a cool list Gen!

We were less heavy on the Finn stuff during the reception since the ceremony had so much. BUT...we burned CD's based on stuff from our collection. I had Fast 1 & 2, Medium 1 & 2, Slow 1 & 2. We hand-picked every song, made a chart for the DJ's with which songs were where and how long each one was, and said, play whatever you want with these CD's.

Here's what I remember WAS used (and I'm sure there were more, but you tend to forget that stuff when you're the bride because you're so busy):

Things Can Only Get Better/Howard Jones
Hungry Like The Wolf/Duran Duran (played twice for some reason!)
Mustang Sally/Buddy Guy
She's No Lady/Lyle Lovett
Down Under/Men At Work
Friday I'm in Love/The Cure
New Sensation/INXS
Young At Heart/Frank Sinatra
Gettin' Jiggy With It/Will Smith
Cult of Personality/Living Colour
I See Red/Split Enz
Fade Into You/Mazzy Star
In Your Eyes/Peter Gabriel

We entered the hall to the Iron Chef theme song, cut the cake to the Newlywed Game theme song, I danced with my dad to It's A Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong. Our first dance was my cover version of Distant Sun (song suggested by Neil Finn during a webchat), the bridal party came out during Love Is All Around by Wet Wet Wet (from the Four Weddings and a Funeral Soundtrack), and everyone joined us during the acoustic version of Beside You by Dave Dobbyn. Our final dance was Grow Old With You by Adam Sandler, and then the last dance of the night was Don't Dream It's Over. Wink

I only wish we'd discovered Rhett by then. When we got married, Bic was the big new discovery, so we plugged her stuff hard.
Cool lists. Big Grin

I don't have a list as such because I chose to have a Ceildigh with a live band for my reception. It was absolutely wild.

At first people were a bit hesitant but once they were up the roof nearly lifted, it was magical. Because of the nature of the dances nearly everyone got to dance with everyone and when people lost their place in a dance it was just hysterical (ok....the liqour helped).

The highlight for me was when everything stopped and my dad got up on stage and sang for me, a couple of beautiful folk love songs. There was hardly a dry eye in the house.

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