I was listening to the Reccurring Dream CD(again)just the other day and I love the album but I still (and always have) believe there should've been another CD -
With all the BEST OF tracks on them (Tracks not released as singles etc.) Which poises me to ask...
What would the Ultimate Crowded House compilation have on it?
On Part One I'd have all the singles they released and on Part Two I'd have... well i dunno what I'd have that's why I'm asking you all...

what do u think?
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IMHO, anything calling itself the "Ultimate" Crowdie collection would have to include Love You Til The Day I Die, That's What I Call Love, Italian Plastic, Newcastle Jam, and if God is paying attention, their cover of "Road to Nowhere", played live on their first tour here in Edmonton.
I assume you've heard the Afterglow disc by now. What do you think of those tunes? I thought it was a little ironic that Recurring Dream wasn't on Recurring Dream. Maybe the next CH disc will have a song called Afterglow.


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