Hi yall
Just wondering if anyone knows where I could find a copy of the Rear Enz collection and any other Split Enz cds/tapes/records.
If anyone's selling them - please let me know!!!
Also does anyone have a copy of the Split Enz Video Collection or knows where to find one?
And last of all, Mike Chunn's Stranger Than Fiction (book). Where could I find that???

If anyone has any info on the following items -PLEASE LET ME KNOW!!!!

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I don't know if this is the slightest bit of good to you but I have noticed on occasion that "Oddz and Enz" and "Rear Enz" end up in 2nd hand record shop CD bins more often than they should.

I can only guess that people come in to trade their entire box set but for one reason or another the items get broken up and sold seperately.


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