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Eddie's track was the lucky last tune for the club fundraiser CD-I Like It Rare II.
Ed's track is called SMD, sounds very much like a Danny Elfman piece from a Tim Burton movie...ok maybe a bit sexier(!) (that's $10 bucks Ed!).....interesting.
Still on track for around August 31st release.

Enz book, doing some work on 'Letters to my Frenz' every day, interview with Noel next week about the various costumes, and we have laser copies of the original costume drawings by Noel- some of these go in the book... and we'll match a few up with the unreleased Enz photos.... various other Enz members interviews etc are coming up too.... should be good. I am intrigued as to how many gigs the Enz have played, I think we might get close to knowing with the list we are putting together- I'm sure a few will be missing and the odd cancellation due to twisters in the USA but we should (hopefully) come close. Trying for November 1st, which is 2 weeks earlier then we expected.....

So two more cool club projects nearing completion ...and I want to know WHAT IS EDDIE RAYNER PLANNING, GRABBING ALL THOSE LUTON TAPES......COULD IT BE????
I am too scared to ask him.....C'mon Ed you old tease- we want Luton!!!!!! I am praying that that is a dim light I see at the end of the very lonnnng Luton tunnel.

Cheers all
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Great news on all 3 counts!!

Eddie, if you're reading . . . . I've bought all your albums, love the music, . . . um . . . you're helping world peace with every release you put together...
Any one else want to add more!! Wink

P.S. I lied about the albums, I still haven't got a copy of 'Hokey Pokey', sorry. Frowner
YAYYYYY, is this a definate maybe that Luton is possibly rumoured to be kinda happening? Can i send a cheque now ?
Who would have believed a year ago that a splendid dvd, unreleased enz track, new shows, new book (hopefully filled with the same love as the dvd) and now luton ! the icing on the cherry, the 'piece of resistance', the 'creme du menthe'
Please keep the feast coming, sure beats the famine.
Many thanks peter and eddie and all.
what more could follow, remastered cd's with bonus tracks. I'd love to know what bonus tracks could be added to Time & Tide (fire drill, don't know if the remember when sessions fit into the era), maybe a live in hamilton bonus concert cd or dvd...

time to take a lie down now.

PS A question for Noel. I've always read/heard how noel just jumped on the drum kit when mal left, or 'the finger was pointed at noel', but he must have had some drumming experience beyond percussion surely? what is his musical background

many thanks
Hee hee hee! Even the possibility of the slightest chance of Luton happening is enough to make me giddy! So yeh,if Eddie is indeed reading..I love all your music too,and I even have Hokey Pokey Big Grin So come on! Give us what we've been waiting for..pretty please?


I don't usually beg shamelessly,but ya gotta do what ya gotta do Razzer
>Who would have believed a year ago that a splendid dvd, unreleased enz track, new shows, new book (hopefully filled with the same love as the dvd) and now luton !<

yeah, plus that webcast eddie and emlyn etc were on - fan club should stick some of that onto dvd i reckon

>Enz book, doing some work on 'Letters to my Frenz' every day<

is it gonna be ickle piccies like the pocket books or big full-on gloss stuff ?

and lastly..


that's old news peter, ed's on his way over to the uk right now, me and him are gonna be sifting through them - and i'm gonna be saying - stick all 28 out ed and don't be putting no crowd noise on 'em Wink

i'll get me coat

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