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This is a continuation of the discussion in the Split Enz forum...

I obtained a vinyl copy of Crowded House's Woodface a little while ago. I nearly died when I saw it on Ebay because I hadn't realised that Woodface had even been made in vinyl Eeker

It was advertised as being in excellent condition (which it actually pretty much is - even by my standards Wink) however I'm always looking to improve the condition of items in my collection so I now keep an eye open.

I found my copy at maxvinyl (website: He hasn't had any further copies since I got mine, that I'm aware of, but I now keep an eye on his website.

Since CH reformed I'm hoping it will bring vinyl owners out of hiding in the hope of cashing in!

I wish we could get a comprehensive list of all Split Enz and Crowded House releases which were done in vinyl - I'd go after them of course. However I wouldn't know where or how to start with something like that because as I'm learning, there's still so much that I don't know.
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sylcar wrote:
I got a signed vinyl woodface at the time of issue, as far as I can remember all of the woodface singles were released as vinyl editions

I didn't know that. At about the time Woodface was released I had assumed that everything had converted to CD, and that it was only available in that format. I assumed the same thing about all the singles associated with it. I never even bothered to check out possible vinyl because of my assumption.

Oh well, my list of the vinyl that I want to collect has just increased by however many singles came off Woodface. Big Grin

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