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I just found this video:
I don't think I'm the only person to look at this and see someone battling something pretty intense, behind the scenes. I guess the little that we do know would confirm that.
Seeing Tim interviewed in the last 10 years or so, he has always had a warmth about him, that has completely drawn me in. I see none of that in this interview. Had I met him, or seen him in person back then, would he have had the same light I always see around him? I wonder.

I would liken you

To a night without stars

Were it not for your eyes

To a sleep without dreams

Were it not for your songs (Langston Hughes)

What else is love for

But to leave you wanting more? (Tim Finn)

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Interesting little interview that I hadn't seen before.  Thank goodness Crowded House found success in the US!  The way Tim says it, it sounds like he was considering giving up his solo career after Big Canoe flopped.  But, as we know, Neil connected Tim with Mitchell Froom to work on his third solo album and even got Tim signed to Capitol so that he had a big record company to help promote it.

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