1. Everyone Is Here (the one Finn album I think equals the brilliance of a CH album) I love everything about this era: the album, the tour, the b-sides, gaining a new appreciation for Tim. Favorite track: Anything Can Happen

2. Finn (another stellar album in its own right) Favorite track: Paradise (Wherever You Are)

1. Finn

2. Everyone is Here

Definitely a tough one for me, EIH has better songs but the production is a bit same-y so I think Finn works better as an album. My favourites from the albums are Only Talking Sense and Nothing Wrong With You.

"Everyone Is Here" will always be number one for me - I was fortunate enough to see them tour for that album at the Belly Up in San Diego (Probably one of my favorite Finn concerts ever). That said, Finn is a close second with the gems "Only Talking Sense" and "Angels Heap"

Really tough decision since there are only two albums. Both not on same level as most of the CH albums (except first album) to me, but like them both. Both with some great memorable songs; EIH with Wont Give In, Edible Flowers, Dissambodied voices and (dropped out from official) The land torrments a sea, and FINN with Only talking sense, Suffer never and Paradise. Both with some really B side songs; All Gods Children and even three from FINN: Bullet in my hairdo, Niwhai and Kiss the road of Rarotonga which I would politely name as ugly songs. Finn has interesting, I would say timelless and simple but exciting production, while EIH has safe and polish production which is not a best thing, but knowing in which state was that album in Viscontis hands, Frooms production is like winning on lottery. Because of even three very bad songs on Finn album and only one on EIH, and knowing the fact that (this is extremely subjective beyond every objectivity and reality) that in time of releasing of FINN might have been released CH album with diamonds like Anthem, Taste of something divine, Spirit of the stairs, Help is coming, etc, etc, which showed again to me that Neil is his best with CH and I would imidiatly change that album for Finn album, I would say:

1. Everyone is here, 2. Finn album


1. Everyone is Here - The best non-CH album in the entire Finn canon, I think. Great songs, great production, and great mythology when you know the whole saga of the album's gestation.

2. Finn - Certainly a fun record to listen to, but too much of a forgettable side project, IMO.

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