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Together Alone

Temple of Lowmen

Time On Earth


Crowded House


I think Time On Earth will become a much respected hidden treasure in years to come. It has some absolute gems that never seem to get mentioned as much as others from other albums. I also think Intriguer is a much better album than I originally gave it credit for - it could easily have ranked above the first album, for me.  I find Woodface seriously disjointed and it very much reflects the writing/recording process, which was seriously awry.

Ok, I'll bite.

Temple of Low men

Song for song, the strongest of them all IMHO. This was also the first and only one I had for a while, so it was in heavy rotation and I never minded hearing it again. A unique trip with grittyness and sublime rapture.

Together Alone

Very strong and would have been first but doesn’t hold up song for song as TOLM to me. No doubt it contains some very powerful numbers among Neil’s best works.


This is my favorite to sing along with, thanks to all the Tim harmonies. And I’ll happily sing Neil’s parts, too. But there are a few songs which I never really took to, and they tend to get skipped as I consider them novelties. I’m still here, notwithstanding.

Time on Earth

Fresh and meaningful expressions shared on compact disc. A few really good gems on an album which tends to run on like a director’s cut of a movie I already enjoy.

Crowded House

So many great moments. The telephone ring, for example. It does sound a bit dated, but the exuberance and new sound can still carry on.


A shorter collection which brought us yanks another tour, always a bonus. It just doesn’t seem as if they were trying as hard. Although when it was new I was loving every track as an earnest fan would. I also had personal things going on at this time so it’s lost some luster there. Still, better than most of the stuff on the radio (duh).

1. Temple of Low Men

Nearly a perfect album, if only Kill Eye was a tad stronger

2. Woodface

The back half has grown on me a lot, maybe 1 or 2 lesser tracks like Fame Is & Indian Plastic.


3. Time on Earth

This could end up being Neil's last hurrah of high quality. The deluxe edition reveals how many great tracks didn't make the cut, and the lyrics are laced with grief. As a kid who became a big fan in the early 00s through Recurring Dream, this (and the earlier Finn Brothers album and sensational Farewell to the World release) were my first experiences with new Finn.

4. Together Alone

A little overpraised among Crowdies, but consistent quality throughout. Has more of a live feel. Could maybe shed Walking on the Spot and re-sequence Skin Feeling.


5. Crowded House

About half of this album features some of their very best tracks (e.g. DDIO, HITR, WWYL, MTM, SSS, etc.), but the dated production is grating, particularly on lesser moments.

6. Intriguer

Just a solid album without many highs to speak of. CH are clearly capable of better, but I don't mind it.

Resurrecting this old(ish) post now Dreamers Are Waiting has arrived. Where would everyone rank DAW in their list of Crowed House albums?

For me, I'd go:

1) Together Alone (The best, magnificent, everything that can be said has and will be said better than me by others). 10/10

2) Woodface (Iconic, great collaboration between the Finn Bros with Hessie and Nick at their best). 10/10

3) Afterglow (The 2018 re-releases cemented its "official album status" for me, I truly believe we have some of CH's best and most quintessential work here). 9/10

4) Temple of Low Men (Some of CH's absolute greatest here, although widely inconsistent for me). 8/10

5) Dreamers are Waiting (Feels really new and fresh, and feels more like a new age for the band rather than trying to recreate former years). 8/10

6) Time on Earth (Probably the weaker of the two reunion albums in comparison to DAW, I feel it suffers slightly from being originally a Neil solo album). 7/10

7) Intriguer (What could have been a superb album is drowned in poor production and overly mellow melodies). 6/10

8) Crowded House (Far too 80s at this point, every song feels the same with a few exceptions). 5/10

It's going to take me a couple years to really place Dreamers Are Waiting. Nothing will ever top the original four albums for me, but where does it place among the rest?

DAW is more consistent than TOE but I think TOE had more standout tracks. "Nobody Wants To," "Don't Stop Now," "Pour Le Monde," "Silent House," "She Called Up," "Transit Lounge," and even the b-side "Lost Island." So many incredible songs that have withstood the test of time. So for me it's currently a toss up between DAW and TOE.

Is it better than Intriguer? Yes.

And Afterglow never really registered as an album for me. It's a compilation so I don't rank it.

I can’t rank Dreamers Are Waiting after only living with it for less than a week.

At this point in time, and after maybe a dozen listens, I agree with @Paināporo that DAW is very consistent and that it is better than Intriguer.

Other than that, there don’t seem to be any real, real highs or lows for me.  Nothing is jumping out at me yet saying “This is great, a real Finn classic!”, and nothing is jumping out as something I dislike either.  The singles, which I mostly did not like before hearing the whole album, sound much better to me with the other songs around them.  Although, other than Playing With Fire, I think the singles are among the weakest songs.

Overall, I’m enjoying it.  It’s very good, although I’m not sure if it’s great.  I’m wondering if I’m drawn to the overall sound and production more than I’m drawn to the songs themselves.  

It keeps that Out of Silence rebound going for me. Finn has really found that sweet veteran zone (a bit like Jeff Tweedy in recent years) and I now welcome the new band additions and appreciate the contemporary ear and wise OoS-y approach to Neil’s ageing voice. Sounds very CH authentic and nicely albumy. Better than Intriguer and about equal with s/t (which I have warmed to in recent years). Pretty rapt with it personally, think it will ultimately settle like this:


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