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i've recently fallen into the habit of randomly helping people out, whether it be friends or strangers.
i like the fuzzy feeling i get afterwards.
and i'm sure it looks good on my karmic resume.

1) i emailed a friend of mine (who just sort of lost her job) and voulnteered my time, free of charge. she's got a stack of interviews on tape that need transcribing. i figured i should do something nice and take a load off her back.

2) after yoga class last week i drove over to aron's records. finding parking was a bit of a beeatch, but i found a vacant meter around the corner and stuck my quarter in. the meter read "1:00." it took me about ten minutes to walk to the store, grab my cd and get back to the car. just as i got in, i noticed a guy pulled up to the meter behind mine, so i called out to him and told him to take my space since i had a grip of time left over on my meter. he thanked me and i was on my way.

3)i've been scouring Craigslist for a room to rent. a few days ago i caught this one:

i'm a 26-year-old, intelligent, responsible, charming, tidy, easygoing, gay man who has left his lying, cheating, sonofabitch boyfriend and is urgently seeking a room to rent or anyone who might be looking for a roommate. i'll be down at the end of lonely street until the end of the month but need to find something before july 1st. please respond asap!

i felt helpless. i wanted to give him a hand. (i've been cheated on too and i know how much it sucks.) so just now i found this:

Charming, small hardwood floor room with view of the Griffith park hills. Lots of light.In a 1930's style bungalow to share. Now, to be honest guys, it's SMALL. But cheap and friendly surroundings. Cool view. Bungalows built to house actors working under contract at Parmamount in the 30's. Kept up VERY WELL. Great view from balcony outside kitchen. I am a gay actor/writer in mid 30's. Looking for a gay male.

so i contacted Lonely Gay Boy #1 with Gay Boy #2's address and ad. i hope things work out!


so spill it!
what nice things (or not so nice things, if you'd like to make it interesting) have you done for someone lately?
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I love your stories of random kindness, I've been known also to alert people to a parking meter I'm through with that still has money on it. I really loved your last story--that's really terrific. Here's a random act of kindness story from me:

My son and I were having lunch at McDonald's--this particular location is just down the street from the Addictions Foundation where addicts of all kinds (alcohol,narcotics,gambling) go for group therapy, diagnosis of, treatment of etc.

Well, a fellow walked in and sat down at a table near us and had a small plain hamburger and a coffee. After he finished his modest meal, I saw
him counting his coins that he had pulled from his pocket and then quietly put them away.

I had a feeling that this gentleman had walked over from the Addicts Foundation and a major feeling that he was still hungry.

On our way out we walked over to the fellow and I said, "gee you must have been pretty hungry, you sure ate your burger pretty quickly" (probably anyone else would have told me to piss off) he looked up and smiled and agreed with me. I asked him if he would allow me the pleasure of buying another hamburger for him. He started to protest but I told him I wanted to.

My son and I went up to the counter and bought him a Big Mac Meal (I'm sure some of you may think this wasn't doing the guy a favour!) and an apple pie 'to go' We dropped it off with the fella on our way out the door. He had tears in his eyes and I have to confess I nearly started to tear up myself.

I don't know why I did that really, but I just sort of got 'an urge' to do it It's ok people, I only ever get urges to do nice things Wink .....I hope my son took something away from that incident and I hope that guy was nice and full and ready to face his day with a full(er) stomach.

Looking forward to hearing other's random acts of kindess!

Big Grin
Originally posted by Martine:
[qb] Mabelle,

My son and I went up to the counter and bought him a Big Mac Meal (I'm sure some of you may think this wasn't doing the guy a favour!) and an apple pie 'to go' We dropped it off with the fella on our way out the door. He had tears in his eyes and I have to confess I nearly started to tear up myself.
oh my GOD.
i nearly started crying just reading that!

that's so awesome. i hope your son took that to heart and mind, too. i can't get over how much that must've made that guy's day.

Last year, I was having lunch with a business associate, and asked where she'd like to go. She said, you know, I've never been to the new Hard Rock Cafe here, but I've always wanted to go there and can't afford to. (I have NO desire to go to those unless they specifically have Finn stuff there...and they are SUPER expensive...and the food is too fru-fru.)

Anyway, I took her and her husband to lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe and somewhat grudgingly picked up the $50 tab. I soon got over it and forgot about it.

I hadn't heard from Donna in a little while and asked after her at her place of business last week, only to be told that Donna had died of breast cancer just days earlier. I had no idea she was sick, but apparently she'd been sick for two years and very few people knew. I suddenly understood why she and her husband had spent so much time travelling. But suddenly, as sad as I felt because she was a really nice lady, I simultaneously felt very good that I had unknowingly helped a dying woman do something cool she'd always wanted to do but couldn't afford to. That felt good.

I always thought it would be cool to pay an extra $10 going through a toll station, to pay the tolls for the next three cars behind me. Or, cheesy as it was, a lot of scenes in the movie "It Could Happen to You" had that very theme of random kindnesses.

I just have to believe that this stuff comes back around somehow.
Do unto others and all that....thats my motto.

I try never to ignore someone who seems to be struggling whether it's with a door or with life in general.
It makes me feel good, gives others faith that people really do care out there and hopefully the example will mean that my kids will also grow up as helping, caring individuals.
The only story I have is one where I was the recipient of the act. The guy in the car in front of me on the tollway paid my toll. I was absolutely speechless! Heidi, I think you should do it. I want to too but now I have an tag that automatically pays my toll & unless I take it out of my car, it will still do it!
I saw an older woman (probably late 60's or early 70's) in our store the other day - she was just dressed so beautifully and artfully. Long jacket and scarf, big arty earrings...very eye-catching and lovely. I stopped and told her what a beautiful woman she is. Not "you must've been beautiful when you were young...but NOW you are beautiful." She glowed when I said it. Felt good. Think I'll do it more often. These random acts of kindness don't need to be earthhshaking or profound - just the common courtesies of life go a long, long way. Just a bit of encouragement for anyone out there who thinks holding doors and saying please and thankyou and yeilding right of way while driving doesn't count. Wink

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