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I don't want to make too much out of the 'guns' issue but would would like to make a more general comment.

The FRENZ list and this forum have been slowly killing the more 'laissez faire' TITM in my humble opinion.

Consequently this forum is becoming the main source of communication for Finnworld.

Yes, things move on and times change but if a heavy handed approach becomes the norm on this forum - and consciously or unconsciously affects how we communicate - we will have lost something extremely valuable.

My overwhelming experience of fellow fans is that they are decent and intelligent people.

I am sure that the moderators aim to have a light hand on the tiller and hope that this can be achieved/maintained in the future.


My comment was in no way heavy handed. I do not believe that Ascha meant his/her comment literally, but it offended many people. I have heard from several forum members who felt the comment was inappropriate.

So, I responded in defense of those members and anyone else who may have been offended. I made a simple comment and don't see why there should be a lot of controversery over it.

I am totally in favor of people expressing their opinions and feelings and always feeling free to do so here. That is what this forum is for and I would never want to squash that. We simply ask that everyone put a little thought into their wording when they post here so as not to offend other forum members. Usually it doesn't take much thought to do so.

I agree with Tracy. I am sure we all know and understand that ascha's comment wasn't meant literally. But I do believe that with recent events (and it even happened here in Finland), we have to be a little careful with using words like this (which I am trying to avoid Wink). Especially since it seems that people got their ideas partly from the net. And by no means do I mean to suggest that one of us would do such a thing, of course not! Wink But we have to be a little careful, is all. Everybody can read this. It might be an idea though to discuss this further on W2S, it could be an interesting topic.

So, shall we now go back to discussing this absolutely brilliant night that was Tuesday night?? Smiler I am still on a high from that night, how do you guys feel??

I can see the reasons behind Tracys complaint however, you speak of many forum members who you have spoken to and who feel that they were offended by the comment. Why have they come to you and not posted directly on this forum?

Surely the art of sarcasm should not be confined to the history books. Yes, guns are a particularly prominent subject in the news nowadays and blase comments about them are frowned upon however, if someone were to read this post (and other show related posts) from the very beginning I can't see how there could be any confusion in relation to Aschas comment and the fact that it is an attempt at humour. "Decent and intelligent people" could no doubt work this for themselves.
Gosh what a lot of kerfuffle! Its actually a quote from the Muppet Show "What do you think of the band?" " If I had a *** I'd put them out of their misery" (note I have not written the offending word so as not to upset children who may be reading this....)

Having been told off by the moderator both publicly and privately, I dont think I'll be posting again. The po-faced gang can carry on.
Originally posted by The Stoat:
The one bit of footage that i really wanted to see again was the roadies doing It's Only Natural.

Does anyone have it ?

I was watching really closely as i was convinced they were miming. It sounded so good and so near to how CH would do it.

Anyway, i live in hope


I have one, but it really is an awful photo. Vague, blurry, but I would post it anyway, if I knew how. I have just joined the Forum; can anywone tell me how to add a photo? It's in my pc, so what's this about a URL?
Thanks Suzanne, I'll have a go but I am not very good at that sort of thing.
Yeah, as I have been hanging out with so many Forum members lately I thought it was only natural that I should join too. So here I am... after all the excitement is over. Wouldn't you just know it! How's that for bad timing? Smiler
Still dreaming about the RAH though, wasn't it gorgeous and amazing?
Slow afternoon at work - what can I say! - ONly a few missing on youtube!!

Recurring Dream
Say That Again
Four Seasons in one Day (part sang acapella by the crowd and Neil)
Pour Le Monde
In The Lowlands
You Are The One

Hole In The River (faded with The Parting Glass)
Nails in My Feet
A Sigh
Matt in Santa Outfit & Pineapple Head
Italian Plastic
Don’t Dream it’s Over
It’s only natural (first half played by the crew band)
Don’t Stop Now
Distant Sun

First encore:

Chocolate Cake
Private Universe

Second encore:

Mean to me
Transit lounge

Message to my girl

Something so strong

Into temptation
Better be home soon
Hi everyone, I'm new here.
I've really enjoyed reading all your messages and seeing some of the fantastic photos.

Yes I was there, with my daughter. We were up in the circle, about 3 rows from the front, and directly in front of the stage, so a great view.

I didn't become a fan of Crowded House untill after they'd broken up, so this was my first time seeing them.
What can I say? Absolutely brilliant.
I was paticularly thrilled to hear "Nails In My Feet" and just blown away by "Message To My Girl", never expected to hear that.

We also enjoyed Dukes Special - actually ran into the singer outside South Kensington tube station. He asked us if we knew the way to RAH.
We said actually that's where we were headed, and he said "Oh are you going to the concert?", then sprinted off. We couldn't work out why he was in such a rush as it was a couple of hours before the show - as soon as he came on stage we recognised him of course!
We were so early that we actually heard part of the sound check - they were playing It's Only Natural - not sure if this adds anything to the conspiracy theory.

Anyway, hope to chat with some of you sometime.
So great to find a place to chat about Crowded House where they are truly appreciated.
Fantastic show, a real last night of the tour party atmosphere, and one of the most fun gigs I've seen them do.

I've finally put my video onto YouTube:

ALBERT HALL VIDEO - 10 minutes

I shot the video from next to mixing desk. 10 minutes long.


Also a bit of "Santa" Matt, and the paper planes.
There is lots more, but I'm limited by YouTube 10 min limit.

If you were down near the front, you may spot yourself during Don't Dream.

Thanks for that. Good to see footage from a different angle - we were 7 o'clock to the stage, front row circle.....although managed to get 3rd row stalls at Brighton.

Mixing desk - out of interest, would that have been for the stage sound? - mixing/lighting desks at RAH are normally at the back of the Arena.

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