My mate blundered across this while looking for something else on the net, and I thought I'd share it with you.

The Sports Factor - 01/04/2005

The segment featuring Paul is a good 3/4 of the way down the page, but it's worth it because it's quite funny.


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Thanks BillyG!

What a great insight into Paul's love of sport. He was obviously quite talented in that area - sounds like it could have been an alternative career had his drumming not panned out. An obvious natural talent there too of course - thanks to his mum.

Much appreciated!
Thanks for the link to the article. Any new tidbit about Paul is truly appreciated. Smiler It's amazing how well his intentions translate from print... I had a couple of chuckles Big Grin.

I only hope that his spirit lives on, and brings joy wherever he could be now...
I happened to sit down yesterday and watch some priceless footage of the boys horsing around from years and years and years ago....I was laughing so hard at whole family kind of gravitated to my office and everyone was rolling on the floor laughing at him. Big Grin

And then it kinda hit me, you know?

Yep. I'm sure you all do.
Thanks Annie - did you ever hear the Tough Love tribute.

If you are EVER feeling down - its a guatanteed pickup.

I love the story about the Auction he attended and apparantly made all his bids from a banana lounge!!

And turned up to the auction (which he won) on a kids chopper bike! After he won the auction - he cycled off again because he forgot his cheque book :-)

The other great story was him gambling his gold records in a poker match with mick molloy!
Was that the MMM tribute? No I still havent heard that. Frowner Someone has promised it to me though Smiler......(*ahem*Mrs HP Big Grin)

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