R.I.P. Danny Kirwan (from Fleetwood Mac)

Former Fleetwood Mac singer-songwriter/guitarist Danny Kirwan died yesterday. He was a monster talent for the band back in the early days of the band writing and singing some of their best songs including "Dust",  "Sands of Time", and "Dragonfly", as well as some beautiful solo work such as "Cascades".  In some ways, he was very much of an "early Neil Finn" with beautiful melodies and thoughtful lyrics.  He will be missed ...


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Oh no... that is terrible loss. Condolences to his loved ones, I know Mick. John and Christine will be heartbroken, devastated.

i believe Mick tried finding and helping him years ago but there wasn't much they could do, he was in very bad shape. Peter Green was able to make a musical return of sorts but John McVie said sadly for Danny it just wasn't on the cards. He was too lost.

I'm quite shocked as I'd really been thinking of Danny in last few days, listening to Mick's interviews and the old records.

r.i.p. Danny Kirwan he was a key part in evolution of Fleetwood Mac music.


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