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Hi everyone!  I hope you are all getting a chance to go and see Neil perform on tour!


My dad, brother, and I are going to see him in LA tonight, and I was just wondering if any of you who have already been to a Dizzy Heights show could answer a question for me: has Neil been coming out after the show to talk/sign things/take pictures?  I don't think he usually does, but I wanted to know if we should try waiting or not (and if I should bring something for him to sign).


Thanks everyone!  Much love,




Anyone can tell that I'm not lying....

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I agree, it's all about waiting around to find out.  It's never a sure thing.  Who knows what commitments Neil may have after each gig.  he may need to hit the road right away, he may be tired and ready for bed. 


I don't always wait around.  it depends on who I'm with and how far I have to drive to get home.  However, the couple times I have waited around, I've never been disappointed.  Back in 2005 I got to meet both Neil and Tim and have them sign my Finn scrapbook!

Some fans have posted their pic with Neil from the Dizzy Heights tour on Instagram, Twitter amd the Facebook page--The Finn Brothers Appreciation Society.
And Some fans have even had the setlist from the show autographed as well.
I suggest ya bring a CD or photo to have autographed.
Neil is very generous with his time when he can do so.  So it's worth staying around afterwards to try and connect with him.  Have a wonderful time at the show tonight!!!

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