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Yesterday I discovered this page: which offers a dozen or so Tim Finn songs for streaming. Many of them I already had in my collection but the following 6 were completely new to me. 

Does anyone here have any information on them: in particular when they were made and/or released? After doing a search here I discover that one or two may have been released on Tim's Myspace page? Can anyone shed any light on these at all?



  • "Lament" (the piano composition from "Remember When"that Tim revisits from time to time) This one is just the piano part though presented as its own composition.
  • "New Friends" demo from the Fiery Maze with Tim on lead vocal
  • "Driving Blind" demo
  • "Emptiness"
  • "Moment to Moment"
  • "Every Good Boy" demo
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Thanks for bringing those additional tracks to my attention, Lance. Most, if not all of the titles sound familiar, but alas I'm drawing blanks on all but New Friends, which as you said is a demo from The Fiery Maze. That was first performed in Melbourne around July 2016, but it stems from something Tim was working on with the late poet Dorothy Porter until her death in 2008, and Tim completed with her husband's blessing ... so that dates the song somewhere in the 2000s. As I said, at the moment I can't place where or how I know of the others, but I want to date them all around the time of the Conversation or after, ie. from 2008 on. Sorry I can't be of more help right now, I'll be back if I think of anything further.

Lance LaSalle posted:

Does anyone here have any information on them: in particular when they were made and/or released? After doing a search here I discover that one or two may have been released on Tim's Myspace page? Can anyone shed any light on these at all?

"Lament" was added to Tim's Myspace page in March 2011.
It's likely that the other songs were added around that time period too.

These all appeared on Tim's Facebook and/or MySpace pages between January and April 2011. Tim commented on 22/01/11 "the demos are just random old ones....spring cleaning...not related to the new album which we are mixing...just thought they would be fun to hear". There were several others not mentioned above - an alternative version of "Secret Heart", "Who Owns This Song", "I See Red(billy)" and a second version of "Every Good Boy". I agree that they most likely date from "The Conversation" era.

2011 makes sense - nice to have some confirmation. I believe it was MySpace which also had a demo version of "Couldn't Be Done", a live version of "Show Yourself" recorded in Denver, and a 2007 Pittsburgh radio station performance of "Persuasion" at the time Tim was putting up unreleased material there. I recall that second demo of "Every Good Boy" too.

Thought I would *bump* this thread to see if anyone had any further information on these songs. Thanks to @Lance LaSalle for starting it to begin with, as I had pretty much the same question!

If someone was cataloguing these six songs by year, would it be correct (or at least the best guess) to date them all at 2011? Aside from Every Good Boy, obviously, which would be circa-2009, as that's when it first appeared on Tim's Myspace page, and Driving Blind, which was apparently played live in 2008. (However just because a song was performed live doesn't mean a demo has already been recorded...)

With that being said, since New Friends (musically) is the verse to Sunset Swim (EIH b-side), then wouldn't that date it prior to Everyone Is Here I guess there is a chance he re-used it as the basis for New Friends though (@Camus)

Either way, the eventual version of New Friends ended up on The Fiery Maze soundtrack, which was eventually released in December 2018. This version featured Abi Tucker on lead vocals, and since that project was conceived way back in 1995, it's hard to know when either Tim's demo or Abi/Tim's version was recorded. I want to say Abi/Tim's version was recorded in 2006, but that would make it post-EIH and destroy others' theories that it was *later* recorded as Sunset Swim...

Also, I found this (written by Tim) in another topic:

"New Friends was written with the late Dorothy Porter, Australian Poet. We were writing a rock musical together shortly before she died. It's a rough sketch only, but hopefully conveys some of the spirit of the piece. Sung by a defiant child to her mother..."

Any insight would be fantastic. Cheers.

The fiery Maze was mostly written in 1996 and in fact there’s a TV interview somewhere I found a few months ago  where Tim specifically mentions it as a song his kids enjoyed (quoting the “nipple ring” line which tickled his children”and said they had grown up with The Fiery Maze demos playing in the car; though the Fiery Maze was not released until the very end of 2018, at least some and probably most of the songs are from the mid 90s, 1995 I’d guess. It definitely pre-dates “Sunset Swim”. The demo there may be a later re-recording of course, made in the 00s. Impossible to say. I date it at 1995-1996, personally.

In lieu of more info I dare everything else to 2011, except the one you Mention! But part of me suspects they at least some of them may be earlier.

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