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I am getting married at the end of August and am trying to research the possibility of arranging a congratulations message from Neil Finn as a wedding present to my soon to be husband (a big Finn Fan). Do you think that this is possible, and if so, could anyone give me any advice of who to contact?
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Oh boy, if that's difficult, imagine how impossible would it be to get what I was wanting for my wedding: No crappy band playing old songs, I was wondering if Neil and Tim (and maybe Nick, Paul and Mark, and who knows Phil, Noel, Mike, Eddie, etc) could play in my wedding after the meal!!!

Well, I'm still young (19 yrs old, 20 on 17th October), maybe in 10 years they'll be easier to get your hands on.

Ok, I know, that's just wishful thinking. STOP LOOKING AT ME LIKE THAT, IT'S NOT ME, IT'S JUST MY IMAGINATION!!!!
Originally posted by Belle:
[qb] Is it just me, or does this seems like a very unreasonable thing to ask of him? [/qb]
It's not just you. Politicians do this sort of thing all the time. It's not really all that difficult to get a card from the president, it shouldn't be too hard to get one from Neil.

If Neil actually receives the request in his hand, I don't see how he would be too put out by jotting a note and sending it off. The fact that he's in the midst of an album may make it hard to get the request into his actual hands however.

A friend of mine got Neil Diamond to send an autographed photo to a sick friend with a personal note on it.

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