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What kind of pie are we talking about? I have noticed that in the English english and American english vernacular, the same word can mean 2 very different things. Like, for example; biscuit, chips, pudding... Are you talking sweet pie (like cherry or apple) or savory, as in one of those things that the welsh miners used to eat for lunch? Because it would depend... I would play for the savory pie (as long as it's not kidney pie), but not the sweet. And I'd also prefer the Trivial Pursuit '80s version...
...unearths just long enough to wonder whether, like REAL Trivial Pursuit, you get different color pie slices for each category, such as...

brown = pecan pie
orange = pumpkin pie
pink = strawberry pie
yellow = lemon meringue pie
blue = blueberry pie
green = key lime pie

...I suspect that would add a different twist because some people love certain pies, and others, while they might kick total butt in science, hate lime pie. I suspect I'd suddenly become a history buff. Wink
Originally posted by tonguetied:
[qb]I once did a sponsored starvation (I kid you not) during the Ethiopian famine in the eighties. [/qb]
The 40 Hour Famine is a yearly fundraiser here for the World Vision charity. I tried to start something of my own, but the 40 Hour Pestilence didn't have quite the effect I had hoped.

( Big Grin Razzer )

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