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Read Madonna's latest interview comments... WHAT A HYPOCRITE! She talks about how "all Americans care about is looks, fame, and money" but is herself (you know, the one who sang "Material Girl" and influenced a generation of teenaged girls to behave that way?) one of the most appalling examples of the very thing she's speaking out against. Please, someone, stop her before she speaks out again, because my brain hurts.

In other news of Pretty People, I was advised by my son's acting school director to sign him up with an agency. So I went down there during my lunch break to drop off his photos and his information...not only did I feel my IQ drop the second I touched the door handle, and the receptionist acted like David Spade, but there were all these statuesque, magazeenie-looking people standing around waiting for auditions, looking at me as though I were Bruce Valanche. I wanted to slug them, or at least yell, "WHAT? There's also a call for short fat middle-aged, mediocre-looking women today, OK?"

I am more upset by the way they reacted to me than I am jealous of the fact that they are good-looking. I mean, I have to be a little jealous, or why else would I be feeling this hostility?

I guess it's partly because I'm reminded by both this and Madonna that as long as you're good-looking (or at least have enough dough for lipo and plastic surgery...), you can go places in this country...whereas if you're not gorgeous but are intelligent and talented, you're screwed...


(crawls back underground with the orcs...)
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Heidi, she says "we" as Americans. She's including herself in what she says. I think her point is that she was caught up in all of that fame, money, beauty obsession, herself for years but realizes now how mistaken and superficial it was. I'm not trying to defend Madonna here, but I think I read a different article than you?
no, it's the same article, and i can understand why you might interpret it the way you did.

but i can't help but feel that if she included herself in that statement, she'd be a little more apologetic? or would donate the bulk of her money to charity? she's not exactly hurting, and shows no signs of becoming a humanitarian...yet it's easy to sit in the middle of some gazillion-dollar british mansion and talk generalized smack on the country that put her in her place of advantage....someone who "realized the error of her ways" would hardly be promoting her new record to make even more money, but would likely be doing something to effect change if that's truly how she feels.

sorry jenn...i'm still offended.
saw the subject line and couldn't resist posting this quote

"...well it's not going to suck itself like..."

-me mate keith's t-shirt. somehow very very cork, and he's from sligo (apologies to all offended feminists,non-sexists,a-sexists (aka what sexists), langers from cork like, and all people who aren't from ireland and the above reference to placenames makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.
I gotta defend Madonna a bit..I think she's a strong,straightforward woman who's worked extremely hard to get where she is.She also knows how to market herself to be successful...and really,good on her for being smart enough to do so.As for "pretty" people...who's to say what's pretty?Each to his own..and I do not in any way let what society (at any given time) thinks is attractive worry me in the least.Life is just too short.

First of all not all pretty people suck!
I have a friend who looks like a model, all Italian looking, tall etc and guy flock aroud her like bees to a hive. Despite this she doesn't look down on those who do not conform to what is seen by society as attractive.
I did, however, feel a bit apprehensive when I first met her.
In a way being 'attractive' can be a barrier as well as a blessing and people often forget that.

I am not the model ideal but I make the most of what I have and enjoy being in my own skin and I think that shines through.

Madonna. Mmm. Well I'm not going to lose sleep over that. In her lyrics of American Dream it comes across to me that what she is trying to say is that she has followed the American Dream and seems to have it all, but even then she's not satisfied.

Money, looks and possessions do not make happiness and can only be part of the 'dream'.

I shall now go and admire myself in the mirror... Wink
Personally, I think charisma goes just as far as beauty. I have personally known some people with tremendous charisma who were not what most people would consider "pretty" yet they were incredibly attractive.
Charisma is something I really wish I possessed.

Heidi, I do know what you mean about really pretty people who know they are pretty though. You can usually find them dolled up and going to clubs etc...Thankfully, here in Minnesota, you don't see it as much. And the fews places that have people like that, my friends and I would never go to anyways. I think there are places in other parts of the country that are "teaming" with people like that who probably wouldn't even lower themselves to come to Minnesota anyways.
As a matter of fact, the DJ on the radio station I listen to said he was watching one of those "Wild On" shows on E! and I think they were in South Beach at the clubs there. They were interviewing a guy in a club about how hip the club was and he said something like "As soon as "Minnesota" walks in, we know it's time to leave"...
Well, i haven't read much on her lately or heard the new album, but i've always admired her. It took a lot of guts for her to develop herself from a superficial pop star into a spiritual human being in front of the world. I admired her even more after Ray of Light. And i suppose there will be some sort of backlash against her for saying these things she's saying now.

But she's right.
Well,I'm not offended in the least.I really do think she's including herself in what she's saying..and even points out that she knows better than anyone how fame and money and material things don't make you TRULY happy.Yeh she's rich and beautiful theoretically it's easy for her to say that,but I think it means alot more coming from her than if some flash in the pan bubblegum pop singer made those kinds of comments.

Question: Does Madonna stick her finger down her throat before or after she bites the hand that feeds her? Once again she has shrewdly stirred the pot (look, WE'RE talking about her) and this time, she's raging against the machine that made her an icon. I think that the majority of people would rather talk about her than listen to her music (or watch one of her films...ack!). I must admit that I do have some respect for the woman, but I do think that her recent comments lack class. If she really feels this way, why is she still making albums? Her words would hold a little water for me if she was 160 pounds and working with the homeless. As for her being one of the "beautiful" people...if we all had personal trainers, chefs, nutritionists and nannies, we'd all look pretty darn great too!
What Wuntie said about "no such thing as negative publicity" is so true. Look at all the Jacko stories lately--the interviews, the testimonials from plastic surgeons, the "documentary", and (to me, the most hysterical) tour of the NeverLand Ranch"...Yeesh. If you look at his career lately, he's been mostly in the ****ter. Likewise, Madonna---when was HER last Top 10 record? She's even guest-starred on "Will & Grace" just to get her face back out there.

The bottom line is, just because a person is lucky enough to fill a talent requirement at a lucky moment in time, doesn't (and shouldn't) give their opinions any more weight or relevancy than anyone else's!

Madonna---when was HER last Top 10 record? She's even guest-starred on "Will & Grace" just to get her face back out there.


2002 Die Another Day 8 3
2001 What It Feels Like For A Girl 23 7
2000 Don't Tell Me 4 4
2000 Music 1(4) 1 1
2000 American Pie 29 1
1999 Beautiful Stranger 19 2
1999 Nothing Really Matters - 7

GHV2 Nov/13/01 7 Million sold
MUSIC Sept/19/00 14 Million
Ray of Light 14 Million
Evita 11 Million

I actually wasen't trying to be catty or anything just genunely interested (or suitably bored) These are her last singles since 99, and it's not too shabby really is it....WinkMichael Jackson could only dream of such numbers....
Anyway back to the Tv!!!
Well, her singing is better than her acting. And her dancing is better than her singing.

As for the pretty people: I know some are smart and have to work hard to overcome the perception that they have nothing going for them but their looks.

But some (and it seems to be always guys, in my experience) are just getting by on their looks.

Jenn - you are right on about charisma: People who have it are attractive. Was it Churchill who said that the most brilliant conversationalists keep the other person talking?

Being happy with yourself and being genuinely interested in other people is far more attractive than mere conventional beauty.

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