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Thank you Kelly!

I always enjoy reading about Tim's writing process; what inspires him and what the lyrics are about. Big Grin The review was nice too. Smiler

Since I'm no good at finding that kind of articles myself and nothing is written about Tim's music overhere, I appreciate every post and link. I want to thank everybody at the forum for the nice links, reviews and information. I read them all. Wink Big Grin

Originally posted by Finngirl:
Cool, so is this something I could buy at the paper shop, or is it only mailed to you if you're a memeber of the site Red Face

No idea, I'm afraid Roll Eyes. I just saw it in a box at the Prahran markets, with Tim's face leaping out of me, and bought it. First time I'd noticed the mag, not being someone who buys wine magazines. Maybe it's in newspaper shops, it doesn't seem to be a monthly publication so should be around for a bit.

And, yep, TR, I'll scan them in tomorrow if someone can pm me how to load the images up on this forum.
I couldn't wait once I knew Finngirl had picked this up, so I rang the local newsagency in Pakenham, and confirmed they had stock. If anyone's down this way ( Roll Eyes!) they have heaps of copies, and Pak's more or less out of the way, so I'd hope that more central newsagencies would have plenty of stock.

The photo's really are lovely.

If anyone wants to read the body of it here, please let me know. I understand that I can post the article as long as I give appropriate credit to the author and publication. It is long however, and I'd be typing it out, so it may take a while. Smiler
I can't always do it hk Big Grin, especially when my scanner is being a brat

but, I scanned the pics and saved them in photobucket, then when you are typing the message, you click the icon in the message box that looks like a painting,(a box will come up asking you to insert the URL) cut the URL thingy from the first box under the picture in photobucket and paste it into that space, then click okay.

There may be another way of doing it too, but that is the way I know.

Glad you like Smiler
Really good interview, thanks for posting.

2 questions:

I was at the first gig at the Albert Hall after Paul's suicided - I could have sworn that Neil was at the rear-end. Mainly it sticks in my head cos Tim made a joke about him being the "ass" and Neil responded immediately about how that was good cos it was the engine. It really stuck with me cos it typified Neil's typical (and oft-noted) ability to look at everything so positively.

Second, from where I sat (in the upper balcony) - there were tons and tons of empty seats. My best guess would have been that it was only 2/3 full.

Maybe I was at a gig in my imaginary kingdom???

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