Hey Finn Fans,

Ever say to yourself,"Man I shoulda blah blah blah when I had the chance?"

Well I've seen some really cool Neil Finn posters for sale on Ebay that now I wish I had bought. It looked like he was standing against a wall in a hallway, B&W, and basically a headshot.

If you know where I can get one, or any decent Finn/Crowded House posters, please let me know!

All the best!

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what about creating your own ones?
That�s at least what I do!
And don�t try to get "some" posters at Ebay; a friend and I ordered 2 for a horrible price and it looked like it was as big as a door. Badly they were far smaller, like an average sheet to write letters and (I don�t have mine, yet) my friend told me they might just be copies...
Unfortunately I forgot the name of the company where we ordered, but it was an american one with very few posters... The one we ordered was a poster of the Finnbrothers in Boulder I think... So beware of some guys on Ebay! And ask how large the posters you want to order are before really ordering.

Back in the day (1982) I worked for a record store and was able to get a Waiata (that's Corroborree or somesuch to you non-USA fans) poster for US$1.00. The colors are not great (it's the pink/white/black variant) but hey, it's SPLIT ENZ.
Don't be so quick to knock ebay. I've actually bought 3 posters off there and they've been in remarkably good condition, so good that I've had two framed already. If you do buy posters off ebay, make sure that the bidder has a picture of the item along with a good description of the poster and its condition.

Yes, you�re right! I also know somebody who bought some amazing posters; large posters, but there are still bad guys out there!

There is a group who do poster and art sales at the Waikato University every so often, and there's a couple of Crowded House posters that I've always thought about buying. Something like $15/$20 NZ, I've just never had money spare at the time. If someone's interested, I'll email next time the sale comes around and might see if there's any spare that I can pick up to pass on - with the state of the NZ $ at the moment I'd have to ask the buyer to cover the cost of postage.

Will keep you posted... (the poster I remember is a Together Alone tour poster)
I get my posters from www.pushposters.com
They had two there last time. Pic of Neil on one side, on the other it is TWT album cover. Also the pic of Crowdie members in the garden, Neil on grass (lying on it, not smoking it!), Nick on a seat and Mark holding a brolly thingy. It has the quoate of "You know more Crowded House songs than you think you do".

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