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Wow. Great show the band and the crowd rocked. Also Neil's son did his first ever set playing the drums on one of the songs (sorry forget which one) I was 3 rows from the front and the whole night was fantastic. For what it's worth, Neil's parting comment was the crowd was the best so far, good job Portland.
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Thanks, Fly! Hope to hear more about the Portland and Seattle shows before the day is done, since I'm heading out to the Vancouver show tonight and want to psyche myself up into a Frenzy, along with boardergurl, Martine and SweetSecretPeace.

Last show on the tour (boo!!!) Frowner , but hopefully the best (yippeeeee!!!) Smiler .

For what it's worth, Neil's parting comment was the crowd was the best so far, good job Portland.
Oh yeah, Vancouver is going to blow Portland out of the water on this one Big Grin

Ahhh, just back from Portland. You're right, Fly, phenomenal show. Great crowd -- fun crowd! -- and it was such a pleasure being part of it. Here's the setlist, along with some random notes:

- Now We're Getting Somewhere (Neil's guitar string breaks on first strum, has to get another)
- King Tide
- Locked Out
- Anytime
- Reads airplanes and sorts into piles. "This one goes into the "to be paid" pile; this one goes into the Valentines pile, etc." I forget his exact words, but you get the idea.. Smiler
- Climber
- Driving Me Mad
- One Step Ahead
- Welcomes Scott's family (he's from Portland)
- Turn & Run
- Love is All that Remains (dedicated to peace marchers)
- Band intros; Neil mentions that Shon bought a new guitar in Portland; it doesn't stay in tune, though, so someone screams out 'take it back!' Shon says he can make it work.
- Into the Sunset
- Makes up song based on a phrase he likes from a paper airplane. "Like God's own chocolate..." (I forget the rest)
- Distant Sun
- Pineapple Head (free forms lyrics: "Sleeping alone... with Sebastian Steinberg/ because he's really really good" ... "Sleeping alone/with Shon" ... "Sleeping alone/ but not with Scott because his parents are here..." LOL.
- Human Kindness
- There is A Light...
- FAYF (Elroy's debut on drums, too cool!! Neil couldn't stop smiling & the crowd didn't want to stop singing)
- SWHHW (this song is the best live!)
- Last to Know (backing vocals by Sharon)
- Takes requests: Kill Eye, Whaling, She Goes On
- Opens gift bag from someone in front row. Bag contains "Nun-zilla" toy; Neil asks for lights to be cut off, winds up the toy and lets it walk on his guitar, shooting sparks.

Another highlight of the show was meeting several Frenz, some of whom are also going to tonight's show (I'm so envious!). Great meeting you all, I hope we get to do this again soon!

I still can't stop smiling.

- jamie
The wife says the whole note went: "If your shadow was on the sidewalk I'd lick you up like chocolate"...she doesn't remember if "God" was mentioned. She did scream after he read that and mentioned (and just re-affirmed to me) that Neil is "yummy."

The show was great! We were about 4 people back from center stage (behind the girl who gave him the grab bag with Nunzilla in it.

Nice to see Lisa there. Was glad to have witnessed Elroy Finn's first try on the drums. Loved the fact that Mr. Finn thought we were the best audience so far on the tour. I really believe he meant it. We sang our guts out.

Great show. Worth so much more than the $27 each we spent.

Hey everybody! Joanna and I are posting as one, after we have just seen both the Portland and Seattle shows. To add to Jamesina's excellent post recapping the Portland show, a few more tid bits to share with everyone:

- Neil read an airplane from our boardergurl herself regarding baby names and he recommended the name "Maisy" if it is a girl...

- Neil had fun with a small stuffed lamb that Joanna gave him (her last name is Lamb, thus the connection). The lamb wore a laminated sign readin "I'm a bit SHEEPISH. WOOL you play The Devil You Know or Straight Old Line? Thank EWE, Joanna." He picked it up and gave it to the roadie/sound guy John, stating that John was from New Zealand and was in need of familar company...very cute. The stuffed lamb ended up on John's mix board for the rest of the night.

- The quote about God chocolate went like this: "Like God's Chocolate, I would lick your shadow off the sidewalk." We know this because we witness the woman who crafted the aeroplane.

Joanna and I honestly thought there was no way he could top last July's Portland show - BUT HE DID!!! It was amazing! Even my non-Finn-fan hubby enjoyed himself very much. Rhett was fantastic - a great compliment to Neil's set. Everyone in the crowd was gracious and happy to be there (and not drunk and territorial, like the Seattle audience).

We also enjoyed meeting up with some Frenz before the show - Sweet Secret Peace, boardergurl and amywink! Can't wait until Tim and Neil come back so we can all hang out again!

annefrancis & Joanna
Seattle was wonderful last night. Thanks everyone for supporting me and my bad back as well as getting me Long Island Iced Teas! Although I was in a bit of pain due to my back, the show was quite an amazing experience.

No surprise that I couldn't get out of bed today. I finally made it to the doctor late today and she thought I was crazy to stand through most of the show (sorry I made the quick exit). But I was a few feet away from Neil, something I never experienced!

I'm glad to have met you y'all and hope you guys enjoy the Vancouver show!

Thanks so much to the Frenz group who met up before the Portland show at Pazzo's -- I felt so welcomed, and loved sharing the experience with "like minded" fans (much better than dragging a friend who doesn't fully appreciate Neil's music). Special thanks to Joanna, Anne and Genevieve for hanging out with me at the show. Fave moment from the night -- the ear-to-ear grin on Neil's face during "Fall at Your Feet" listening to Elroy play and the crowd supporting him all the way with their singing.
The Portland show was ABSOLUTELY amazing. I'm pretty sure "concert going" doesn't get any better than that. The highlight, for me, was singing "backup" with everybody else in the front row (most notably Anne Francis who happens to have a great voice--hey, didn't we do an especially good job on FAYF? Wink ) and us-all being told, a couple of times "I can hear you," and "That sounds really good" by Neil himself!

The energy was completely warm and welcoming throughout the audience that night, and the band members were very up-beat. I've never been to a show where people were that nice: exchanging smiles, sharing the joy, generally "spreading the love." It was pure magic. I am bad with names, but "HI" to everyone I met at the front of the line... you guys were great!!!

Rhett Miller is AWESOME!! What a great surprise, as I was half expecting some kind of "opening dork," worthy of a half-rotten veggie-toss. Boy was I wrong about that one!! ONe guy onstage with his guitar (and his hair--heehee) generating the energy of at least a three man group. I bought his CD and highly recommend it!! Goldenboy's CD is not bad, either, by the way...

Neil was particularly accomodating to airplanes and gifts in Portland. He even played with the wind-up Nunzilla that one of the girls from the front of the line had sent up as part of a tour bus care package... it was so funny! He had all the lights dimmed so we could see the sparks as this toy walked across his guitar. He was even inspired to tell us about a creepy teacher from "form five" named Sister Cletus of all things...

At the end of the show he mentioned that we were "bar none" the best audience of the whole tour. Awesome!! Way to go, Portland!!!

After the show I got to speak to Shon (the name Goldenboy does suit him! He's a dollbaby for sure!!) and the drummer (ACk! forgot name! but he looks like Bruce Springsteen to me, and I told him so. hee hee). I had nothing for them to sign, so I got no autographs Frowner ... but they were SO kind and down-to-earth, it was wonderful. It seemed like the drummer was going to include me in a group he was inviting backstage (even without "wristbands") but I chose not to go since I couldn't bear to lose boarderGurl again so soon after finding her!! Hee hee.

Seattle was also a great show, though the crowd was a bit more 'edgy.' The show was really fun: lots of goofing around, ad lib stuff happened. Like Neil making up a song called "Skin" based on a demo tape that was thrown up onto stage (he had the sound man cue it up right then and there!). Neil's version went something like this: "Skin. I love my skin. It keeps my organs from falling out. My skin. Ski-i-i-in. It holds me in. It keeps my blood in check. My skin. Skin. I didn't used to have so much, but now that I'm older it kind of hangs over my belt. Skin." That sort of thing. Very clever and cute. And well sung, too. Let's see, what else? There was some kind of chicken song we were encouraged to "bok bok bok bok bok bok CAW" to... a series of very foul sounding riffs just for fun, after Neil was handed his twelve-string guitar with one string VERY out-of-tune... the audience was encouraged to sing back-up on World Where You Live (awesome!!) and Neil seemed to take great pleasure in the result... he also had the audience "be a guitar" and "you on the left side: be a bass drum and you on the right: be a high hat." So, despite a slightly "meaner" audience, Seattle was also quite a show!!!

Outside the Showbox I got to meet Sebastian: an awesome guy. Super friendly. He has a sticker on his stand up bass that says "Support Vaginal Pride." (Gotta love that! Hee hee.) I even got an autograph from Elroy... just cause he's so cool! It was awesome to see him drum on stage, that night, for the second time... Neil was walking by (actually being spirited out by two bodyguards, since he didn't seem in the mood to be swarmed... can't blame him AT ALL; yet there were still were some drunken MEGA-dorks who persisted in shoving all sorts of crap in his face to be signed--dollar bills and the like)... anyway, as he was walking by and before he was accosted, Neil saw Elroy signing for me: said, "What's this? What's happening here?" in a teasing way. I hope Elroy was only half as honored and surprised to sign autographs as I was to see him make his entry into "the music scene." Good for him!! (It was inevitable... Smiler )

As I said I'm bad with names, but HI EVERYBODY!! It was SO nice meeting you and getting to know what makes y'all tick...

Wow.....everybody's done such a great job of reviews!!!

Looks like most folks are reviewing both the Portland AND Seattle shows here, so I guess I'll do the same!

Nice work on the set-list and description of events, Jamie!

Amy....I've still got a pic of where Neil signed your arm!! Big Grin

Catherine......what can I say: best vacation EVER!!

I'd really like to thank Anne and Joanna.....they were with me when I thought up the idea to ask Neil for a baby name on my first-ever paper airplane! I might not have done it if not for their encouragement! You guys ROCK!! (I was in SO MUCH SHOCK when Neil picked up my airplane....I kept saying "is that MINE?? is that MY airplane???" and almost forgot to yell and scream if it weren't for Anne behind me pushing my arms into the air!!)

Talking with Shon and Scott after the Portland show was wonderful....what great guys! Shon even remembered Joanna from talking with her last July! WOW!

The Seattle show was incredible as well...I was in the best spot possible: about 2 feet to Neil's right, front row! Neil and I had so many "moments" during songs where we'd make eye contact, and were just totally lost in the joy of the music! Since he only gave me a girlie name in Portland, I really wanted to ask him to give a boy's name, but he was being ushered toward the bus by two "representatives" of the Showbox, and was instantly surrounded by 20 or so people. I was biding my time, but seeing my opportunity slip away because SO MANY people were stuffing things for him to sign in his face. Finally Neil looks up and we again made eye contact......he raised his eyebrows and nodded his head like he was silently saying, "Hey...the pregnant chic!" and I took my chance said "Hey Neil....what about a boy's name?" Keep in mind, security is still pushing Neil and the crowd towards the bus, and he's still signing things for 20 people.....he replied, "Oh! Uh......Dez!" I guess I had a puzzled look on my face when I said, "Dez?" He then said, "Yeah, Dezmond!!" What a take time out of being mobbed to go out of your way to acknowledge ONE person?? He's got my undying would've actually been pretty easy for Neil to not meet my expectations as I had a certain preconception from his music of him being a good guy. But he exceeded my wildest dreams......I mean, I've had friends that weren't as nice to me as Neil was! (granted, not very GOOD friends, but you get the point!) A truly classy man.

I got to chat briefly with Sebastian and Lisa, and got Elroy's autograph along with Catherine. Poor guy......don't know what was going through his mind, but he couldn't say a word!

The fans I met at the Seattle show were fantastic! Jean and Christy in the front row with me....where are you guys??? Thanks for adding to my experience! After Rhett's set, I started feeling really sick and dizzy....kind of like morning sickness in the evening, and everybody around me TOTALLY took care of me! Jean on my right gave me an orange from the cold'n'flu bag she made for Neil, and Jackie gave me a home-made chocolate (with nuts) that she made for Neil and band! Water was provided by Anne and Joanna (because I was having hot-flashes!) and Pinahead gave me a couple of the infamous fortune cookies after the show. At one point during intermission I had to crouch down with my back against the stage, facing the audience because I was so dizzy and overheated. I guess the word had gotten out that I'm newly pregnant, so the folks behind me started to fan me with whatever paper they had! So much love!! I'll never forget it guys! Three nights of pure magic! THANK YOU EVERYBODY!!

Gen & Maisy/Dezmond
I was waiting to review the Seattle show, mainly because I didn't have a set-list and I was hoping others would produce one...

But all I can do is say "YEAH! What Sweet Secret Peace and Boardergurl said!" Catherine--thank you for that transcription of Neil's version of Skin... I'm glad someone was taking notes. Smiler

And that home-made chocolate... was Jackie the source of that airplane-shaped (I think?) chocolate thingy on a stick that Neil picked up? It would figure if it was... Wink

And I, too, had Elroy sign something for me. I just happened to have the Try Whistling This CD insert with me... which, of course, had his artwork all over it, so I decided to go for it and ask for his autograph. I also wondered what he thought of all the attention... he'd better get used to it, especially the female attention, if he continues to take after his father and brother!

Sebastian has the best eyebrows.

And that's about it. I'll repeat what I said elsewhere... the gals in the front row at the Seattle show were the best. My first-ever Neil show back in July floored me (just the novelty of finally seeing my rock hero 10 feet away from me... and also thanks to the guest appearances, particularly Jon Brion's), but this one was truly a joyful experience because of all the good vibes coming from y'all.

WOO! Big Grin
Hello Everybody!

This is my first post here so I hope it is o.k. to add to this slightly dated thread. I too was at the Portland show with my significant other and it exceeded our high expectations. Great to see such a talented musician and his band put a lot of heartfelt energy into their performance. I have gotten kind of jaded about going to shows, given the hassle, prices etc but I am really glad we went to see Neil and band. They seemed to enjoy playing and they did not appear to have that ironic detachment so many bands have these days. It didn't hurt that many of the fans seemed to know every song by heart! Great energy! Bought Neil's latest c.d. the next day was so jazzed.

Just to let anybody know who might care, the last time I saw Neil (actually the only time) was when Crowded House toured with the big Peter Gabriel festival (us, them, we, womad?) in San Francisco about seven or eight years ago. I was so far away from the stage, the echo was so pronounced etc that it was hard to connect to the music. Disappointing.

Also saw Tim Finn and band play at a disco not known for live music in San Francisco some time back. A great show, Tim played and sang his heart out. I had always been a big Split Enz and Peter Gabriel fan so it was a real treat as the band included Jerry Marotta on drums and Tony Levin on stick.

Anyway, besides the introductions, I have a boring guitar gear question to ask. Anybody know what kind of acoustic guitar Neil played in Portland? It appreared to be an OM style with a built-in pickup. The sound was rich and crystal clear, quite pleasing. The sound quality in general was excellent that night, kudos to the crew. Thanks!
Hi and welcome, moontan!!! It's great to hear from more folks that were at that show.....and WHAT A SHOW it was!! Did you also make it to the instore at Music Millenium? GREAT, GREAT, GREAT to see Neil in a smaller, more comfortable he's just playing around for some friends! Err, I mean FRENZ!

You live in Portland?? I made the trip from WA and met many FRENZ from the Forum there for the show, so be prepared for a wild time next time around! Wink

Hi Folks,
Thanks for the replies, nice board you've got going here. Cool info about the Maton guitars, had never heard of them.

Genny, yeah I'm in Portland, too. Nice town, the weather has been far nicer than I expected. Didn't know about Neil's in-store at that record shop, would have checked it out. I went to said shop to see John Hammond Jr. play, got there at 5:10 and he was just finishing up, didn't hear a note! A clerk there said he played two very short songs. Why bother?

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