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Like every other album, it's going to be a battle deciding which ONE song from Afterglow deserves a vote. As usual, I'll need a bit of time to think it over and I'm pretty sure you'll all need it too! I can immediately think of at least three songs I'd LOVE to hear live...but which one for the all important vote? Confused

It's a good thing that voting will continue until Saturday night, Melbourne time. This poll will be followed by a Wildcard Round and then a Rarities Round before ALL the results will be combined.

Good luck everyone - you CAN do it! Smiler

______________________ "We aim to please!" Neil Finn, Melbourne, 3/12/08

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Found this one the easiest so far...

Recurring Dream... it was hearing a live version of this song which made me hunt out Afterglow and listen to the Crowdies proper...

How can I vote anything else?!

(I am thinking maybe Private Universe would have also been a good choice though.. seeing as it did a lot worse than I expected in the TA poll)
After thinking long and hard about this one, I eventually went for Time Immemmorial. There's just something so very beautiful about the lyrics....the vocals.....and the melody.

Remember that I have been running these polls in order to discover the Most Requested Live CH songs OVERALL! Eventually, I will combine ALL results and list the Top 25..... or should that be 30....or even 40?! Big Grin

As some of you may already know, the Top 3 automatically go through from each album but I will have to re-assess earlier albums as people have continued voting there as well. Those that ran 4th and 5th get a second chance in the Wildcard Round which you can expect to see this time tomorrow night! Smiler
Completely agreed -- very difficult! This is one of those questions I could answer differently each time asked. I'd actually be happy with a number of the songs.

Anyway, there were several for which I gave strong consideration, but ultimately went with more of a dark horse choice -- "Left Hand". I might like some of the other songs more overall, but this one would be a good surprise choice for set list inclusion.

I really found myself being drawn to the more guitar-driven songs when recently experiencing the "Farewell to the World" DVD and believe this one would fit in very nicely. Those particular songs just really came alive for me when compared to the studio versions.

"Left Hand" would certainly have the potential to really rock out live given the dynamic interplay between guitar, bass, and drums within the song, so got my vote.
Thank you everyone for your hard work once again - ah, decisions, decisions hey? We've managed to get through it and now it's time to move on to the second-chance Wildcard round! Big Grin

Any further votes cast in this or any other previous poll can NOT count towards the Most Requested Top 25 as I'm compiling the list as we speak.. Smiler

We're nearly there - we've only got a few more positions to fill so please continue to vote for the song you'd absolutely LOVE to hear live.

Hope to see you soon in the Wildcard Poll! Wink

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