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Currently listening to episode 78 of Political Beats Podcast - 2 Hours of Crowded House love.  It is an American produced podcast also very good, not light weight, quite impressed and lots of music.


we like it different passion & commitment
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Interesting, I didn’t imagine myself dipping into the National Review’s podcast family, but here’s to building bridges! 🍻

It's an institution of conservative media, but one of the more measured ones...the longtime home of famous commentator George F. Will, who's as conservative as they come but also critical of the current White House.

No matter though, you really couldn't tell from the podcast, as you said. I'm really enjoying it so far!

I enjoyed listening to it, clearly a couple of fanboys. They did get a few facts wrong along the way (Neil & boys doing their podcast from isolation in NZ), but it was fun.

As much as I agreed with the hosts and share many of the same sentiments, all the hyperbole started to get a little old. They said “this is a WONDERFUL song” about 70 times. I definitely disagree with their conclusion that TOLM is the weakest album...not only is it my favorite Finn album, I doubt most fans of Intriguer would put it above any of the original albums. So that was a little weird. One of them also said Woodface was great but the first half ended on a weak note. What? Are Whispers and Moans and Four Seasons a weak note? That’s news to me.

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