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Here's a podcast from a few days ago with Mitchell Froom discussing how Dreamers Are Waiting came together.

Lots of interesting info including that the band are planning a tour of Australia this November (Covid situation in Australia permitting):

"Today, legendary producer and Crowded House keyboardist Mitchell Froom joins me to unpack the making of the iconic band’s new album ‘Dreamers Are Waiting’. We talk about how Mitchell helped define the sound of the band twice - first as the producer of their debut album 35 years ago, and again as a fully-fledged member on this new album, the moment the new lineup of the band played together for the first time, why it reminded him of working with Elvis Costello, recording without click tracks or a producer, how they managed to finish the songs remotely during lockdown and how some of them radically transformed, what it was like to revisit classic Crowded House material ahead of their NZ tour earlier this year and whether there are plans for another new record from this incarnation of the band".

Listen on Apple Podcasts:

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Thanks for the nudge to the podcast.

Great news to hear that there is a live record coming and that maybe a recording session coming too later in the year.

It was really interesting to hear Mitchell talk about how the band re-formed and how they just pretty much agreed a song and started playing.

6 or so weeks in, I am loving Dreamers are Waiting. I think the record flows from start to end in the way great records do. I couldn't pick a standout track, I think its a stand out record.

I like the warm vibe / atmosphere of the music - I understand the comment someone else made about it being sonically similar to Lightsleeper - another fine record.

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