Listening to the last two songs on the Intriguer bonus disc . Two of the best Crowded House songs I ever heard ! Lost my dad a couple of weeks back , and listening to Two Minutes Silence has me a bit teary . 

I cant believe they didn’t finish this . Please guys - finish it now ! 

By all means fire in The Only Way To Go is forward and Better things . Not sure why on earth they didn’t make Intriguer ! Fantastic tracks 

i could start again - you can depend on it

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I think odds of this are incredibly low. The versions we have on the bonus disc are nice and likely represent the last thing that will happen with that material - in the same way that the 1995/6 demos were not revisited for ToE or Intriguer. It's nearly as long ago now since the last CH session as it was when ToE began... 

It'll be best to move on, if the band comes out of the garage again in the future.

I don’t disagree that it’s very unlikely .I will however say that 2 minutes silence and nonsense off course are 2 of the very best things I ever heard Neil or Crowded House ever do . They’re far and away above  anything that surfaced on Dizzy Heights . Even Crowded House’s version of Strangest Friends is superior . This just leads me to my long held opinion that Neil produces his best work with Crowded house . 


That 2 minutes silence is destined to only be a bonus track on a bonus cd almost seems criminal . At least Anthem another superb track ended up on a 7 inch single ...

Absolutley Steve . It’s just a shame that that’s all that may or may not even be done with Two minutes Silence . If a band like U2 came up with a song like this , it would have constant airplay .

Just read the sleeve notes of the afterglow deluxe box . Neil says of Help is Coming “ it got an airing on afterglow but deserved more” ( In reference to its release as a 7 inch vinyl single in 2015 ) 

i agree with Neil and feel exactly the same about “ Two minutes Silence “ 

Sorry to hear your awful news, Stuart. Thoughts are with you. As for CH, well, you know I was never really particularly bothered about which vehicle Neil chooses to use for his songs but the latest news about him joining Fleetwood Mac has me fervently wishing he'd chosen a different touring band to join

Thinking of you and your family, Stuart.  I love those songs as well and I'm glad that you found some connection to them at this difficult time.  

Steve Shealy posted:

You could make a massively great CH album out of orphaned tracks-as they once did with Afterglow. 

Afterglow is without question my 2nd favourite CH album after Together Alone. The more I think about it, the more absurd that is. The album is, more or less by definition, a compilation of songs that weren't deemed fit for an album release. Yet it's one of their finest offerings. Speaks volumes of both the band's talent, and perhaps their lack thereof when it comes to recognising the quality of their own work.

I belatedly send my thoughts to you, Stuart. I hope you have found peace over the last few months. A little bit of Finn certainly helps in times like these.

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