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Converted church space with rather ugly acoustical padding on the a-frame ceiling to keep the sound waves from bouncing around.

I saw Rasputina there in October. There were a few scattered tables but I think it's basically a standing venue. So come early.

Stage height is about 3.5 feet? You can stand right up at the front.

Parking is on the streets nearby. Interesting neighbourhood. Seemed a bit bleak but was safe enough. I'm sure Heidi might have more info.

Mary Ann (aka IceeRed)
My sister and i are going to this as well. She lives in Pittsburgh and I am flying up from North Carolina. She is going to check this place out for me. I appreciate the info that has already been posted here as i was not familiar with this place at all. I went to their website a few think that is correct(?)

Thanks also for the tip on getting there early!!
I definitely want to get close this time, although sis and i were pretty close when we saw them in Atlanta in August--great show.
Wow, two shows in less than a year--I feel spoiled!!!
Posted by Heidi-from-Pittsburgh in the Frenz Digest and TiTM, printed here with permission from the author...
((Re: Pittsburgh show))

Hi folks,

So far, lunch at Primanti Brothers in the Strip District, at 46 18th Street has been scheduled for the day of the show, which is Sunday, February 27. Lunch will be at 2pm in the afternoon, after which we intend to all caravan over to the venue to wait in Line. There have not been any official arrangements with the restaurant, however, Deb Weppelman and I have selected it as our luncheon spot because it is an uniquely "Pittsburgh" experience for those of you journeying from out of town, and easy to get to the club from. Anyone who knows me knows that both Finns in my hometown the same night as the Oscars is my *only* valid excuse for skipping the'll have Oscar trivia stuff with me to occupy interested Linefolk. Let's face's the only day of the year when they *have* to forgive us for standing outside on the carpet and checking out their hair and pants!

Anyone who needs hotel accommodations...a hotel 6 blocks from my house, right off 376 East so easily navigated to and from, is the Holiday Inn Parkway East. That way, we could caravan places if you like.

Now, I have another set of questions to gauge your interest in a dinner party the Saturday night before the show, which is Saturday, February 26: how many takers might we have? what type of gathering would you have in mind (informal, as in we just take over the back of a restaurant somewhere...or more organized where we find an inexpensive space, bring in some rigatoni and sandwich trays, play music, jam on our musical instruments, play games)? would people be OK with sharing the costs of an event? Please respond to me at and be sure to CC Deb Weppelman also at, since she and I are working on this.

Thanks and kind regards!!!!

Heidi in Pittsburgh
I can't do dinner the night before, but we will possibly be there for lunch on Sunday. I say possibly because, although we plan on leaving here with plenty of time to spare, well, things don't always go right...hopefully it will be as wonderful a driving even t as the Philly show was last year. I factored in "getting lost time" to that show, as I ALWAYS get lost in Philadelphia. well, can't say that anymore, the the venue was easy to find...although we did end up coming out of a gas station going the wrong way on one of those stupid philly one way street...we were incredibly lucky that there was only a van coming and they just assumed (rightly) that we were out of town eejits and stayed out of our way as we turned! Smiler
Maeve, you have to remember that you will be in Pittsburgh, not Philadelphia! I think I know why you were lost! LOL!!

One good thing about out-of-state plates is that mostly, people are a little more forgiving if you turn all of a sudden, or stop to read an address!
I'm looking forward to meeting up with everyone--I love the vibe before the concert almost as much as for the show itself! LOL

I'll be arriving from North Carolina on Sunday morning; would love to join the luncheon gathering. A measure of devotion to the Finns may be evidenced that I am cast in a production of Durang one-acts for that weekend, and an understudy will be playing my role on Sunday after much kicking and screaming on my part!!

Doug K

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